Sh*t! I'm Sorry! by camerybear
Sh*t! I'm Sorry!by Grace
Highest Rank: #1 in Romance, #2 in Humor What happens when you're walking down the street, with one of the best coffees in hand, turn around for one second... Then the...
  • completed
  • sexual
  • humor
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My Luna, Helena. by bootswitdafur
My Luna, bootswitdafur
*• POV IS IN BOTH MALE AND FEMALE•* •• Any similarity to a different story is a complete coincidence! I thought of this story on my own.•• 18 year old Helena Celine was...
  • wolfpack
  • werewolf
  • hybrid
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Don't Look Back (ON HOLD) by ravuluto
Don't Look Back (ON HOLD)by ravuluto
"I, future alpha of Full Moon Pack, Zayn Miller, reject you, omega, Ashley White as Luna and as my mate." It felt as though my heart literally broke in two. I...
  • alpha
  • look
  • love
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Falling for Mr Billionaire by SpeedySmall
Falling for Mr Billionaireby SpeedySmall
"LEAVE MY FUCKING HOUSE ?" Benjamin come in shouting at me. "Babe what's wrong." I asked but he just started laughing. "I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING L...
  • baby
  • rapped
  • married
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After 'Cut' is Called, a Sprousehart Story. by sprousehartauz
After 'Cut' is Called, a Sprousehartauz
There may be some sexual content but there will be a warning before. Please vote and comment if you like the story or have any suggestions. The story is all mine and it...
  • sorry
  • riverdale
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relapse |e.d by dolanweed
relapse |e.dby nat
your hideous words controlled me ©dolanweed cover by: lol me im talented
  • dolantwinsfanfic
  • dolan
  • sad
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finn wolfhard imagines by wolfhardy-
finn wolfhard imaginesby bubbles !
c o w r i t e r s : -nesquikboi okokalrighty- HoneybunchBowers elenordupont m i l e s t o n e s : 3/22/18 - 100k reads 4/25/28 - 420 followers 7/30/18 - 520 followers 7...
  • romance
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I Reject You by sweet_pie11
I Reject Youby Supergirl
"Do you really expect me to become best friends with my mate's boyfriend and cheer for you both to make out?" "I don't. And that is why I want to reject y...
  • boyfriend
  • hate
  • mates
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Genji x Reader || True Self by general_enthusiast
Genji x Reader || True Selfby General Enthusiast
Author Note Hello! This is going to be a long, continuous story following the reader as they get closer and closer to Genji. It will include romance and fluff but I have...
  • romance
  • ovw
  • genji
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Sisters boyfriend || Jenzie by silver172654
Sisters boyfriend || Jenzieby Silver1589
Ever since Johnny and Kenzie met they have hated each other. Johnny is a a senior and a bit of a bad boy he also hates Kenzie Ziegler. Kenzie is not a social person she...
  • relationship
  • secret
  • hiding
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BROTHERS : A UNIQUE BOND ( meagrawal_127
It will be an ff on 3 brothers i.e. Sanskaar , Laksh and Parth and their best friend Karan, their lifestyle and their bond. There will be Swaragini or not I don't know...
  • baby
  • raglak
  • crazy
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Sold to a gang leader  by Kilaque_playz
Sold to a gang leader by Luna_galaxy_
Caitlin Holte a 17 year old girl was sold to a handsome gang leader after her father owed him some money Cole Grayson a bad boy gang leader that went to get his money c...
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I Thought you'll with me no matter what happen , but why you left , don't worry im still here waiting for you - Maymay - - - - - - Im an asshole for leaving you - Edward
  • maymay
  • fan-made
  • teen-fiction
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Unexpected LOVE [COMPLETED] by LassieLouise
Unexpected LOVE [COMPLETED]by Pamela Louise
In every wrong decision there is enough privilage to suffice the deed. In every choices, there is one thing you'll have to surrender and sacrifice. Good or not, it depen...
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  • juliamontes
  • julqueen
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papercut ↭ pjm ; jjg by jen-issi
papercut ↭ pjm ; jjgby 🍌
sequel to red letters [previously a short story: #181 in ranking]
  • regret
  • hate
  • sorry
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BROKEN by kuku369
"A last chance please" he asked hopefully. "I can't handle another heartbreak" she replied emotionlessly. "I promise I myself will break but w...
  • heartbreak
  • emotions
  • threeshots
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The Akira Files by Akira066
The Akira Filesby Akira066
A young girl fleeing her home land stumbles upon the Hidden leaf village. She incidentally teams up with Team 7 after being 'recruited'. The catch; she has to keep her r...
  • anime
  • fanfiction
  • genderbender
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red letters ↭ pjm ; jjg by jen-issi
red letters ↭ pjm ; jjgby 🍌
❝i love you but❞ [previously a short story: #123 in ranking]
  • hate
  • suicide
  • lies
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Alpha's Young Angel by NerdySelf
Alpha's Young Angelby NerdySelf
Cole Harber has been searching for his mate for five years, now at twenty five, he's finally stopped his futile search parties and has buried himself into the work he ne...
  • ïm
  • older
  • teeanger
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His to be Forced (On Hold) by BeautyOfCapricorn
His to be Forced (On Hold)by Rose
"If we ever get lost on our way, the waves will guide us thru another day." ~Anonymous. "I can have anything of this world but not you. I just want all of...
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