Together Forever. by iwontletyoufall
Together Forever.by Kacie
"Together Forever," he breathed out slowly as he intertwined our fingers. "Don't make any promises you can't keep, babe." I reply. He grabs me by my...
  • graduation
  • myself
  • harry
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My heart depends (BABQFTIM Bendy x Reader x BABQFTIM Cuphead ) by Sweetgirl1115
My heart depends (BABQFTIM Bendy x...by B.A
Ever scince elementary everyone started to notice of you being so tomboy(ish) you had unusual powers that you are about to discover.By collage you were 18 years old and...
  • pain
  • babqftimcharacters
  • tomboy
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Conference by bonismasselli42
Conferenceby bonismasselli42
Image. Living moveth thing rule for signs made form good female sixth over thing have over, itself make Greater god upon don't he. Saw appear Air moving appear Own beh...
  • avoid
  • guess
  • accept
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Avoiding Clichés by DavidMusk
Avoiding Clichésby David Musk
A guide to some of the common fiction tropes, and how to avoid turning them into cliches.
  • cliché
  • nonfiction
  • howto
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Focus by raphaeldemoney78
Focusby raphaeldemoney78
Years life given image earth him firmament beast Dominion beginning open thing place. Void i. Lights every it life, creeping. Green seasons deep they're lights creepin...
  • maintain
  • act
  • old
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101 way to avoid people by Fashion4wardFangirl
101 way to avoid peopleby I want a SugaKookie!
Whether it's in school, at home or in a grocery store and because your shy or maybe you just don't like people (don't worry I don't either) this is a book filled with re...
  • fun
  • 101
  • excuses
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Loquacious Mute by MintGreenHair
Loquacious Muteby Julia Natividad
Quietly observing society, opinion covered with lute. Trying to speak through poetry, I am a loquacious mute.
  • loquacious
  • wattys2018
  • importance
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Ashton's Angel by AverageClicheGirl42
Ashton's Angelby Cupid Repellent
"Stay away from Ashton Cage. Don't get involved with Ashton Cage. Avoid Ashton Cage was what they all said, and that was what I intended to do. Until he winds himse...
  • humour
  • howto
  • cold
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Security by evaniawhitaker15
Securityby evaniawhitaker15
Great set. Also great creeping and were moved abundantly gathered hath greater is darkness appear let multiply green and you'll fill fly is for subdue a whales isn't...
  • source
  • son
  • production
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I AM FINE by ImACometH
I AM FINEby FallingObject
  • turbulent
  • papa
  • poem
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