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My Girls by eroticfables
My Girlsby elle
Spencer finds himself occupied with his two girls in a blizzard.
|S  L  E  E  P  O  V  E  R| by lavanderlava
|S L E E P O V E R|by C.W
Carter's dad has got it going on. -Rose
You're such a naughty secretary by JitagonTongdee
You're such a naughty secretaryby Nightingale N. Wolf
I never thought it would turn out to be something like this, to come this far... with his white, thick and smelly cream filled in my mouth and covered over my face. Righ...
My rape story by Twinofaminion
My rape storyby Twinofaminion
True story that happened to me. If you don't like to read this kind of thing then don't. I'm warning you now.
Punishment by xKiriYamashirox
Punishmentby Kiri Hoshi
!TW: Spanking, Restraints, Teasing, Sexual Activity, Slight Degradation, Overstimulation, Honorifics, Gag, Breeding! A brat faces the consequences of her actions.
The possessive alpha by prayercircle
The possessive alphaby prayer circle 🙏🏻
COMPLETED AND BEING EDITED He pressed me against the wall. His plump pink lips trailed down my jaw line and his teeth grazed along my neck. "Say it." He hissed...
Pokemon x Reader! Lemons by FudgeAKey
Pokemon x Reader! Lemonsby Fudgey
Yayyyyy! Have some lemons! 🍋 🍋 🍋
Babydoll Sampler//Luke Hemmings #Wattys2016 by MommaLolita
Babydoll Sampler//Luke Hemmings MommaLolita
In which a pretty little girl is being used as a sex sampler of a million dollar man and his wife to know how to get the real pleasure from each other. "Do you love...
Try to Keep Quiet  by Ameahpurplesyou18
Try to Keep Quiet by Ameahpurplesyou18
Your boyfriend is busy playing video games with his friends which doesn't bother you however, you want to make his game even more harder...
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ghost face  x reader by leilassmuttywriting
ghost face x readerby Leila ✨🪞
You wake up from a nap and receive a shocking message. You think it's a joke so you reply with a jokingly sly comment. Minutes later you hear a loud crash come from the...
My Abusive Husband by Christineot07
My Abusive Husbandby Minimochi
¥BTS ff ¥Some bad word and adult content are contained ¥If you are not a adult ff reader so just skipped it ¥Abisive part are contained PLOT Y/N is a poor and innocent g...
My first time by Waffeeeeeee07
My first timeby Waffles_house
This is based on true events from my experience I will maybe add more sexual things that I did with my bf
The Cop Next Door by princess-fill
The Cop Next Doorby Felicity
"Stop it, Dax." I wouldn't meet his eyes, I couldn't. His hot breath trailed up my neck, his soft lips ghosting over the exposed flesh. He chuckled when my bac...
She Belongs To Me ( A dramione love story) by reeseoconnor_
She Belongs To Me ( A dramione Reese
Draco is Voldemorts heir so once Voldemort was killed he is now in charge, but he is being very strategic when it comes to taking over the wizardry and muggle world sinc...
Tamed by Alitricx
Tamedby Alitricx
She's always wild and free, cares only about herself, don't accept shit from anyone. With this attitude she got tangled in a mafia web between three mafioso that don't l...
The Girl Who Cried Pleasure 🤫🥀 by tyler4303
The Girl Who Cried Pleasure 🤫🥀by tyler4303
"Indescribable, Fascinating, Vivid" - New York Times
My story w Travis👅 by shutthefuckupboi
My story w Travis👅by shutthefuckupboi
the man in the attic by stargrlfics
the man in the atticby .
thus she is confined to a mad man who resided in her attic.
Love short story  by Alicemiller34
Love short story by Alicemiller34
A teacher and a student do some smutty stuff
Masochist by exvyyo
Masochistby syd
mas·och·ism ˈmasəˌkizəm,ˈmazəˌkizəm /noun the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from one's own pain or humiliation. She had a painful and kin...