Ajax by falling-love
Ajaxby falling-love
Ajax The Alpha Of the Silver Crescent Pack The Alpha Of Torture The Alpha Of The Highest Rank Killer Pack The Alpha Of Destruction My Mate
  • rougues
  • ajax
  • hate
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Unorthodox by TheWeirdGirlNextDoor
Unorthodoxby Baby Girl
un·or·tho·dox adjective contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted; not orthodox. /// This boy has a lot of issues and secrets. He's stranger than anyone she's...
  • lust
  • mature
  • romance
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control ; phan by jvmpsuits
control ; phanby gab!
in which dan howell suffers from bipolar disorder & schizophrenia. highest ranking: #1 in #bipolar // #4 in #danielhowell - • huge trigger warning: self harm, suicide...
  • danisnotonfire
  • depression
  • bipolar
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Childhood Crush? ✔ by HephziLolami
Childhood Crush? ✔by Ayomipo
Highest ranking #245 in short story. Started: Jan 23 2018 Ended: April 14 2018 "What is your problem? I was only talking!" I shrieked in irritation. I was ful...
  • friend
  • love
  • friends
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His Twisted Love .. by madam_sparkling
His Twisted Love Ms sparkles
A heads up people .. The following story contains .. * abusive content *. mature content * violence * strong language . * it might be scary to sensitive or su...
  • broken
  • abusiverelationship
  • dark
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Scared to live  by OG_bisexual_penguin
Scared to live by OG bisexual penguin
Cami does have the greatest home life or the greatest mental mind set either, she keeps to herself and only speaks when spoken to until one day she can't tale it and sna...
  • lovestory
  • love
  • confused
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My Boss (BWWM) by BlackPrincesss54321
My Boss (BWWM)by BlackPrincesss54321
Amoy has just finished high school with her two best friends, but while they get very exotic jobs she finds a job as a maid in a hotel. What she doesn't know is that the...
  • sexualintercourse
  • bwwm
  • bipolor
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His Obsession  by khybabyy
His Obsession by Khymack
Nadira Andrews has been a psychologist for some time now with a lot of different patients. One of them being Zion Hernandez. He was panty dropping gorgeous. On one of hi...
  • obsession
  • blackgirl
  • generalfiction
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Addicts + XXXTentacion {DISCONTINUED} by corbae
Addicts + XXXTentacion { rikki
I know he's bad for me. He knows I'm bad for him. But we love each other, or do we? I don't know, man... it just feels like we're addicted to each other.
  • crime
  • onfroy
  • xxxtentacion
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Damian (BWWM) by Rickyy178
Damian (BWWM)by Ricky
"Why did you bring me here?" she asked, feeling scared. "Relax mama I ain't going to hurt you, I just found you passed out on a bench and I took you in b...
  • jealousy
  • interracial
  • dominant
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The Perfect Submissive  by uniquelynisha
The Perfect Submissive by nisha
Sub·mis·sive/səbˈmisiv/Submit/adjective : Ready To Conform To The Authority Or Will Of Others; Meekly Obedient Or Passive. Nineteen year old Jasmine Walker Is a single m...
  • ceo
  • caring
  • maturethemes
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Damian ( Book II ) by Rickyy178
Damian ( Book II )by Ricky
"I need you to ride with me, it's not easy out here" I said, looking into her brown eyes. "Damian I can't-" she started, but I cut her off by kissin...
  • aggressive
  • bwwm
  • love
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Neurotic (Jason McCann) by AlexisIsAWeirdo
Neurotic (Jason McCann)by Alexis
Neurotic:[noo-rot-ik] Suffering from, caused by, or relating to neurosis. Synonyms: mentally ill, mentally disturbed, unstable, unbalanced, maladjusted, psychopathic...
  • mature
  • justinbieberfanfiction
  • barbarapalvin
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Street Girl | ✓ by solacing
Street Girl | ✓by taylor hale
Everyone in Godfrey knows about the city's problem with street kids, but former hockey prodigy and ordinary high school student Elliot Wexler never thought he'd see one...
  • love
  • drugs
  • contemporary
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Always Alone | ✓ by paudickson
Always Alone | ✓by paula
PREVIOUSLY TITLED WINTER IN MIAMI. This is book one in The Always Trilogy. After moving to the spontaneous city of Miami, Genevieve Peterson feels alone and out of place...
  • mentalillness
  • cuban
  • depression
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The Nanny {Editing} by HephziLolami
The Nanny {Editing}by Ayomipo
HIGHEST RANKING , #14 IN SHORT STORY! ....... Sophie ran away from home because she couldn't deal with her abusive father and uncaring mom and lives as a nanny for a han...
  • african
  • possessive
  • featured
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Tweet | JenLisa by SilentHeemi
Tweet | JenLisaby k i m b a p s
where two girls find love, in twitter. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) copyright © 2017 silentheemi lowercase intended inspiredbyrickyblitz &jenlisatexts also sekkanroji started: june 30, 2...
  • jenlice
  • humor
  • texts
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The Billionaire's New Assistant.*New Version*  by BlackFlamboyant
The Billionaire's New Assistant.* xCityLightsx
Jessica is- well used to be a model when she got fired. Then her best friend apply a job for her a Adam Moon's new assistant. Adam is a cold hearted, arrogant, self-cent...
  • billionaire
  • assistant
  • wattys2017
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She Belongs To The Billionaire by HephziLolami
She Belongs To The Billionaireby Ayomipo
Kara Wilson is your average female university student. Brought up with discipline, she knows her place and respects herself. She is also sassy to those she is fond of an...
  • cold
  • jealousy
  • bipolar
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Always Together | ✓ by paudickson
Always Together | ✓by paula
This will be book two in The Always Trilogy. I long to believe Genny will come back to me when she finds out the truth about me, but knowing the odds in this fucked up l...
  • proposal
  • featured
  • mentalillness
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