A second book about 5 of the most best guys What could be better?
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WHY DON'T WE ~ Imagines and Preferences by poisonousmccall
WHY DON'T WE ~ Imagines and m.
in which i write about five pretty awesome dudes. highest rank #18 No parts of this story can be re-posted on any platforms, taking quotes or ideas from this story aren'...
  • funny
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BROCKHAMPTON GC by pinkberrylemon
BROCKHAMPTON GCby Well dressed slut
It's literally just like every gc story but mustier
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Group Chat by wannabe224
Group Chatby Momo
Trash. 7 people get put in a group chat and madness and dorkiness ensues with some ships A HECKA LOT OF CURSING AND ADULT HUMOR BTW
  • youngjae
  • texting
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Catfish - Why Don't We FanFiction by GreatfulSeavey
Catfish - Why Don't We FanFictionby K a i t l y n
Corbyn added 613-130-4837 into chat. In which a girl meets 5 boys named Corbyn, jack, Zach Jonah and Daniel after accidentally being placed into the group chat when corb...
  • avery
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A Saturday Of Cheerleaders Pleasure  by samuelgalax
A Saturday Of Cheerleaders samuelgalax
Lots Of Fantasies Came Through
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Glo  by Princess_Yonna
Glo by Iconic Brat☺️
Meet 17 year old Malia Everly . She knew nothing but the hood and struggling everyday . Malia had a talent nobody ever knew she had . All her friends doubted her and nob...
  • betrayal
  • wattys2018
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My Idol Life by Girlhavinnolife
My Idol Lifeby Girlhavinnolife
Imagine this story as your daily or monthly dairy entry. ___________________________________________ Did you ever wonder how a life as an idol would be? Did you ever wo...
  • bts
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Out of Tune by DelaneyBrenna
Out of Tuneby Delaney Brenna
For two years, Aileen Prince has refused to sing. It wasn't that she was bad at it, she wasn't, in fact, when she sang, people stopped whatever they were doing to listen...
  • band
  • school
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34days- xxxtheslumpgod  by shesdifficult
34days- xxxtheslumpgod by snippergang🎃✔
what happens when Jahseh and stokeley separate from their boyscout group and are lost for 34days
  • woods
  • xxxtentacion
  • jahseh
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Join the Necro Community by NecroCommunity
Join the Necro Communityby NecroCommunity
Become a member of the undead. Join our community to help the living with your unique skills. From graphic designers to summary makers, we have all types of roles, and...
  • graphics
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BTS OTP One-shots  by kryzticisms
BTS OTP One-shots by Zi
BTS ships/OTP one shots. NamJin VKook VMin YoonMin VHope Etc . . Warning: boyxboy NO TO HOMOPHOBIA!!! VOTE AND COMMENT OPEN FOR REQUESTS...
  • fanfic
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Upcoming Kpop Debuts of 2018 by MeAnotherself
Upcoming Kpop Debuts of 2018by MeAnotherself
This book will contain the upcoming Kpop (group) debuts of 2018.
  • mont
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Buzzed Hearts by ablush
Buzzed Heartsby Madison
Camila Bean is sort of an expert at dating. That is until she meets Laurent King, the boy she inexplicably develops an instant attraction to within their first few minut...
  • dynamic
  • sweet
  • realistic
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{Smutty.Smuts} by EOOOOOwwwWWww
{Smutty.Smuts}by I'mBored
Two or more boys fucking
  • chanbaek
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  • gay
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NCT by Minori777
NCTby Minori ✌
This is a story in which the main characters are NCT members. It's about their life and situations between members. The point of this story is to make people laugh and h...
  • nctdream
  • kpop
  • fanfic
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Together (BTS X BLACKPINK)by MinAgustDy
BTS X BLACKPINK Two different groups, 11 different people, all in one dorm. When BLACKPINK does not even know the name of the group that lives with them, how much worse...
  • k-pop
  • bts
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Ѕυrvιvorѕ || A Wolf Roleplay • αℓℓ ѕρσтѕ нανє вєєи fιℓℓє∂ •   by hajo1006
Ѕυrvιvorѕ || A Wolf Roleplay • αℓℓ { H A L E Y }
Survivors. The only ones able to escape the pen. The fate of the wolves now rest on your group to live, thrive, grow, and repopulate. Will wolves survive or will it go e...
  • wolfroleplay
  • roleplay
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𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓦𝓪𝓲𝓽𝓼 𝓕𝓸𝓻 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 ❥ GG AF ❥ by omoschino
𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓦𝓪𝓲𝓽𝓼 𝓕𝓸𝓻 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 mochi
OPEN ❥ CLOSED HIATUS 4/7 Slots Reserved 3/7 Slots Taken 0/7 Slots Available
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Photograph by skylerjones0220
Photographby Lalisa Kim
There's unexpected event that we can meet our special someone from the past, that's the work of fate. But sometimes, there's someone and something that we don't want to...
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