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Experiment Gone Wrong by Izuku_Prince
Experiment Gone Wrongby Izuku Prince
"N-no! Stop it! Please! Make it stop!" "It'll all be over soon, kid." "Someone! Please help me!" ------- "What have they done to y...
  • quirks
  • katsukibakugou
  • dekubowl
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Abducted by melinaroos
Abductedby melinaroos
When sixteen-year-old Nevada runs away from her abusive foster parents she is abducted to a secret military base. There she gets experimented upon alongside an alien. S...
  • military
  • teen
  • scifi
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Subject R - ON HOLD by Pearlie
Subject R - ON HOLDby Pearlie
- His gaze swept over the sea of faces below him, and grazed past me and then went back. I gasped. His eyes. So blue, so bright. The color of an iceberg. And then I was...
  • something
  • dimensions
  • aww
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The Boy in the Gray Hoodie (Old Version) by DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
The Boy in the Gray Hoodie (Old Ve...by DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
I was never meant to leave that room. I had spent my whole life in there, imagining what it was like on the outside. I looked forward to the day when I would finally be...
  • teenfiction
  • sweet
  • experiment
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Sterile Skies by scrawls
Sterile Skiesby ~
IMPORTANT NOTICE These premises are under high surveillance. No unauthorised personnel allowed passed the gates. Under no circumstances do the cell doors open. They mus...
  • adventure
  • wattys2015
  • dystopia
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Experiment by _pure_imagination_
Experimentby Anna Winter
Laura had always known her parents were strange. They had a laboratory filled with strange animals, serums, experiments. But she never knew that she was going to become...
  • butterfly
  • experiment
  • fox
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Salt to Her Sea by lastingsummit
Salt to Her Seaby wolf queen
He was the Sea in a body of flesh. - - Thadal rules an empire of the sea. Akesis is a gifted wolf. - - I knew there would come a time when they would come back. I had l...
  • kherrs
  • giftedwolf
  • fear
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His Experiment [FIRST EDIT] by TalatheWolf
His Experiment [FIRST EDIT]by tala
The world took a turn for the better. There were less problems, less diseases, and less to worry about. Or that's what He told her. Experiment Arcelia 14786 was Hi...
  • tala78
  • sciencefiction
  • dimitri
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Experiment KT-9512 (TAEKOOK)  by bangangsonyeondamn
Experiment KT-9512 (TAEKOOK) by Dead Inside And Out
For 12 years all he knew was the lab
  • bottomtae
  • hoseok
  • jin
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Confessions of a Clumsy Lab Girl by PhoenixAkhaten
Confessions of a Clumsy Lab Girlby Phoenix Akhaten
As a chemistry student, and a very clumsy one at that, I've had more than my fair share of the laboratory-related mishaps. Most of these are relatively minor, like break...
  • explosions
  • acid
  • laboratory
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Curfew  by SilverDusts
Curfew by Aleeza Ulang
After the new president has been chosen, Ambrosia didn't expect life to be like this. To be like an unkillable machine. Mosiac has been experimenting on kids, enhancing...
  • apocalypse
  • revenge
  • zombies
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ORIGIN by AuthorJessicaKhoury
ORIGINby Jessica Khoury
Pia has grown up in a secret laboratory hidden deep in the Amazon rain forest. She was raised by a team of scientists who have created her to be the start of a new immor...
  • sci-fantasy
  • laboratory
  • experiments
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North of the Sun by Slightlystupid
North of the Sunby Slightlystupid
Hybrid 37 or just Hybrid, was born normal, just like everyone else. But one day she was taken, and when she awoke from the morphine clutches of blissful sleep, she reali...
  • science
  • wings
  • avian
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Experiment Escape by Skit13
Experiment Escapeby Skit13
17 year old Lukah is trapped and constantly in pain. Why, you may ask? Because he is an experiment in the ERL (Experiment Research Lab). One day, Lukah finds himse...
  • comity
  • escape
  • experiment
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The woman called 663 (SC) by SofiraCloud
The woman called 663 (SC)by SofiraCloud
In the year 1962 they said, "You're so beautiful." Shiroi pulled closer and placed her forehead against his. "How can you know, you cannot see me?"...
  • fantasy
  • spirits
  • fighting
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Love Thaws: Melting by ElizabethNewsom
Love Thaws: Meltingby Elizabeth Newsom
Three years have passed since Elsa was taken, since Jack vowed to find her. Both of them change over the course of the years, Elsa becomes colder and Jack becomes darker...
  • teenfiction
  • government
  • love
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Nameless by starkidfan2013
Namelessby starkidfan2013
A teenage girl is being held against her will by researchers who want to see what makes her different and how far they have to go until she breaks. She is very in-touch...
  • flashlight
  • prison
  • fire
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Wings by skinny-aesthetic
Wingsby Charley
Humans always wished they could fly, whether that be by wings, broomstick or by magical carpets, but it wasn't until I came along that our dream became a reality. It wa...
  • angel
  • science
  • dna
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Experiment 2187 by jedi3ravenclaw
Experiment 2187by kk
There were still Imperial scientists out there who yearned for specimens to rip open for study upon a table of a desolate laboratory. There were still Imperial scientis...
  • lab
  • luxsoka
  • experiment
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The Reaper (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction) by KaichiXx
The Reaper (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction)by Kaichi
Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction- The Reaper. No description for right now, not quite sure where I'm taking this story. Oops ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
  • reaper
  • project99
  • maleoc
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