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Saviors (Completed) by houzza01
Saviors (Completed)by Amalie K. O.
Nina Watson is the school's nerd with the darkest secret. Everything seems fine on the outside like it always does but behind the curtains, a whole other world is displa...
  • company
  • rich
  • badboy
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She's Bad News by Bright_as_night
She's Bad Newsby Bridget
When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family. Determined to make it through these la...
  • drugs
  • prison
  • abuse
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Can You See Me? by eleniagora
Can You See Me?by eleniagora
Ο Σεθ είναι ένα παιδί που μία ζωή είναι σε ανάδοχες οικογένειες,μα η ζωή του αλλάζει όταν πάει στο ιδιωτικό λύκειο Φίντσμπερ και γνωρίζει την Βάιολετ Μπένετ.Κάτι περίεργ...
  • young
  • kiss
  • drunk
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Just that chick by deztnychitwood
Just that chickby deztnychitwood
Drugs sex booze what more could you expect from highschool students
  • pot
  • babydaddy
  • drunk
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The Ace of Silence *Avenged Sevenfold* (Watty Awards 2012) by LovingEveryMoment2
The Ace of Silence *Avenged Sevenf...by Dre
What would it be like, having the band as your family? Well, almost family, in a way. I'll tell you what its like; hilarious hell crazy mind-boggling fun and i love ever...
  • brian
  • avenged
  • syn
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Who's 'The One'? by AngelicMortal069
Who's 'The One'?by Angelic Mortal ♡
Natasha always wanted a 'The One'. Someone who'd always be there for her, Someone who'd put her interests before theirs, Someone who wouldn't judge her for who she was...
  • badboy
  • sister
  • drunk
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Best friends in love by SlaveToTheGays
Best friends in loveby SlaveToTheGays
Alexander Moone and Andrew McKeith Andrew McKeith and Alexander Moone. They were like a package; Inseparable. Until something bad happens. It changes everything. It'll n...
  • selfharm
  • cute
  • cuddling
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Crash by wednesdaylily_n
Crashby wednesday
This is a short story about a young girl who makes a horrible mistake after leaving a party drunk.
  • car
  • crash
  • drunk
The Demon's Directions by Mrs__Ackles
The Demon's Directionsby Mrs_Ackles
"You will do as I say without question unless you want someone you love to get hurt". Nick woke abruptly even though he wasn't sure if he was even sleeping. He...
  • drunk
  • demon
  • ghost
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Thoughts by iijdoggyii
Thoughtsby 🤘🏼
Just thoughts and feelings I have that I hope others can relate to.
  • crazy
  • weird
  • lost
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Drunken Hit by fluffytheninja
Drunken Hitby Myia Rose
A teenage girl discovers the events of what one drug can have on her life.
  • car
  • drunk
  • accident
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Angel With the Scabbed Wings (Marilyn Manson fanfic) by Aiwendil_the_Noldor
Angel With the Scabbed Wings (Mari...by Drae
Courtney and Cara have been friends with the guys as long as they can remember. Once they got famous, they were asked to move in with them. And so the parties and good/b...
  • band
  • drugs
  • coma
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Tied together by Pav10101
Tied togetherby Pav10101
( Roseanna just got into a new school for the talented.. she can dance sing and act the full package. But her life is not all that perfect her ex boyfriend cheated on he...
  • again
  • party
  • him
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Sober by jfcharrystyles
Soberby madie
Before they became Drunk, they were Sober
  • harrystyles
  • kink
  • harry
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serendipity by arielxyl
serendipityby arielxyl
serendipity (n) /ˌsɛr(ə)nˈdɪpɪti/ ▹ an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident ON HOLD 3rd place in @beautifultragedies winter contest
  • christmaseve
  • college
  • reunion
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My inner thoughts. by afss98
My inner thoughts.by afss98
It's not really a book. Just snippets of my thoughts, experiences I've been through and every other thing. It's just really to let it all go and I'm not even a writer, b...
  • diary
  • drunk
  • innerthoughts