The Study Partner by kimberly1366
The Study Partnerby Angely Suerte
#91 on Teen Fiction 12/05/2016 ''Do not call me Sunshine!'' ''You don't like that nickname? Don't worry, I can think of other nicknames I could call you. Personally...
  • hate
  • partner
  • myyouth
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Second Chances {Completed} by Astrid_Zias
Second Chances {Completed}by Astrid Zias
Its about a girl named Marinette Dupain - Cheng; half Chinese and half French. She has jet black hair and dull blue eyes. They seem to have no color in them! Now, ther...
  • adrien
  • school
  • study
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The Nerd by danielleward136
The Nerdby Danielle Ward
Hayden Smith is just a girl who wants good grades and keeps herself to herself whilst all the rest of the school bullies her. But what happens when Mr Peterson walks int...
  • birthdays
  • internal-battle
  • romance
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Avengers/Marvel characters X Reader Imagines by latethoughts
Avengers/Marvel characters X latethoughts
⊙Spiderman/Peter Parker ⊙Bucky ⊙Captain America ⊙Bruce ⊙Nat ⊙Wanda ⊙Stark ⊙Thor ⊙Loki ⊙Sam⊙ ⊙Matt Murdock ⊙Luke Cage ⊙Jessica Jones not all imagines have to be romantic...
  • romance
  • thor
  • peter
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The Bad Boy Needs Help by sofi470
The Bad Boy Needs Helpby Sofii
He smirks ][ I smile He drinks beer][ I drink water He fights][ I shop He parties][ I read He doesn't love][ I don't love What will happen when love brings the...
  • lexi
  • help
  • love
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KEY TO KOREAN (키 투 코리얀)  by _WhiteHackerKim
KEY TO KOREAN (키 투 코리얀) by J (제이)
Welcome to KEY TO KOREAN! Your story of reliable korean lessons. This book will help you learn, speak, and write useful Korean words. Together, Let's Learn Korean! Some...
  • nct
  • kpop
  • english
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Linear Algebra [✓] by captainthorne
Linear Algebra [✓]by Queen Bumblebee
In which she finds the solution to the n-dimensional equation of her heart. [SUMMARY INSIDE] © Mia TM | 2015
  • college
  • dork
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Our Unrevealed  Secrets☑️ (Completed) by tahsin_rifah
Our Unrevealed Secrets☑️ ( Tahsin.R ☑️
"Sir you can't do that I am your P. A and you are my boss please don't do that please lemme go" she begged him but he is a multi millionaire he only does whate...
  • pain
  • billionaire
  • wattyawards
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Psychological Facts 101 by Rishie_Roshie
Psychological Facts 101by Riccia
"You know too much Psychology when you can't get mad because you understand everyone's reasons for doing everything." Author: Formerly known as RicciaIsMyName
  • psychological
  • human
  • bodylanguage
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Adronitis [Ruby Rose Fanfic] by kayascodelarios
Adronitis [Ruby Rose Fanfic]by Kaya
Adronitis; Noun; Frustration on how long it takes to get to know someone
  • adronitis
  • study
  • homo
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Against The World ALONE by RaisaJamal
Against The World ALONEby RJ
Reham Ibrahim , a common girl who lives with her mother and sister in Bangalore. after her father's death she took care of her family. Her family is the only reason she...
  • supportingeachother
  • spiritual
  • marriage
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She will Love Me (EDITING and ON HOLD) by FragranceM
She will Love Me (EDITING and ON Fragrance
"Hey." He said. "Hey." She answered with small smile. "Can I have your notes? I missed my last Class." He asked nervously. "Sure."...
  • heartbreaks
  • teenfiction
  • study
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Filthy Beast: The Diary of an English Teacher in South Korea by white-buffalo
Filthy Beast: The Diary of an white-buffalo
This book is a modern day horror story. A man lives in hell with his crazy Korean wife. They own an apartment in the Republic of Korea located in the city of Busan. He w...
  • kpop
  • unhappy
  • korea
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BURN BOOK | Reviews by haechn
BURN BOOK | Reviewsby ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
in which I review books in a kind of brutal way. ༉‧₊˚✧ ⚐ a book containing reviews of your stories!! ﹆ written by haechns, 2018. check inside for more details!! ⚖ high...
  • burnbook
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Let's Learn KOREAN by akhinacxia
Let's Learn KOREANby ꧁Akhi꧂
The harder you study, the more you can easily understand your OPPA and NOONA. Chingudeul, hwaiting! ---------- Book cover by akhinacxia
  • southkorea
  • akhinacxia
  • hangul
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Learn French by calebh12
Learn Frenchby calebh12
Learning a new language can be intimidating. However, you may not even know it, but you already know dozens of French words from everyday English! Learn French with this...
  • topics
  • verbs
  • irregularverbs
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Major | Read Desc by NewCodex23
Major | Read Descby NewCodex23
In where you've made it into a university for elite students, yet you didn't prepare for straightforward, horrible ones. ----- Meteor Garden F4 (2018) × BTS × You AU
  • jjk
  • pjm
  • ksj
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Seoul Exchange by cheriemoore17
Seoul Exchangeby Cherie Moore
No description yet! Still working on it. 😊 Also, the title is a complete work in progress as well haha! Just know that it's about a girl named Melody Ray who goes to S...
  • university
  • language
  • studyabroad
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LET REVIEWER 2018 by geekheart21
LET REVIEWER 2018by geekheart21
Quick notes to help all individuals who will take Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).
  • letexam
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Sk8er Boi  by BruhItsAlexa
Sk8er Boi by BruhItsAlexa
Taylor Evergreen was doing fine along with her best friend, Imani, that is until skater boy, Ace Royal comes along and turns her life into a big roller coaster ride. Bt...
  • nerd
  • humor
  • teenager
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