The Female Bodyguard by Jing-Yi
The Female Bodyguardby Jing Yi
"You have to stop doing that." "Stop doing what?" "Saying things that make me want to kiss you when I can't."    Planning to prove all h...
  • king
  • mystery
  • romance
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Caught In The Middle by SanC-Rylie
Caught In The Middleby San Clarke
This is the continuation of Book 1 Daddy's Little Assassin. So before you even proceed to read this book please read Book 1 first or else you'll be clueless as to what's...
  • marc
  • love
  • mafia
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Mr. Grey-Book I by dera134
Mr. Grey-Book Iby Chidera Eze
He leans down towering me our lips inches apart,"is that pity,I sense Miss Clark?"he whispers.I stared at his piercing hazel eyes suddenly forgetting how to br...
  • nonfiction
  • surrogate
  • chicklit
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My Crazy Lover {Completed} by iqra_ldn
My Crazy Lover {Completed}by iqra_ldn
Highest ranking:#1 in Graphic (16/05/18) Highest ranking:#1 in Betrayal (1/07/18) Highest ranking:#1 in Cries (14/07/18) Highest ranking:#1 in Psycho (6/08/18) Highest r...
  • love
  • psychokiller
  • suicidalthoughts
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A Rainbow Six Story; (Hibana X Male reader) by BoiBoi2019
A Rainbow Six Story; (Hibana X Meatball Maestro
First Name; (Y/N) Last Name; (L/N) Code Name; (C/N) Sex; Male Relationships; Mother - (No Contact) Father - (No Contact) Brother - (Deceased) Jobs/Experiences: S.A.S mem...
  • lemon
  • hibana
  • sledge
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For you- (The Grey series) Book I I by dera134
For you- (The Grey series) Book I Iby Chidera Eze
"you left."
  • wattys2018
  • conflict
  • romance
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Beasts & Burdens (An MC Romance) ✔️ by aminaleeds13
Beasts & Burdens (An MC Romance) ✔️by Amina Leeds
(Leather & Lace, Book 1) "Sarin, someday you'll realize that the moment those lips claimed mine I decided that I'd tear Heaven and Hell apart, just to find my way b...
  • romance
  • fiction
  • newadult
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The Day That Changed My Life by aglover98
The Day That Changed My Lifeby Aglover98
Pete and Ariana. Ariana has a three year old and Pete comes along.
  • pete
  • supportive
  • family
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Taming Cameron (COMPLETE) by Juette_Curtina
Taming Cameron (COMPLETE)by JUJU
Meet Cameron Crawford: She smokes and considers sex a sport. She doesn't have sex with one man twice, but she engages in sexual activities more than twice a week. Meet...
  • jealousy
  • romance
  • conflict
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Laid, paid and pregnant ✅  by Ishamoy_Williams
Laid, paid and pregnant ✅ by Ishamoy_Williams
Meet Alissa Bent a young, vibrant brunette with a bubbly personality who's just moved back to Pennsylvania after a horrible past there. Forced to work in a club because...
  • confusion
  • mature
  • pregnant
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Brother's Conflict : Fuuto's Twin Sister by Hangeee-chan
Brother's Conflict : Fuuto's p o t a t o x l e v i
She's a secret, She's more than a genius, She's Fuuto's twin sister.
  • angst
  • ashittystory
  • fuutoasahina
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Could It Be More? by Bluelover1019
Could It Be More?by Blue💧
Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng have been best friends ever since childhood. The two were inseparable until Adrien had to suddenly move due to the disappearanc...
  • ladybug
  • ladynoir
  • highschoolsweethearts
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Forced To Date A Gangleader (FDG) {Editing} by xzadeas
Forced To Date A Gangleader (FDG) ✿ ethan.grant ✿
"My love, its really not up to you is it?" The dork that forced me to live with him says with a smile on his perfectly made face. "Don't you ever and I me...
  • projectbadboys
  • pain
  • conflicts
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My Nerdy Girl | Jeon Jungkook✔ by JungKook_Good
My Nerdy Girl | Jeon Jungkook✔by sayH
Lee Ji Eun is a nerd, but not completely nerd. She just wear big black glasses. She's a Top A's student. But when she's outside of school, she's completely different per...
  • taehyung
  • yoongi
  • romance
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A nerd and their bully by Luke_Powers
A nerd and their bullyby Luke_Powers
True stories about my bullying experiences (wedgies , swirlies etc.)
  • briefs
  • friendship
  • school
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Accidental Marriage [ManxBoy] by NS_silverlining
Accidental Marriage [ManxBoy]by NS_silverlining
Peter J. Edsburke is a 20 years old boy who studied law in a college at California. He pursued a normal and wonderful teenage life, with his best friend Heather Wright...
  • conflict
  • romance
  • boylove
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Royal Pain // JB by BiebsysGanja
Royal Pain // JBby Pammy
Helen Grace, a young Princess ready to become a Queen. Her responsibilities are going to change especially now she has no one to guide her since her father passed away m...
  • king
  • royalty
  • happy
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Lost Memories ❤ JJK by RainyxThunder
Lost Memories ❤ JJKby ❤✌ Jungkook ✌❤
T E A R A Watch the TRAILER in the first chapter 🎥 Repelled girl. Living her sinful life until her bestfriend gives her full spirit. But god took her memories away exce...
  • seokjin
  • btsfanfic
  • fanfiction
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Like we used to.  by Love5sos123xx
Like we used to. by Halayna
Amal was best friends with Christopher, they used to do everything together but one day they drift apart and he comes back into her life after a long period of time with...
  • miamor
  • english
  • saving
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