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Beloved Sister (Brother's Conflict Fanfic) by IceCrystalPrincess
Beloved Sister (Brother's IceCrystalPrincess
After Ema decided to be a good family member for his brothers, New chaos arises as her 'sister' came back to Japan to join the Asahina family. Is she another girl who wi...
  • conflict
  • ema
  • tsubaki
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Like we used to.  by Love5sos123xx
Like we used to. by Halayna
Ranked #1 and #3on CNCO Ranked #2 on Christopher Velez Ranked #1 on Richard Camacho Ranked #2 on Zabdiel De Jesus Ranked #5 on Conflict Amal was best friends with Chri...
  • hurt
  • richardcamceho
  • power
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Taming Cameron (COMPLETE) by Juette_Curtina
Taming Cameron (COMPLETE)by 🌺JUJU🌺
Meet Cameron Crawford: She smokes and considers sex a sport. She doesn't have sex with one man twice, but she engages in sexual activities more than twice a week. Meet...
  • jealousy
  • boss
  • tamed
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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief's Good Wife by Dramawithlov3
One Child Two Treasures: The Dramawithlov3
PART I. For a million worth of contract, she became a surrogate mother. He was the chief executive of the Empire and she was of lowly birth. With her adoptive father's b...
  • cold
  • abusive
  • conflict
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Unexpected Bts Jimin FF by Bt_bt_shook
Unexpected Bts Jimin FFby Yeolhi_24
"Wait who are you? Where am I?" "Your soulmate" "Y/N WAKE UPPP!! " |×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×|×| A/N Hey guys this is...
  • jimin
  • yoonmin
  • conflict
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Red Droplets by tiredafbruh
Red Dropletsby tiredafbruh
A short story about a woman in a bad relationship that comes to realize she can survive on her own.
  • conflict
  • spontaneity
  • choices
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His Green Eyes . 🍒 by ivvy_b
His Green Eyes . 🍒by V 🍭
Kasyaf abdul Jabal The famous business man, Men are always hunted by women wherever he goes because he has a handsome face and perfect body. He is also known for his nic...
  • hurt
  • drama
  • muslim
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Learning to Bow by Sandra1920499
Learning to Bowby Sandra1920499
Growing up unwanted taught Ara to never back down, to fight back, and to defend herself. However, she is only human. So when she meets the eyes of a werewolf named Jack...
  • conflict
  • abandoned
  • family
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Remembering Autumn by AlaskaGold
Remembering Autumnby Alaska Gold
"If you ever die too soon I'll throw you into the sea, and wait by the shore." "Why?" She asked him. "Because eventually, the waves bring everyt...
  • songs
  • sleep
  • teenagers
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Second Chances by Jerima02
Second Chancesby Jerima02
What if the person you love the most, rejected you on your wedding day? Would you still believe in falling inlove the second time around? Can you make him love you back?
  • heartaches
  • conflicts
  • romance
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Doltrino Daycare by SPHAlex
Doltrino Daycareby SPHAlex
In a tiny, gentle community north of the Unovian border lies the small city by the name of Doltrino. This small community, normally viewed as relatively normal, is home...
  • romance
  • black
  • friendship
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Before Snow by Raveille
Before Snowby Fortuna
Owen, a Taiwanese School Concert Band member and student, is sent on an exchange trip to Japan for a performance. Unwilling and annoyed, he reluctantly goes, only to be...
  • conflict
  • christmas
  • japan
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Anti's Valentine by KittenthePirateKat
Anti's Valentineby KittenThePirateKat
Tomorrow's Valentine's Day and Anti is conflicted with emotions toward his crush. Will he have the courage to tell his crush how he feels, or will he let another Valenti...
  • valentines
  • story
  • competition
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Red-Line: The Shift  (Complete) by judy_bishop
Red-Line: The Shift (Complete)by Judy Bishop
Her fate… Sarah Randolph believes she’s just an ordinary woman, at least until the day she meets Ramsey—a mysterious man who tells her that not only is she not ordinary...
  • friendship
  • angst
  • wattpadprize14
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Rich Kid | Jastin | by beliebers4ever1994
Rich Kid | Jastin |by Bigger than Satan
Jason is a skilled FBI agent who is assigned to play as some rich kid's bodyguard.
  • conflict
  • gay
  • love
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Breaking News by sarahwells
Breaking Newsby sarahwells
18 year old Andrea's parents were killed by a drunk driver making her the sole guardian of her 12 year old sister, Christi. However, when Andrea is almost raped she wake...
  • harry
  • niall
  • love
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Sanity in Conflict (preview) by lucaslac7
Sanity in Conflict (preview)by Lucas Campos
The Museology student Mark is paranormal experiences that never would have guessed, putting in doubt your mental and physical health as well, stirring also with all the...
  • psychiatric
  • thriller
  • confused
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The Fall of the Crow by ArnoldSetiadi
The Fall of the Crowby Arnold C.S. Lin
This short story tells the tale of an uncanny relationship between an eagle and a crow. Despite their differences and natural attitude of resentment towards each species...
  • conflict
  • love
  • crows
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