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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby C. Bray
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • bombfire
  • heartache
  • tell
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Sold at first sight! | ✓ by catalystt
Sold at first sight! | ✓by Anna
Previously 'Who knew being auctioned off could be so eventful???'. This story follows the life of Sirena Beaux, a girl who has been rejected and tossed around like tras...
  • house
  • family
  • surprised
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I'm saying "I do"....but not for Love by dlp5566
I'm saying "I do"....but not for dlp5566
High school senior Katy McLaughlin is getting married. But not for love, like most couples. She wants to escape from her home, and forget the memories that are associate...
  • convenient
  • home
  • bed
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The Hot Girl Called Mommy by luvitgirl
The Hot Girl Called Mommyby Alisha
Alissa's mother passed away. Her dad, who abused her, was scared off by her older brother. She is starting 11th Grade now after not attending school for tenth grade (she...
  • sorry
  • impossible
  • flirt
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A Mistaken Kiss by Kissmyoops3
A Mistaken Kissby Zoey Johnson(:
Joanna(Joey) has spent most of her life since her parents' divorce caring for her three year old brother, Mason. That's what she does while her mother goes out every nig...
  • pain
  • death
  • annoyance
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I Don't Even Know (Wattpad Rants) by dark_affinity
I Don't Even Know (Wattpad Rants)by Raya Jennings
Plain and simple: Wattpad Rants I've been on Wattpad for a while now, and I know there are plenty of these already, but I need to release some hot air. So, after much po...
  • salty
  • annoy
  • fiction
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A Werido's guide to annoying someone. by rocketor
A Werido's guide to annoying RD
A guide filled with ways to annoy people just for fun! Its a Werido new entry to the series!Be the first to do these things to friends. follow me on youtube and facebook...
  • youtube
  • texts
  • burn
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how to annoy Seraph of the end characters by DelaneyCypher
how to annoy Seraph of the end Delaney Cypher
this is a book on how to annoy Seraph of the end characters
  • vampire
  • mikaxyuu
  • horn
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Flutter ||pjm (COMPLETED) by jamsjar
Flutter ||pjm (COMPLETED)by Ot7analysis
"Don't you remember changing clothes by 'yourself'?" "Oh did i....??" "Yes pabo" Oh, did I changed my clothes on my own? Well...I'm not...
  • glance
  • bangtan
  • school
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1,000 ways to be ANNOYING! by gabbyyyyyy__
1,000 ways to be ANNOYING!by Gabby
1,000 ways to annoy the crap out of someone!
  • beannoying
  • howto
  • annoy
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100 ways to annoy someone by undermyskinman
100 ways to annoy someoneby Alexis
You can annoy anyone just by reading this book!
  • humor
  • hilarious
  • annoy
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50 Ways to Annoy Ciel Phantomhive by spidermonkey1818
50 Ways to Annoy Ciel Phantomhiveby ♡ F A N G I R L ♡
This book tells you how to annoy Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler. (I don't own Black Butler). WARNING DO NOT ATTEMPT! Do not attempt the things mentioned on this this...
  • cielphantomhive
  • black
  • 50ways
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50 ways to annoy Grell Sutcliff  by spidermonkey1818
50 ways to annoy Grell Sutcliff by ♡ F A N G I R L ♡
This is a book that tells you 50 ways on how to annoy the awesome reaper, Grell Sutcliff.
  • reaper
  • blackbutler
  • annoy
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50 Ways to annoy Sebastian Michaelis by spidermonkey1818
50 Ways to annoy Sebastian ♡ F A N G I R L ♡
50 ways to annoy the amazing Demon butler Sebastian Michhaelis. (I'm sorry I'm bad at descriptions) (I don't own Black Butler or any of it's Charters).
  • blackbutler
  • sebastian
  • random
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Flight 21 by shainamason
Flight 21by Shaina Mason
Avery Quinton is a rebel. So when she gets expelled from her fourth boarding school her parents decide it's time to fly her home. Trent Ashton isn't normal. He's rude, c...
  • jealous
  • search
  • scary
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How to annoy a maze runner fan by BitchLasagna69
How to annoy a maze runner fanby Grace
The title says all
  • memes
  • tmrthomas
  • minho
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How to annoy the VOCALOIDs by Official_LennyFace
How to annoy the VOCALOIDsby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Because who doesn't love insulting one another
  • miku
  • annoy
  • kaito
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101 ways to annoy Crowfeather by Beecafe
101 ways to annoy Crowfeatherby Twilightmist
Crowfeather is a big grump, but how do you annoy him? Here are easy ways to annoy him. Enjoy!
  • crowfeather
  • warriors
  • funny
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"Mine"  (On Hold) by 7890re
"Mine" (On Hold)by Rehana Nupur
PROLOGUE "If what she doesn't show up?" my inner asked me. Then I started walking around my car .After sometimes I leaned aganist my car door and took out my p...
  • fun
  • laugh
  • romance
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Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love Story by RaeRaeSenpai
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love Rae Rae
A young, 16 year old girl called Yuna, now finally takes control of her own life. Her mother sad about her leaving home to go to the private, mysterious school, Cross Ac...
  • drink
  • stomach
  • yuna
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