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Love After Marriage by Doralovin
Love After Marriageby Doralovin
I was the perfect wife for five years, but he never loved me. He only had eyes for her, his first love. So I decided to end our marriage and move out. But a week later...
Alpha Logan by iwasalone
Alpha Loganby Morgan
His dark hazel eyes and glares could scare an entire army, Logan is the most powerful werewolf in the world, with his radiating strength to anyone that nudges him the wr...
𝖱𝖤𝖦𝖱𝖤𝖳 {𝖩𝖴𝖭𝖦𝖪𝖮𝖮𝖪 𝖥𝖥} ✔️ by sleepykookoo04
𝖱𝖤𝖦𝖱𝖤𝖳 {𝖩𝖴𝖭𝖦𝖪𝖮𝖮𝖪 𝖥� human being
She liked him, he didn't. Later, he liked her, she didn't. ✧ Cringe & fetus writing, as this was my first ever ff :') ✧ The pictures used in this aren't owned by me. Cre...
Keeping Up With Cade by banana_boat
Keeping Up With Cadeby banana_boat
They hooked up a lot. It was nothing else even if she wanted it to be – which she didn’t. It was convenient because he lived with her best friend – and it was good. What...
Shattering the Alpha (Book #1) by melodies123456
Shattering the Alpha (Book #1)by Micky
His gorgeous green eyes met mine, and my whole world stilled. The only thing that can be heard was my stupid heart beating a million times a minute. I had no idea what t...
All for Us {Rafe x reader x JJ} by vivimfb
All for Us {Rafe x reader x JJ}by vi
Ivy Thornton, the kook princess. The golden child. Everyone knew her even the people on the cut, the pogues. What happens when Ivy meets a certain blonde in the other si...
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Spellbound by Msylvini
Spellboundby Sylvia
Spellbound verb past tense; past participle: hold the complete attention of (someone) as though by magic; fascinate. *** Soleil has had a crush on Brice for the longest...
Give Me A Second Chance [Sample] by AnishaxAhsinashi
Give Me A Second Chance [Sample]by Sheen
Riya and Kayish were madly in love, so deeply that everyone believed that they would end up in a happy married life. That's how much he loved her. He was very possessive...
his lavender ✓ by TamaraKibbi
his lavender ✓by Tamara Kibbi
"I had enough of your bullshit Elijah" I glared at him "he had the audacity to touch what's not his" he glared at me "I'm not yours"i yelle...
The Royal Arrangement by anamika200
The Royal Arrangementby Greystar
Jai Singh Rathore is the prince of Ajmer. Even though the monarchy is no longer at play in India, Royalties do hold their titles. Looking after the family business he is...
My Best Friend Is A Vampire And He Wants To Claim Me by BrittanyLeigh8
My Best Friend Is A Vampire And Brittany
This a story about Ashlyn and her bestfriend Chase. Summer is over and now school is back in session and Ashlyn has not seen Chase all summer. Now on the first day back...
VERDICT OF LOVE by favourakpofure
VERDICT OF LOVEby favourakpofure
"I am pregnant, " I say looking into his eyes intensely but his face is emotionless. "what? " he asks stunned, he paces around for a few minutes &qu...
Better off without him by Izzle16
Better off without himby Leen
Harper has waited five years to meet the man of her dreams and when she finally does, it doesn't go according to plan. The more she tries to get him to see the real her...
why not me? | Heeseung ✓ by lenaloveswriting
why not me? | Heeseung ✓by Lena
Y/n has this crush on Heeseung but has to watch him go out with several girls - constantly. Y/n hates being in love with someone she can't have. Her and his friends don'...
BA KOWANE SO BANE....... by Ouummey
So da yawa mu yan Adam mu muke tsaurara ƙaddarar mu ta hanyar kin karbar ta kamar dai ni da na kasa karbar kaddarar da Allah yayi min, na butulce masa, na bijirewa iyaye...
Courtship # Jenlisa  by AceValderama
Courtship # Jenlisa by Ace
A queen bee who own a lot of suitor. Unexpectedly fall inlove to someone she rejected before. She's the type of person that will not get back to any of her exes. She rej...
Colour Me Red [COMPLETED] by Dreamerse
Colour Me Red [COMPLETED]by Dreamerse
Nick Abel, the tattooed police officer, the heartbreaker and the beast. He took me over and ruined me from day one. "You're mine." He'd growl in to my ear. &q...
ငါ့ယောက်ျားက သူ့ကိုယ်သူ သဝန်ပြန်တိုနေတယ် (ဘာသာပြန်) by MelMoRii
ငါ့ယောက်ျားက သူ့ကိုယ်သူ သဝန်ပြန်တိ မယ်မိုရီ(မယ္မိုရီ)
စာရေးသူ : အားချင်အားချင် အမျိုးအစား : romance,yaoi,Amnesia,possessive,M preg I own nothing. This is belongs to author. both unicode and zawgyi are available.
Eternal Malice: A Novella by blackgirlstoryteller
Eternal Malice: A Novellaby ANCE
**BWWM Enemies-to-Lovers Romance Novella** (Eternal #2.6) For those who believed that Evan could be the main character in his own story: thank you, and I hope this serv...
His Lilly ✓ by TamaraKibbi
His Lilly ✓by Tamara Kibbi
"I'm changing school and that's it," I yelled at Alexander. "over my dead body" he glared at me. "what's wrong with you" I glared back at...