7 minuets ( clexa) by camrenlives17
7 minuets ( clexa)by camrenlives17
Ever heard of seven minuets in heaven? Lexa hadn't until this night. A story where Clarke and Lexa are in school (how original I know), but they fall hard.
  • monty
  • the100
  • clexa
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The Good Girl Sucked My Dick by Elizabethbloodstorm
The Good Girl Sucked My Dickby Elizabeth
High School is a literal hell-hole filled with the basic populars who date anyone they want and their degenerates. But at this high school things are different. Popular...
  • onenightstand
  • drinks
  • morehate
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Birthday (Laito x Reader) by sakamaki_triplets
Birthday (Laito x Reader)by ➵ KT ; 민혁
A birthday only comes once a year. A sensible person would try to make the most out of her birthday, whereas an idiot would waste his. But sometimes, it doesn't go the...
  • savior
  • diabolik
  • lovers
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Party Lake (5 days) by karlablove_edm
Party Lake (5 days)by karlablove_edm
"And in this time at this moment with the sunset being down on everyone ..... and it didn't matter where we came from either if we were from the south, west, east...
  • party
  • drinks
  • swimming
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tea girl // one by MentalPerfection
tea girl // oneby beth
"What coffee would you like to order today from gimme coffee?" "Let's make a deal, you give my tea in coffee cups." "Why would I do that?" ...
  • baristaboy
  • coffee
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doll / lams ✔ by hisoftie
doll / lams ✔by -
" d o l l ~ " -Characters/Real People + The Hamilton Musical does not belong to me
  • alexander
  • hamiltonmusical
  • john
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Indebted To Him by Dredge116
Indebted To Himby Dredge
Skyler O'Shea is left with her father's debt after he Over-Dosed. The people he owed wants the money and they will now get it even if it's the daughter that inherits the...
  • danger
  • romance
  • mafia
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Eat Me, Senpai! by edwingonzalez046
Eat Me, Senpai!by edwin gonzalez
A boy who lived by himself at the age of 14 is named Shawn Perks. One day, he was cursed by a witch and transformed into a neko. Not only that, but she also cursed him o...
  • shounenai
  • curse
  • food
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Diner Boy | ✔ by heroicaly
Diner Boy | ✔by robyn
"maybe it was those eyes that left me speechless. maybe that ravishing red hair that burned like the flames. maybe it was the way you spoke to me. either way, you l...
  • dylanobrien
  • happy
  • lovestory
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Girls Who Dreamt Of Castles by Seekeroflight
Girls Who Dreamt Of Castlesby Héphzibah Brian.
A WATTPAD FEATURED READ. "Girls who dreamt of Castles" is a small book that takes you closer to the circle of two black women and their friends. Women who have...
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Love   -Colby Brock- by magic_wish
Love -Colby Brock-by Kayla Brown
Mia smith is a teen bad girl and when she moves to California her whole world gets turned upside down when she meets Colby Brock and Sam Golbach she drinks, fights...
  • love
  • fights
  • mia
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Vegan by southernTXkindagirl
Veganby Caroline Macduff
"People who love to eat are always the best people." - Julia Child.
  • beverages
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Casino Cups Aks and Dare♠♥♦♣ by kittengirlqueen
Casino Cups Aks and Dare♠♥♦♣by Cristina V.
Ask away and bet it all! Win get you a dream come true, fail well; we have your soul~
  • aksanddare
  • drinks
  • kingdice
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The New Sub by yallneedallysus
The New Subby ꓄ꋪꍟꈤꉓꃅ
He's unexperienced, hates school, wasted and hot. And to his unfortunity, he's also a High School substitute for a year. Great.
  • bad
  • hot
  • unexperienced
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Avalanche by theycallmelexi20
Avalancheby Lexi
Love started this war..... "Ever heard of get over of it!" Jayce shouted. "Ever heard of shut the hell up!" I shot back. Jayce flipped me off and I n...
  • romance
  • onenightstand
  • jail
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Horror Fest|| Multiship (I think) au by LilMissAlphabetGirl
Horror Fest|| Multiship (I think)...by Alphabet
Horror Fest is an event founded by Mr. Horror. He selects six females and six males that he decides that fit best for reasons. They could be from all around and have no...
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Recipes For Littles by 4daddys_princess4
Recipes For Littlesby 4daddys_princess4
Just a few recipes from around the web. Easy to make wonderful for littles and their doms.
  • recipes
  • food
  • daddies
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Eesha's recipes.  by AeshaKabir
Eesha's recipes. by Aisha Kabir
A food lover? Want to have a savoury taste after working all day? Are you so tired? Easy recipes are here for you. Your husband calls you and told you he will be bac...
  • yummy
  • dieting
  • nigerian
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The Chronicle of the Bun Bun by Rotting-Roses
The Chronicle of the Bun Bunby Rotting-Roses
Pictures, little stories and more pictures of my fluffy ball of joy Legolas! I am open to suggestions on what to make chapters about, since I honestly have no idea.
  • body
  • bunny
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My Recipe List (Book #1) by striving_muslimah
My Recipe List (Book #1)by شريفة زيد
A list of recipes I liked, found interesting, or plan to try. Feel free to share or try them out, too. Recipe requests are accepted. Request through private message only.
  • lunch
  • baking
  • dinner
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