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Pen Your Pride


The Alpha's Expectations by penguinlover4life
The Alpha's Expectationsby Sweta
Hudson doesn't really want a mate, but he knows he'll have one regardless of what he wants. So he decides that before he accepts her, she has to meet his expectations...
  • hot
  • mate
  • pups
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Off to Neverland by MP13Girl
Off to Neverlandby McKenna
Ivy is a poor, misunderstood girl who isn't afraid to stick up for herself. The Lost Boys are four wealthy boys that are used to getting whatever they want. Mix them tog...
  • jealous
  • rich
  • popular
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The Caramel Hair Nerd by hotchocolatedove
The Caramel Hair Nerdby hotchocolatedove
~~~~~~ As soon as I entered my room I was slammed against a wall beside my door. A whimper escaped my lips due to pain in my back. There was no need to look who...
  • teenfiction
  • 2017
  • love
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SECOND CHANCE by foreverhistorybook
SECOND CHANCEby ForeverHistoryBook✪
Pain, that was all she felt. The guy she loved with all her heart betrayed her. He stabbed her in the back. After everything she did for him...he repaid her with death...
  • happiness
  • drama
  • jealous
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Loving Automne by unidentifiedstill
Loving Automneby live forever today
"Please don't, Automne. Your touch is the only thing keeping me sane right now." Automne gave up her fight, but her little body was tense under mine, her jaw c...
  • mate
  • intense
  • werewolf
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5SOS Preferences ♛ by quotestyles
5SOS Preferences ♛by •emily•
Cute, romantic, funny, feel-inducing (and sometimes sad) 5SOS Preferences all written by me, myself and I. Requests open & no stealing please!
  • irwin
  • imagines
  • summer
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Bad Boy Next Door by charyzac
Bad Boy Next Doorby Mary
Cassie Rickards hated everything about Chace Wayne- the school's cocky, arrogant, player and Bad Boy. Added the fact that he dated and broke all her 3 bestfriends heart...
  • friend
  • cassie
  • crush
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The Ruthless CEO by Ina_f23
The Ruthless CEOby Ina_f23
He cornered me against the wall with both of his hands on either side of my head. I could smell his mint breath against my lips. we were so close to each other that a s...
  • cold
  • clumsy
  • ceo
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His ex-wife by KarmaBitchSlap
His ex-wifeby KarmaBitchSlap
"GET OUT! YOU LYING, WORTHLESS GOLD DIGGER! GET OUT !" My husband yelled at me, fire burning in his eyes. "w-why? Please tell me what I did!" I sobbe...
  • accused
  • love
  • jealous
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Her Barbarian Mate by MrsDongHuaDijun
Her Barbarian Mateby MrsDongHuaDijun
"It is not nice to listen in on very important matters." He had called her out from her hiding spot. The minute he had looked at her, she saw his eyes turn fro...
  • torture
  • enemies
  • historical
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I'm Totally Married to MR. PERVERT(COMPLETED)||Jimin|| by Nami7504
I'm Totally Married to MR. Ms.MaeBwii😘😍
May pagkaSpg... Bawal sa di open minded... Kung di ka open minded wag mo na basahin.. Hindi lang Po siya puro bs because More on Romance Po ito ,kilig,love ganun Po...
  • teenfiction
  • gm
  • bts
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I Love The Bad Boy (Completed) by XoILoveYouoX
I Love The Bad Boy (Completed)by XoILoveYouoX
Cali Evans is just trying to get through high school without bringing unnecessary attention to her. She decided to join the cheer team and now hangs around in the popula...
  • bad
  • romance
  • possessive
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My New Stepbrother. by LittleLiar_
My New Brittany
Falling For The Wrong Guy Is Sort Of A Typical Thing, But When You Fall For Your Soon To Be Stepbrother... It's A Little Confusing. But What If He Wasn't The Wrong Guy...
  • boyfriend
  • badboy
  • beer
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The vampire King's young Mate by wickedwitch321
The vampire King's young Mateby annonymous
#5 in Vampire - 7/28/2017 In a world where humanity was lost because the superior race of vampires took over the inferior humans after coming out of hiding. It had been...
  • king
  • olderman
  • obsessive
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Erotic One Shots (NEW) by sylvia-k
Erotic One Shots (NEW)by thunderstorms
This is my second book of One Shots and in this one I will write: TeacherXTeacher StudenXStuden Jealous Enemies CEOXSecretary BDSM Vampire Werewolf REQUESTS, WHATEVER YO...
  • hotlist
  • vamped
  • teacher
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Possessive Much? (Completed But Editing) by dark_atheart
Possessive Much? (Completed But Dark Angel
[Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction] :|: CLICHE ALERT! You have been warned :|: He stood up with his hands in his pockets, "I'll delete the video." My head snapp...
  • hot
  • possessive
  • rae
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My twin sister's boyfriend by sarahs29
My twin sister's boyfriendby sarahs29
"Why do you keep rejecting me?" He said getting closer to me as my back hit the counter of the kitchen. "You know damn well why James. I cannot do This...
  • james
  • sister
  • jealous
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Im The Mafia's Angel *Currently Editing* by Aaliyah_Loyal
Im The Mafia's Angel *Currently Aaliyah Turner
Meet Katherine Hale. Her life revolves around media. She's twenty and is Victoria Secret's #1 angle. Oh and she has an twin who is an actress. Now meet Aiden Black. He's...
  • mafiaboss
  • love
  • gangleader
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Love Has No Boundaries  by VoiceLive
Love Has No Boundaries by ✴WildThoughts✴
He pushed me up against the wall entrapping me within his arms. I felt his hot uneven breath on my face as I looked up at him. I felt his hand trailing up my thigh going...
  • fiance
  • kidnapped
  • pregnant
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Mr.CEO |✔️ by dany2256
Mr.CEO |✔️by dany2256
Daviana Flores. Shy, stubborn and compassionate young girl with hopes of finding a job so it can sustain her. Then enter, Liam DeLuca. Rude, Cold, heartless Hot young...
  • arrogant
  • romance
  • jealous
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