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Zephaniah // z.m by mindofjohanna
Zephaniah // z.mby Hannah
After many failed attempts, Zayn, 26, gives a young woman the one last chance to be a good caregiver to his almost 8 years old son with special needs. • All rights reser...
  • son
  • love
  • zquad
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Unexpectedly Bad by underspehll
Unexpectedly Badby everything is blue
"Princess, this world's main characters are you and me." She's so broken, fragile, lonely, and helpless. He's too. She's hiding it behind her cheerful per...
  • wattys2017
  • delinquent
  • goodgirl
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Forever and Always, Olive by istolethecookiez
Forever and Always, Oliveby Caitlin W.
I was dared to ask him to homecoming. I didn’t actually expect him to say yes. + + + New town, new school, new friends- a new start. It’s all Olivia could really ask for...
  • relationship
  • homecoming
  • couple
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The Cuddle Pact  by papersplanes
The Cuddle Pact by - ̗̀ milah ̖́-
〚ex-featured.〛 ❝I have all the money in the world, and all you want from me is a cuddle?❞ ❝Well, I need you to cuddle me to sleep. Sleep to me is worth more than any cas...
  • poc
  • theojames
  • insomnia
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Running with His Child by ItsLayLayH
Running with His Childby ItsLayLayH
After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Wi...
  • queen
  • romance
  • runaway
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Falling For The Surrogate © by MLHatter
Falling For The Surrogate ©by Made1ineHatter ©
Tess needs money. It's a simple as that. However, it's difficult to find a job that pays enough for housing, food, and other essentials. That is until she finds a coupl...
  • jealousy
  • husband
  • love
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Smitten Kitten by hyrule
Smitten Kittenby ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ
Vika's always had a pretty decent grasp on a man's brain- touch his arm, laugh at his jokes, and always invest in a good bra. And to be fair, it's never lead her wrong b...
  • relationship
  • romance
  • selfdiscovery
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Try and Catch Me by kirch_123
Try and Catch Meby Sarah
Isabella (Ella) Branson hates her sister. Well, maybe that's too strong of a word. Ella strongly dislikes her sister. Her and her sister, Samantha, are twins. Since they...
  • romance
  • bestfriends
  • party
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It's Complicated ✔️ by ambivertreader
It's Complicated ✔️by Sanobar
They are married, but not a couple. . . They are Husband and Wife, but complete strangers. . . What will happen when their worlds collide together? . . . . ************...
  • billionaire
  • lovehaterelationship
  • husbandandwife
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Bubble Wrap by londonlocket
Bubble Wrapby a s h
She's uptight and strung out on work. He's a musician with writer's block. When their apartment building experiences a black-out, they find themselves with nothing but e...
  • neighbors
  • blackout
  • bubblewrap
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The New Girl by elizabethscott_
The New Girlby Elizabeth
Growing up in an a broken home has made 17 year old Elizabeth Scott tough as nails. When she moves to a new school she doesn't expect anything exciting and just wants to...
  • boy
  • girl
  • broken
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TOXIC ;; ORIGINAL by shewritespoets
when love and false comfort blinded the hazy truth. disclaimer: i am not approving, glorifying, romanticizing any kind of abusive relationship. DO NOT STEAL OR CLAIM IT...
  • story
  • abusiverelationship
  • heartbreak
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Stay With Me ✔ by deadbeatvalentines
Stay With Me ✔by K
"You would think that with a name like Rave, he would be intense and moody, like your classic bad boy. With the amount of cigarettes he smokes in a day, you would i...
  • heartbreak
  • drama
  • friends
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Love Invalid by athrhteera
Love Invalidby Athirah
What happens when one kiss turns your world upside down? That one simple kiss makes your life into something unexpected. Athena Delaney works at a publishing c...
  • falling
  • husband
  • love
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I'm falling for my Fiancé - (Arranged Married) by heyitsbubble
I'm falling for my Fiancé - ( Bubble✨
Avalana Skylar Valerie is a sweet carrying girl with a good grade and a great sport skills. She's the Daughter of Karl Valerie the CEO of Valerie and co. She is a broken...
  • graduation
  • family
  • wattpadromance
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My Brother's Best Friend by summer-dreamer
My Brother's Best Friendby summer state of mind
When Sofia realises the pointlessness of her long-term crush on Owen Myers, she kisses a nameless but flirtatious boy in the attempt to try and move on. It was just supp...
  • relationship
  • love-hate
  • brothersbestfriend
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His Blonde Little Secret by sakz15
His Blonde Little Secretby Sakz
[COMPLETED] "Who says people have to find out?" Brody smirks, taking another step forward. He's so close to me, I can once again see the gold flecks shining i...
  • relationship
  • cute
  • bully
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BEGIN AGAIN by Awesomecoffee256
She's a single mother of nine year old twins who many men have refused to associate with. He is the son to a technology billionaire and is also a famous personality. Noa...
  • noahcentineo
  • lovestory
  • kids
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The Teacher and the Student by StarCrossedLover2000
The Teacher and the Studentby StarCrossedLovers2
A teenage girl in high school, meets her hot teacher and falls in love with him. He develops feelings for her too but with him being her teacher, will things work out? ...
  • teacherstudent
  • student
  • teacher
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Heartbroken by heartbroken-writer
Heartbrokenby Writer
Based on a true story ~ Amelia is a very sensitive, caring, thoughtful, mature young girl who struggles with a lot of pain. She has a lot of baggage to carry but friends...
  • truestory
  • lost
  • lovestory
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