The Bad Boy Saved Me ✔ by SmashingInnocence
The Bad Boy Saved Me ✔by Aria Hale ✌
{SENSITIVE CONTENT} Olivia Greene. A typical nerd? Not really. Shy. Awkward. Fashion sense from hell? Of course. Olivia has been picked on her entire high school life...
  • lonely
  • runaway
  • teenfiction
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The Girl In The Hoodie √ by life_is_overrated19
The Girl In The Hoodie √by K
Bailey Washington is just a shy bystander flowing through life. The only thing that makes her stand out against the crowd is that she wears a hoodie. She also doesn't t...
  • hoodie
  • girl
  • romance
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The Skater Girls heart by whitewolf1516
The Skater Girls heartby whitewolf1516
Kimera Stright is a typical tomboy skater girl , she loves being around the guys and can't stand being a stereotypical girl , she loves to ride her skateboard and has a...
  • abused
  • richkids
  • skater
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Abused and Bullied (One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Fanfiction) by LysDuPont
Abused and Bullied (One Direction...by LysDuPont
What happens when a depressed teenage girl who is bullied and abused meets five amazing guys who want nothing but to save her. Maybe they're the only people who can.
  • payne
  • zayn
  • onedirection
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Wolf by -hickman
Wolfby that idiot
"Was your 'assumption' that spaghetti would be a good meal for my guests correct, little wolf?" My master growled, his elongated claws ripping at the small art...
  • cruel
  • wattys2018
  • love
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Lost Soul (neglected,abused,male reader) X RWBY(Velvet) by XanderKisaragi
Lost Soul (neglected,abused,male r...by Xander Gil Kisaragi
My first Book heh I Hope u guys like it
  • abused
  • rwby
  • undertale
My Abused Mate by eryherd23
My Abused Mateby eryherd23
Lily, a 17 year old girl, who has been abused since she was 13 years old. She is whipped, burned, kicked, punched, and other forms of torture. She is broken and lost. Sh...
  • family
  • fantasy
  • wolf
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Abused Male Reader Jiren X RWBY by Silver_B657
Abused Male Reader Jiren X RWBYby Silver_B657
+A boy being abused by his parents, sisters and uncles,he decides to confront them once trying to treat him with more respect but the opposite happened, he decided to...
  • dragonballsuper
  • toppo
  • malereader
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Rescued By Mr. Bad Boy (Completed)  by kaedenmae
Rescued By Mr. Bad Boy (Completed) by
Completed on 08/24/18 Highest ranking (#1 in bipolar!) Thank you guys so much! Most impressive ranking (#33 in Boyfriend) #2 in depression #3 in rescued #656 in romanc...
  • bad
  • badboy
  • comedy
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The Bullied Mate by MimiDawood
The Bullied Mateby Mimi Dawood
Alison Thompson she is quite,shy, and innocent, she is also fostered by an abusive single dad who lost his wife from overdoze. She is known as a ' freak' as they like to...
  • humor
  • loved
  • gangs
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Abused and Saved by MsTheRightfulLuna
Abused and Savedby MsTheRightfulLuna
Adrienne Rebel Bennett has always been the quiet girl on the corner. The girl who never talk to anyone. The girl who has no friends. But what they don't know is that she...
  • fiction
  • amber
  • hate
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In Love With Mr. Billionaire [Under Editing] by blooming_rose18
In Love With Mr. Billionaire [Unde...by blooming_rose18
Caroline Marshall, a sweet, innocent and cute girl, who hates rich guys since her father threw her mother away to marry another woman for money. Living with a step-mot...
  • arranged
  • ceo
  • love
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My Ex-Husband, My Professor by onceuponamuslim
My Ex-Husband, My Professorby onceuponamuslim
"Hello Class. I'm going to be your Electrical Engineering professor for the course." No. It couldn't be. "My name is Nasser , Doctor Nasser." ...
  • family
  • spiritual
  • drama
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Mistreated Queen by shontaya1216
Mistreated Queenby Taya
You were told as a kid that the tooth fairy was real. That there was a boogie monster under your bed. You believed that everything was good. And for werewolves you were...
  • abuse
  • luna
  • wolfslave
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I'm The Alpha's Challenge by juiceboxbrat159
I'm The Alpha's Challengeby The Kidd
Highest- #129 in Werewolf With a father who beats her at home, a sister who bully's her at school, a mother who leaves her, and to top it off being completely mute. Dan...
  • werewolf
  • mate
  • abused
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Unwanted by MaliaReeds
Unwantedby Malia
Editing and updating at the same time (: NOT ONE OF THOSE TYPICAL 'I MEET MY MATE AND I LOVE HIM INSTANTLY' BOOKS. Malia Pierce is a 19 year old rouge, terrified of the...
  • alpha
  • luna
  • mate
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Rejected and Broken  by Luna_Wolf224
Rejected and Broken by LunaWolf
Amelia Summers, a girl, a servant, a slave. What happens when someone rejects you? Try's to break you? What happens when your already broken? ---------------- "I...
  • werewolf
  • broken
  • rejected
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Faceless Wrath (RWBY X Neglected Abused Withered Bonnie Reader) by ReyChristopher
Faceless Wrath (RWBY X Neglected A...by Reynard
You were a child who carried and bore no ill towards anyone, yet your family treated you like scum. Threw you about, ignored you, and even harassed you. One day, they to...
  • blakebelladona
  • witheredbonnie
  • remorseless
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Sold And Abused Wolf by elinorajones
Sold And Abused Wolfby Elinor AJ
Ever since her parents were killed her life took a bad turn. Lyra Kingston gets sold from pack to pack and it's all the same every time. All she gets is abuse 24/7. Is...
  • saved
  • teenromance
  • wattpride
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Abused Luna by Wildestdreams_323
Abused Lunaby Wildestdreams_323
Juliet is the daughter of the Alpha of the Bright Moon Pack. They are supposedly the nicest pack out there. But what they don't know is that the Alphas own daughter is...
  • mate
  • love
  • werewolf
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