Alphas Property Yoonmin Smut And Romance  by SuckMyAgustDaddy
Alphas Property Yoonmin Smut And SuckMyAgustDaddy
"Your scent is too much I can't take it" "That's because I'm your mate omega" "What" In which jimin and his brothers jin and taehyung ar...
  • yoonmin
  • fanfiction
  • ship
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A Collection Of Shivika Tales by anamika_writes
A Collection Of Shivika Talesby anamika_writes
These are short stories (completed in one shot) based on tracks shown in Ishqbaaaz. Each tale begins with the Background Story to give you rough idea of the situation! T...
  • love
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  • on-track
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Finding my way back to Mr. Kapoor by nikita_0317_
Finding my way back to Mr. Kapoorby Nikita Gupta
Love? Check. Couple Goals? Check. Forever togather? Check........Wait! There's a twist Chahat Aggarwal is a beautiful but sarcastic girl who carries a million-dollar smi...
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• Blush • by Janvi113
• Blush •by
•~• "I like you." "Whose bet is this?" "Just one date. I'll show you my feelings are real." "Not interested." "Fine what do...
  • heartbreak
  • thebet
  • blush
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The Winter Dance by Bellecdan
The Winter Danceby Belle
Sarah Daniels is a 18 year old girl who deals with a major fear girls her age don't understand... falling in love. Until one bad boy changes her mind, but what she doesn...
  • maturity
  • daniels
  • cuteness
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Christian Counseling Case  Stories by LindaInniss
Christian Counseling Case Storiesby Linda Inniss
Base on different topics that people face on a daily basis that affect the lives of persons and finding answers by the power and grace of Jesus.
  • abusive
  • shame
  • addiction
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Fake Love |  by tae_kookie26_
Fake Love | by tae_kookie26_
I lost my job, i lost my parents, i lost my friends, i don't have money, and i'm not loved. And i did that all for you You're popular, you're rich, many people love you...
  • bts
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  • bangtansonyeondan
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Makeup and Beauty  by Arabprincess201
Makeup and Beauty by ♥∆❇3rab _ Diva♣♦
#makeup This book is entirely written about Makeup and fashion tips I know from knowledge and experience. Fab and rare tips that are bound to help you with your makeup...
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Blush ♡ kth.jjk by lustfuljjk
Blush ♡ kth.jjkby jeon™
{ T A E K O O K } ❝Can I borrow a pencil?❞ ❝Sure.❞ - Kim Taehyung, schools most popular prep to walk the halls, asks for Jeon Jeongguk, the shyest social outcast, to giv...
  • bangtan
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A Misunderstanding by Akashi_Kurokaze
A Misunderstandingby Kuro no Akuma
Anko and Naruto are up to something. And the rest of the Konoha 12 are out to find out what it is. No matter the cost! (Semi Crack)
  • kakashi
  • konoha
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BLUSH|| D.KINGWELL by Bethanella
['You know, you look cute when you blush.'] {3/6/18} { } {Dylan kingwell x oc } {social media x irl}
  • dylankingwell
  • kitanaturnbull
  • milliebobbybrown
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Icy Blush (Boyxboy) by chibiuke
Icy Blush (Boyxboy)by Jennifer Nightray
"Why is he still in my head?" "His warm skin against mine, I still feel it." "But.... I don't understand..." "I love you......" W...
  • olaf
  • hansoff
  • fiction
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The Vampire Diaries Preferences and Imagines by -blairbass
The Vampire Diaries Preferences -ˏˋ mimi ˊˎ-
Damon Stefan Kol Klaus Elijah Jeremy Caroline Katherine Tyler I also do ships such as; Delena Klaroline Stebekah Steferine Kolvina Kayley Haylijah REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS...
  • blush
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Boyfriend Imagines  by Shelbieber
Boyfriend Imagines by Shelbieber
If you are at a trip and staying away from your boyfriend or if you guys are in a long distance relationship. Or maybe he is just a crush.❤ Whatever may the reason be, h...
  • crush
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Senpai's pick up lines by senpaifangirl
Senpai's pick up linesby senpaifangirl
There will be lots of cheesy, funny & cute lines here.
  • iloveyouall
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Archived Stories by Sassy_Brassy
Archived Storiesby Karishma
[Highest Ranking #1 in Non-Fiction] Archived Stories are collection of short stories which will make you cry, laugh, cringe, sigh, chuckle, grin, facepalm, blush etc etc...
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I Never Planned on Someone Like You/Newsies Highschool AU (javid, sprace, blush) by lafayeetskeet
I Never Planned on Someone Like mads
okay, so i'm actually terrible at writing fanfic so i'm really sorry if this is bad. davey is from california in this fic so- also this includes javid (jack and davey)...
  • javid
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Miraculous Ladybug One Shots and Canons by redefinemyworld_
Miraculous Ladybug One Shots and Remo
a whole bunch of awesome one shots to make the fandom light up Updates are sporadic. Please don't hesitate to share ideas you will get full credit. Comment or send me a...
  • bakery
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Bentornato a Casa (BWWM) by FjuraG
Bentornato a Casa (BWWM)by Fjura
Maja Coleman is a smart, beautiful and highly successful Architect. She has a wonderful life, a great career and wonderful friends. But her love life is going absolutely...
  • italian
  • blush
  • loving
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The Right Opportunity by Rah_is_me
The Right Opportunityby Aywah Wee
Hey, I have some good news. I just had an idea to make a BUTTERS×KENNY story. Remembering I had made a promise to you folks, so here it is. I'll make sure you'll enjoy t...
  • fanfiction
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