His new assistant. by makeupaddict87
His new assistant.by makeupaddict87
The DN groups is looking for a new assistant for their director. .. Jason Salvatore; has it all. good looks, charming smirk and notorious ways to get women in his bed. ...
  • hatred
  • sleep
  • romance
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Why? (bakudeku) by Littlevanna
Why? (bakudeku)by imjustashipper
I'm not good at doing descriptions so I 'ma just stat some *facts* 1.Izuku Midoriya/ dekus mom abuses deku but treats he like a angel along with kacchan when they are ov...
  • bakugo
  • depression
  • cuts
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doll / lams ✔ by hisoftie
doll / lams ✔by -
" d o l l ~ " -Characters/Real People + The Hamilton Musical does not belong to me
  • boyxboy
  • alexander
  • john
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Saviour ➳《GRUNGE A.U.》 by MyLittleConor
Saviour ➳《GRUNGE A.U.》by Karen
❝As crazy as this question may sound, would you burn down your own house?❞ ❝Of course not-❞ ❝Well, you're burning down my heart, baby girl. You're burning it down, and y...
  • saviour
  • anselelgort
  • conormaynard
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The Good Girl Sucked My Dick by Elizabethbloodstorm
The Good Girl Sucked My Dickby Elizabeth
High School is a literal hell-hole filled with the basic populars who date anyone they want and their degenerates. But at this high school things are different. Popular...
  • morehate
  • moresex
  • confusion
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Room with a View by lyttlejoe
Room with a Viewby lyttlejoe
When Miller Hunt lands at his all expense paid, dream vacation resort it quickly turns to a chaotic nightmare of confusion and misadventure involving swindlers, cheaters...
  • murder
  • romance
  • money
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Love   -Colby Brock- by magic_wish
Love -Colby Brock-by Kayla Brown
Mia smith was a teen bad girl and when she moves to California her whole world gets turned upside down when she meets Colby Brock and Sam Golbach she drinks, fights...
  • drama
  • love
  • sam
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Abusive Grayson by bluedolss
Abusive Graysonby shawty
" Listen to me when im talking slut!"
  • drinks
  • grayson
  • cheater
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Renée  || ✔️ by Becky-Khan
Renée || ✔️by Becky
✨ First In The Renée Series ✨ Our story started with a million ugly secrets and a million fake smiles. Our story got complicated fast, baby; Lickety-split, the ugly se...
  • romance
  • hate
  • wattpad
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Diner Boy | ✔ by heroicaly
Diner Boy | ✔by robyn
"maybe it was those eyes that left me speechless. maybe that ravishing red hair that burned like the flames. maybe it was the way you spoke to me. either way, you l...
  • clumsy
  • drinks
  • undiscovered
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Chow Time by sport
Chow Timeby Sport
So what's on your menu for watching a sporting event? Sport has put together a recipe book that goes beyond bowls of corn chips, pretzels and cheeses. We make no specifi...
  • baseball
  • dessert
  • cycling
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Bloody Nose. by MustyMarina
Bloody Nose.by Katrina♡
A troubled girl who doesn't know how to control her anger but she soon meets someone and everything changes.
  • dream
  • party
  • teenagers
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Matcha - A BTS Jimin Fanfiction by ahngeiiii
Matcha - A BTS Jimin Fanfictionby Molester Moon
"She turned the matcha cup twice before she drank it." A fanfiction written by Skylar The Molester Moon. Enjoy.
  • cupcake
  • drinks
  • jimin
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Juicing For Life by HtatPhyoAye
Juicing For Lifeby HtatPhyoAye
အာဟာရနဲ႔ ေဖ်ာ္ရည္ေတြအေၾကာင္းပါ။ တစ္စုတစ္စည္းတည္း ဖတ္လို႔အဆင္ေျပေအာင္ ဒီေနရာမွာ စုထားျပီး ပံုမွန္ အပ္ဒိတ္လုပ္ေပးသြားမွာပါ
  • juice
  • health-related
  • translation
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Bad Decisions - Yoonmin by AlexInFire
Bad Decisions - Yoonminby - A l e x -
Yoongi, dinero y poder le sobran,lo tiene todo, pero, su prometido lo engaño con el primo ¿irónico no? no, ¿desahogarse con el chico de lindo culo, si o no?" Jimin...
  • love
  • long
  • drinks
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Across America. by Livefreely2105
Across America.by Grace
"This is going to be motherfucking fun!" "Shit, she used that word." ___________ 6 friends decide to go on a fun, thrilling road trip across the coun...
  • games
  • music
  • festivals
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The New Sub by yallneedallysus
The New Subby ąཞɬıʂɬ ơʄ ɬɧɛ ყɛąཞ
He's unexperienced, hates school, wasted and hot. And to his unfortunity, he's also a High School substitute for a year. Great.
  • ashton
  • drinks
  • school
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Eat Me, Senpai! by edwingonzalez046
Eat Me, Senpai!by edwin gonzalez
A boy who lived by himself at the age of 14 is named Shawn Perks. One day, he was cursed by a witch and transformed into a neko. Not only that, but she also cursed him o...
  • boys
  • drinks
  • random
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yummy and tasty food recipes...
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