Street Girl | ✓ by solacing
Street Girl | ✓by taylor hale
Everyone in Godfrey knows about the city's problem with street kids, but hockey prodigy and high school student Elliot Wexler never thought he'd see one in the flesh. We...
  • romance
  • contemporary
  • featured
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Twisted Games by syd_the_alien
Twisted Gamesby ☾☼ sydney☼☽ 
He likes to watch people suffer so he kidnaps teens and forces them to play his twisted games.
  • depression
  • gay
  • psychotic
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Sweetest Sin || Kellic/ Kustin ✔ by kelliclashton
Sweetest Sin || Kellic/ Kustin ✔by meow
In which Kellin finds peace in Vic's violence.
  • sws
  • sleepingwithsirens
  • austincarlile
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Tales of a bad boy by Liv3004
Tales of a bad boyby Łïv
"I admit it. I was afraid to love him. He was an amazing mystery and he carried things deep inside him that no one has yet to understand and I, I was afraid to fai...
  • heartbreak
  • badboyxgoodgirl
  • goodgirl
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The vampire's maid by melmizore
The vampire's maidby Mely Anz
I bite my lip in order to prevent any noises from slipping out and pull one last time. The rope falls off of my wrists and I am finally free. I stand up and run. I run a...
  • killer
  • murder
  • fear
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roommates / f.wolfhard + reader ♡ by -nesquickbbboy
roommates / f.wolfhard + reader ♡by anitza
Y/N shares a dorm with her ex Started ~ 11/27/17 Ended ~ 12/29/17 Highest Rank: 3 in calebmclaughlin
  • eleven
  • finnwolfhardofficial
  • calebmclaughlin
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BEAU by GreenConfetti
"When did everything get so messed up?" He meets her eyes, and it's like the oceans that once lived in them have been emptied and dried by the inferno that is...
  • teenromance
  • bipolar
  • bwwm
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Her Arrogant Beast (Sequel#2 To UFW)  by MiaWithSmile
Her Arrogant Beast (Sequel#2 To M I A
(UFW sequel#2) (Unwanted series#3) For her, he is beast. Arash, an arrogant, rude, cold, and beast man. He hated the idea of marriage because he hated all the girls exc...
  • ambassadorspk
  • muslimlovestory
  • arrogant
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Flawsome ✔ by SerendipityD
Flawsome ✔by June D. Silver
[Feautured Staff Pick on Tapas!] "Imagine someone who likes you so much, they make you like yourself." Looking at sixteen-year-old Neo Favre, there isn't anyth...
  • compulsive
  • freementalillness
  • mentalillness
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Fake | Daughter of Demi fanfic | [ COMPLETED ] by RadicalBadical
Fake | Daughter of Demi fanfic | [ Jenna & Avia
Hi, Diaz Valderrama here, you may recognize my last name, my dad is Wilmer Valderrama. Hispanic, model, actor and etc. Married to Demi Lovato? Well now its Demi Lovato...
  • demilovatostepmom
  • demilovato
  • wattys2017
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VALERIE by xxmils
VALERIEby マリーナ
He speaks as if he knows everything, he trips over his own tongue like the intelligent person he is. The lingering taste of vodka and whiskey taint his sinful chapped li...
  • generalfiction
  • lanadelrey
  • bipolardisorder
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Two Of A Kind {Karmagisa} by Jaspytheghostie
Two Of A Kind {Karmagisa}by Jasper♡
Poor boy. One day he was just enjoying a walk out in the open air, the next he was struggling to breath in a basement. Nagisa Shiota, an average teenage boy who blends i...
  • anime
  • bipolar
  • nagisashiota
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Roommates with the bad boy by kaykayo8
Roommates with the bad boyby kaykayo8
Zoe is starting college she made friends is having the college experience the only down side is that her roommate is Asher. Asher king the rich bad not who has mood swin...
  • boy
  • roommates
  • bad
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HELP by sadloner101
David mason, 15 and depressed. has to move to Manhattan school West shore school for helpless teen.
  • bipolar
  • selfharm
  • depression
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Slenderman's Mark by IvoryAndSam
Slenderman's Markby Ivory (❤💍R3M3DIUM💍❤)
Don't Look or it takes you... No eyes but always watches... You Can't run... Serena starts collage at an art school, to build a career in art. But things turn for the wo...
  • slenderman
  • proxies
  • murder
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Perfectly Imperfect (BWWM) by clairejordan_CJ
Perfectly Imperfect (BWWM)by CJ
Violet's mother Lily had undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder, she hid it well but it overcame her and she took her life. That took a toll in her brother Samuel's life, and afte...
  • stephenjames
  • father
  • bwwm
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Unexpected LOVE [COMPLETED] by LassieLouiseStories
Unexpected LOVE [COMPLETED]by Lassie Louise
"We live and we learn to take one step at a time. There's no need to rush. It's like learning to fly, or falling in love. Love is indeed unpredictable." ...
  • julqueen
  • kathniel
  • johnela
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bipolar boy » namjin [letters] by wangzico
bipolar boy » namjin [letters]by 7 o 3
"I don't need them. I'm okay. This is me. I don't need anyone trying to change me. To fix me. They can't fix me, because I'm not broken. I don't need to be fixed.&q...
  • bts
  • letters
  • namjin
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Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016] by autumn_elle
Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016]by elle
~My name's Lexa, as all of you probably know now. I'm eighteen but still don't have driving license. I honestly feel like I'm a newborn here. And I am in some way. I was...
  • fiction
  • safe
  • love
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His Heartless Soul by sparklexox
His Heartless Soulby sparklexox
#71 in Spiritual ~ 16/08/16 #4 in Elegance~ 28/05/2018 Meet Ayla, a young, wonderful and beautiful Woman. The thing that pleases people about her the most is...
  • action
  • arrogant
  • pakistani
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