His new assistant. by makeupaddict87
His new assistant.by makeupaddict87
The DN groups is looking for a new assistant for their director. .. Jason Salvatore; has it all. good looks, charming smirk and notorious ways to get women in his bed. ...
  • meetings
  • affair
  • party
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Why? (bakudeku) by Littlevanna
Why? (bakudeku)by imjustashipper
I'm not good at doing descriptions so I 'ma just stat some *facts* 1.Izuku Midoriya/ dekus mom abuses deku but treats he like a angel along with kacchan when they are ov...
  • kacchan
  • bakudeku
  • drinks
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Salacious | ✓ by heartreveals
Salacious | ✓by erica
The adventures of a nymphomaniac who tries to score as many guys as she can in one night. © 2016, Erica Whitmore. All Rights Reserved. | SS276 | (cover by @bullethood)
  • theliteraryawards2017
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Indebted To Him by Dredge116
Indebted To Himby Dredge
Skyler O'Shea is left with her father's debt after he Over-Dosed. The people he owed wants the money and they will now get it even if it's the daughter that inherits the...
  • sisters
  • bartender
  • generalfiction
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Pretending by KlarisaDeVill
Pretendingby Klarisa De Vill
The popular kids, every school has them. The head jock and head cheerleader are well known for the torture upon the less popular ones, but not in this school. Rebecca S...
  • flirt
  • pretending
  • teenlife
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7 minuets ( clexa) by camrenlives17
7 minuets ( clexa)by camrenlives17
Ever heard of seven minuets in heaven? Lexa hadn't until this night. A story where Clarke and Lexa are in school (how original I know), but they fall hard.
  • love
  • lexa
  • pride
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Puberty (Hayes Grier Fanfic) by OldMagcon_2810
Puberty (Hayes Grier Fanfic)by OldMagcon_2810
Plz read
  • oldmagcon
  • crew
  • rebel
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tea girl // one by MentalPerfection
tea girl // oneby beth
"What coffee would you like to order today from gimme coffee?" "Let's make a deal, you give my tea in coffee cups." "Why would I do that?" ...
  • love
  • girl
  • teagirl
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Party at my place by -Diabla-
Party at my placeby Dee
a party book
  • drinks
  • partyplace
Love   -Colby Brock- by magic_wish
Love -Colby Brock-by ItzYaGirl_KayKay
Mia smith was a teen bad girl and when she moves to California her whole world gets turned upside down when she meets Colby Brock and Sam Golbach she drinks, fights...
  • mia
  • abuse
  • drama
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You gave "Fuck Boy" a meaning -J.S (Book 2 of "were you always a fuckboy?") by CrazyLemonshehe
You gave "Fuck Boy" a meaning -J.S...by Lemony
New girls, new boys, new person, new problems, old memories, old friends, old relationships, the end of it all....
  • fuckboy
  • college
  • mark
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The Bad Boy's Baby by CHERIE160597
The Bad Boy's Babyby Sanghamitra Dixit
Madison 'Maddie' Brooke is your average goody two shoes/nerd, who's never done the B of Bad. So when she decides to let down her guard and enjoy an end of summer high sc...
  • romance
  • anger
  • crushes
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A Tinder Thing by youngfreeandliving
A Tinder Thingby Sophia
Some conversations from tinder being leaked for the whole wide world to read. Literally ranges from bugs to sex.
  • out
  • kiss
  • tinder
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flowers and drinks | nomin | by hyuckiee
flowers and drinks | nomin |by 𝐻𝓎𝓊𝒸𝓀𝒾𝑒
It all started with a drink known as a devils soul in Jeno's eyes. - A nomin story -1/5/19 - ?
  • flowers
  • lucas
  • nct
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Drunk Messages S.W. by CaseyR03
Drunk Messages S.W.by CaseyR03
In which a famous vine maker gets drunk and texts a girl, 'pretending' he's Sam Wilkinson. Yeah right, and she's Beyoncè. ******************************* Unknown Number:...
  • sammywilk
  • fanfiction
  • mistakes
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Love, Briella by aftertastefully
Love, Briellaby mikayla
Briella had fallen in love with a coffee barista at a cafe she frequented; she didn't think he'd ever notice a shy girl like her.
  • drinks
  • love
  • happy
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Birthday (Laito x Reader) by sakamaki_triplets
Birthday (Laito x Reader)by ➵ KT ; 민혁
A birthday only comes once a year. A sensible person would try to make the most out of her birthday, whereas an idiot would waste his. But sometimes, it doesn't go the...
  • sakamaki
  • romance
  • birthday
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Legends Of The Moon by SniperNova
Legends Of The Moonby Nova
"Legends Of The Moon" takes places in the world of a amazing show named Teen Wolf. Logistics, Statistics, and much more come from that show. I do not take cred...
  • werewolves
  • wolf
  • alpha
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Girls Who Dreamt Of Castles by Seekeroflight
Girls Who Dreamt Of Castlesby Z
ONCE A WATTPAD FEATURED READ. "Girls who dreamt of Castles" is a small book that takes you closer to the circle of two black women and their friends. Women who...
  • humour
  • music
  • projectwomanup
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drinks ☆ lashton au by wybmikey
drinks ☆ lashton auby .
where ashton met luke at the bar and saved the small boys life. fem!luke
  • fanfic
  • valentine
  • lashtonau
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