Irreplaceable (ON HOLD) by InfinityAaandBeyond
Irreplaceable (ON HOLD)by InfinityAaandBeyond
ir·re·place·a·ble /ˌi(r)rəˈplāsəb(ə)l/ adjective -impossible to replace if lost or damaged. 17 Year old Zaidee Carter had been a good girl all her life. She had the best...
  • goodgirl
  • drugs
  • shy
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Baby's Father  by xx_brown
Baby's Father by Jackie Nelson
A night of just fun and partying turns into something more permanent. Follow Rodger and Camila on this twisted journey trying to figure things out. Both completely diffe...
  • baby
  • lit
  • drugs
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The Menace Brothers  by JessBinGloin
The Menace Brothers by JessBinGloin💗
Anaya Lí just turned 20. Kicked out of the orphanage at 18 she's been living on her own for 2 years. But what happens when she bumps in to the neighborhoods most known b...
  • twist
  • thug
  • hood
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His Possesion by StarCrossed81
His Possesionby StarCrossed81
Taylor Andrews didn't know about her brother's lifestyle of drugs and gangs untill she moved back home. Trying to find herself again she begins doing and trying new thi...
  • trust
  • stephenjames
  • gangs
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Cold War (Urban) by _Royalty_Queeen
Cold War (Urban)by Thtzty
Amontae Davis is the star basketball player at Lincoln High School. Everybody thinks he's got a lot going for himself, but he lives a double life..A dangerous life. Will...
  • kingpin
  • teen
  • betrayal
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Dirty Little Secrete by PoeeticJustice
Dirty Little Secreteby Issa Writer💁🏽
Kharisma's just an abused , neglected little girl who wants to be loved . Her mama abandoned her , leaving her to feen for herself . What happens when she has no other c...
  • urbanfiction
  • urban
  • nickiminaj
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You Saved Me by AmazingRach_
You Saved Meby AmazingRach_
Good Read I Promise.
  • newstory
  • urbanromance
  • street
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Molly's World by JessBinGloin
Molly's Worldby JessBinGloin💗
Molly is a young teen with anger problems because of her past. Growing up in a bad ass neighborhood and with a mean ass mother only makes things worst. When she was youn...
  • ghetto
  • teenfiction
  • mollybrazy
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Anything But Royalty. by _Iamblackgold
Anything But Royalty.by Dymond
Royalty isn't your average teen. She doesn't have much money, She lives in a home with a addict as a mom, She doesn't have friends and I can't forget to mention she's th...
  • teen
  • baby
  • hurt
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Diary of a Broken Doll by beautynoir
Diary of a Broken Dollby Beauty Noir
The coming of age of a young girl, abused and abandoned by her mother, left to find her own way. Life may not start out all peaches and cream for Courtney...but with a l...
  • drugs
  • streetfiction
  • fiction
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Naomi by lovelyRae_
Naomiby Lovely.Rae
They say age is just a number.
  • kingpin
  • urban
  • street
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Worst Behavior by haitianchild
Worst Behaviorby PimpcessJ ❤️
"And if a bitch try to play me then that bitch is a goner" Highest Rank #3 in Humor and #2 in Money
  • romance
  • babymomma
  • lies
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The Game  by laila_duhh
The Game by Laila
After 17 year old Lauren London's father passes away she is left too take care of her 11 year old sister Abbygail by herself. As times get hard she begins to struggle Un...
  • thug
  • hoe
  • die
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Close friends by _Niggers_
Close friendsby _Niggers_
Who will he be with?
  • drugs
  • intersex
  • homosexuality
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I stole the gang leaders phone  by toxic_girl2002
I stole the gang leaders phone by I'm amazing
Luna martines Abandoned at the age of 3 and was left at the doorstep of an orphanage Growing up for her was difficult House from house States from state But when she...
  • bully
  • fight
  • badass
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The Stoner & The Blind Girl | #1 by MadeByTeenDreams
The Stoner & The Blind Girl | #1by Ken
It's no secret that life is hard. But when you find someone who makes it all seem easy, don't let them go. Daniel and Emma's Story. Completed 8/22/18 *contains strong l...
  • life
  • cute
  • popular
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Taking Chances  by jupiterscript
Taking Chances by ⚜️N A Y A⚜️
Nayeli Bennet is a 20 year old girl struggling to get through college since her father has fallen ill. After selling their house and their cars, her family is forced to...
  • life
  • money
  • wattpad
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My Abusive Thug Husband (Thug Love Story) by Queen_MyMy
My Abusive Thug Husband (Thug Love...by Queen_Yana
"He was my best friend, my first love , my husband...so why does he try to kill me?"
  • drama
  • urban
  • thuglove
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Cry For Me by That_Girl_T
Cry For Meby That_Girl_T
18 year old Lyric O'ryan was tired of the life she was forced to live, tired of the weak person that she believed she was so, she tried to killing her self. Key word tr...
  • sexual
  • drugs
  • content
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Friends with benefits (complete) by urbanwhore
Friends with benefits (complete)by XIIXXII
When college girl Autumn meets drug dealer Killa at a party everything changes. Killa and Autumn become Strictly fuck buddies or FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS- but will they gro...
  • hoodlove
  • clarencenyc
  • hoodlovestory
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