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Sinister ✔️Mafia Series: 2 by lethalwriter
Sinister ✔️Mafia Series: 2by Bored asf
SINSITER MAFIA SERIES:2 (P.s you don't have to read the first book Lorenzo to read this because they are different stories, this is about sinister his son) Sinister: ...
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Boss •park jimin• by -jiminostalgia-
Boss •park jimin•by ❝ aphrodite ❞
Y\\N's boss, the wealthy Park Jimin, acts immensely arrogant and cold towards her, but what will happen when she becomes his secretary, and they are then being forced to...
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The Ineffable Tale of Xander Atkins by carterjenson
The Ineffable Tale of Xander Atkinsby Carter Jenson
❝Photography has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them❝ When Cecilia Miller finds out that her dad's new fiancée migh...
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
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Rage by MoonshineAndVodka
Rageby Vee
Julio Hernandez is socially stunted, rude, snarky and, in all respects, an asshole. With a penchant for wearing leather jackets and successfully scaring off everyone aro...
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Plum {SUITS #1} by DewDropsOnGrass
Plum {SUITS #1}by Veronica
[Sample only, check inside to know how to avail] Arsenio knew he was in trouble when he married Plum Park. She was adorable, sweet and oh so pure. And the way she called...
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💙 MANAN FF : A NEW START 💜 (ON HOLD)  by Ash_1274
💙 It's all about friendship, brotherhood and love. 💜 💙 #1 in Manan on 13 June 2020 💜
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shoto todoroki x reader ✧ oneshots ✧ on hold! by -MINNIEMIN
shoto todoroki x reader ✧ ✧ 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙇𝙄𝙀 ✧
❝my love, you are my all and my everything.❞ a book filled with lots of one shots about shoto todoroki and the reader. ♡ (shoto todoroki x various reader) [EDITING ONCE...
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My psycho husband by FidellaArdelia
My psycho husbandby cinderell
Selamat membaca yaaa! 17+
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do you love me? ✧ kaneki x ghoul reader [✓] by -MINNIEMIN
do you love me? ✧ kaneki x ghoul ✧ 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙇𝙄𝙀 ✧
❝i know it's stupid, but: do you love me?❞ a story in which a beautiful relationship between two lovers blossom, however, not without questions about love and trust. (BO...
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Mr. Ninja ( Rick Grimes x Male Oc ) by Panda-Mon
Mr. Ninja ( Rick Grimes x Male Oc )by PANDACHAN
This story is about a young man who was jumping from building to building to try and get away from the hoard. By as he was running he happened to see a little boy win br...
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Arshi SS: Lonely by kattyarshi
Arshi SS: Lonelyby kattyarshi
COMPLETED Changed to FANFICTION HIGHEST RANKING #271in FAN FICTION (27.5.17) This is the journey of Khushi, from the day the Raizadas blame her for being the thor...
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CYRUS | 2020 by EthrealPrincess
CYRUS | 2020by EthrealPrincess
After Cyrus's parents pass away after getting into a car crash, the Sykes take him in and treat him as their own. He grows up alongside his childhood bestfriend Rosie in...
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The Archangel's Daughter (Book 1 of The Angel Chronicles) EDITING PROCESS by Triszjhkha
The Archangel's Daughter (Book 1 Alpha.Female.Buttercup
What if God gave you another chance to live, not as a mortal, but as an angel... an angel of death. Huntress Matthews, the violet eyed girl, never knew what a normal lif...
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you don't like me - Jaden hossler by maddielance_
you don't like me - Jaden hosslerby maddielance_
Emily is a model and Jaden is a musician when their manager come up with a plan to make their platform grow all hell breaks loose ^ ok that's such a gross description bu...
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Mr Grumpy by Im_Just_That_Awkward
Mr Grumpyby Gigi Lachowski
Somehow I managed to get myself lost in 3 minutes. I mean I know I don't have good concentration but its pretty impossible to get lost that quick you know? Well not for...
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Wilted by __mamacita_
Wiltedby K
Highest: #3 in Poetry #2 in hope #21 in emotions poems about, well, so many things its hard to mention them all
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Slapped By Love TF4K✔️ by pcristal05011
Slapped By Love TF4K✔️by Krystal
Kayel Garcia is the kindest out of The F's 4. He has a heart of gold and will give you his all in a relationship. He had a girlfriend once but she broke his heart. Now K...
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My Little Bones by MIonthia
My Little Bonesby Astrid Anamsteel
oh god im feeling again someone rip these thoughts away from me. Poetry. Original content. Lower case intended. Highest Rank: 12 in #Poem some poems may be [ed, depres...
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