The First by Ithildaeforever
The Firstby Ithildae
She's not human. She's The First. Gis is a breakthrough in human cloning and DNA manipulation. To everyone around the world, she is a miracle, and a new hope for salvat...
  • pain
  • future
  • love
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The Boy in The Gray Hoodie by DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
The Boy in The Gray Hoodieby Hannah
I was never meant to leave that room. I had spent my whole life in there, imagining what it was like on the outside. I looked forward to the day when I would finally be...
  • shampoo
  • pain
  • boy
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Experiment Zero by dangeroustoken
Experiment Zeroby dangeroustoken
There's more out there than you think. Ashley Cartwright works on a secluded island for her father as a secretary. The lab her father works at it planning on discov...
  • bermudatranigle
  • lab
  • sciencefiction
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Student Teacher Experiment by tori1234567890fab
Student Teacher Experimentby tori1234567890fab
Professor Davis is attempting to make a breakthrough in the study of human behavior when faced with social norms. He is attempting to prove his theories in regards to pl...
  • experiment
  • student-teacher
  • romance
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The Marked People by indigoflint
The Marked Peopleby indigoflint
Humans were the species they'd been looking for. Humans were the key to saving their own race from pain. With earth long ago taken over by aliens known as the Marked Peo...
  • teenfiction
  • romance
  • love
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Senseless by BriannaJoyCrump
Senselessby Brianna Joy Crump
The year is 1879. When thirteen-year-old Ruth Merritt Holbrook emerges from her family's burning estate home, bloody and charred, but entirely numb--She makes headlines...
  • romance
  • historical
  • senseless
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His Lil Brother by Davidscrazy234
His Lil Brotherby Davidscrazy234
When the Grayson's died Dick and his little brother Danny where separated at the orphanage and taken by different families. Four years later Robin rescues the ghost boy...
  • batman
  • youngjustice
  • experiments
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Wolf girl by Dornip33
Wolf girlby Dornip33
Mishka is a special girl. She was abandoned as an infant and was put in the forest to die. A pack of wolves found her and took her in as their own. But she connected wit...
  • adult-content
  • wolfblood
  • forced
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Nexus ~ AKAKURO (bxb/yaoi) by _usagiii
Nexus ~ AKAKURO (bxb/yaoi)by Usagi
KUROKO NO BASUKE ¡AU! <I DO NOT OWN KUROKO NO BASUKE> PAIRING = AKAKURO (top!akashi bottom¡kuroko) A certain red haired boy never knew that his Nexus is a pe...
  • akashiseijuro
  • seijuro
  • yaoi
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The Last Ship by LunaWolfe5423
The Last Shipby LunaWolfe5423
WARNING: This contains Xenophile (Alien / Human sex) As well as regular smut. If you don't find interest then that, this is not the place to be. Thanks! ________________...
  • submissive
  • gore
  • apocalypse
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Dustin Henderson X Reader by Stranger_Finn_Things
Dustin Henderson X Readerby Ravena
After another ten hour campaign Dustin rides home, while taking a short cut through the woods. He meets a bizarre young girl named y/n, also know as 006. She is an esca...
  • fanfiction
  • jonathanbyers
  • karen
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Lab Rat(18+) by LovedAThousandLives
Lab Rat(18+)by Charlie E.
. Three years. It had been three years since he'd been taken, experimented on, had his DNA altered and became a freak of nature. He knew because he'd managed t...
  • adultfiction
  • humor
  • kidnapping
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Hero Or Villain?(Boku no Hero Academia fanfic) by Koyasakiri
Hero Or Villain?(Boku no Hero Acad...by Koyasakiri
(M/n)(L/n) is someone that was captured for a experiment to surpass the number one hero, All Might. Being the only one that survived, he had to witness many things and d...
  • izuku
  • laziness
  • bokunoheroacademia
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The Born Chimera (Stiles Stilinski) by SammiGirl15
The Born Chimera (Stiles Stilinski)by Samantha01
What if i told you that Theo Raeken wasn't the first chimera. What if i told you that the first was none other then Stiles Stilinski. He became a chimera when he was sti...
  • experiment
  • stilesstilinski
  • pack
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Asleep by MikaelaBender
Asleepby Mikaela Bender
In a time when kidnapping is a common occurrence, Nora is about to become her father's science experiment. Taken away from her family, Nora is trapped inside of a dream...
  • rebeling
  • youngadult
  • hostage
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EXPERIMENT | VKOOK by jeongguk-san
EXPERIMENT | VKOOKby ggukie is my gf
"So, um, I saw this video- porn video- and I thought..maybe we..could..uh try it out? Just for educational purposes, though." bottom kook
  • jungkook
  • taehyung
  • experiment
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Selected by MelissaK23
Selectedby Melissa Krizan
I huddled in the corner of the dark room I had been thrown into. I was the only one out of all the villagers to have been selected by Them, a fact that relieved everyone...
  • sciencefiction
  • space
  • love
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Broken Wings (M|M, COMPLETE) by Reaper8439979
Broken Wings (M|M, COMPLETE)by Reaper
Looking back, I saw to my horror they had speed up as well. In my entire life I had never had any problems during my walks. This was a first. Taking a deep breath, I did...
  • science
  • gay
  • supernatural
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The Black Angel [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
The Black Angel [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
[Book One in the Angel Series] The Black Angel is an anonymous hero. He saves the damsel in distress and then magically flies off into the sunset. He keeps evil out of S...
  • natsudragneel
  • superhero
  • jamespatterson
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Experiment 154-1  by MistaIsTrash
Experiment 154-1 by garbage dump
You. You are the experiment. You are the only one that lived. You are a Human. A LIVING human. You are the one that will solve the Underground's problems, but you are de...
  • 2-p
  • 154-1
  • experiment
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