melancholy town / h.s by cattgreen
melancholy town / h.sby c
In a small melancholy town in England, the depressing and divided town of Alverton is home to a very rebellious, abused and rude teen Carey Reid and a rich, abused jacka...
  • onedirection
  • england
  • onedirectionfanfic
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the girl in the club • jack gilinsky by heart-strings1
the girl in the club • jack gilins...by heart-strings1
heartbreak, when a heartbroken guy is trying to move on. he stays home. he binge watches his favourite tv shows. maybe even wonder why him and his ex broke up. pitying h...
  • jack
  • instagram
  • taylorcaniff
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❝drunk❞ ysk by satanguks
❝drunk❞ yskby 𝔰 𝔥 𝔞 𝔶
° in which hoseok drunkenly texts yoongi one night thinking he's his ex boyfriend. ❝. . . are you drunk?❞ ❝nooooooo. . .❞ ©hetaero 2016
  • yoonseok
  • suga
  • drunk
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drunk texting  (jenzie.) by thesearestorys
drunk texting (jenzie.)by 。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+*
- an iconic duo who meet through drunken texts
  • party
  • johnnyorlando
  • drama
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Star Gazers [BXB] by OminouslyAnonymous
Star Gazers [BXB]by Anon Ominous
*Spinoff/Sequel of Lab Partners (Recommended you read Lab Partners first.)* "You know, you shouldn't smoke those things," I spoke softly, referring to the ciga...
  • reality
  • treehouse
  • boyxboy
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The Girl Who Feared Men by InkedWonderland
The Girl Who Feared Menby InkedWonderland
After the traumatizing night that tore apart Ellie's entire family, she develops Androphobia. A fear of men. When she realizes that therapy hasn't helped her fear s...
  • pleaseread
  • trauma
  • accident
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Before Summer Ends by spirabilis
Before Summer Endsby nicole
❝What happens in summer, stays in summer.❞ • • • • • Six lightning tattoos swear the drunken memories and hazy hookups of six teenage kids to secrecy. • • • • • Copyrigh...
  • youngadult
  • poc
  • scandal
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Lams One Shots by rogue__Angel
Lams One Shotsby ❤️Angel
More lams one-shots by yours truly 😘 Last book was 90% Top!Alex so this will have a lot more Top!John... ...and a helluva lot of verse lams because that's my fave. -TRI...
  • accurate
  • fluff
  • lams
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Itona Horibe x reader one shots by Lucydragn33l
Itona Horibe x reader one shotsby SHSL-Trash Can
Just for all you Itona fangirls!
  • jelousy
  • itona
  • xreader
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Taekook by 1234Nevaeh1234
Taekookby 1234Nevaeh1234
  • taekook
  • bts
  • love
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High School Love by Mari931
High School Loveby Mari
The beginning isn't about love but it will trust me. The beginning is about how it's Alice's last week of school of being a sophomore but then her parents tell her how...
  • drunk
  • alcohol
  • friends
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Wont ya swing with me? (Mafiatale Sans x Frisk) by Aresandhistrees
Wont ya swing with me? (Mafiatale...by Ares Grey
"Pap I don't wanna watch the toaster sing." Sans whined to his brother, who just looked at Sans with a sigh. "YOU OWE ME BROTHER! REMEMBER THE BARELY DRES...
  • asriel
  • frisk
  • papyrus
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toxic (j.b) by swagonyoushawty
toxic (j.b)by m.s
when love and false comfort blinded the hazy truth. "he loves me. It's just the toxic, it fucked up his sanity. I know he loves me, and that's why I need to stay. P...
  • jbau
  • justinbieber
  • kendalljenner
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Side bitch by ayalinbby
Side bitchby ح?
  • cheating
  • twogirlfriends
  • relationship
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Soju Trilogy Level 1: Aigo! Tipsy in Jeju (Under PHR soon) by sofia_jade6
Soju Trilogy Level 1: Aigo! Tipsy...by Sofia PHR
Yana's Steps on How to Take Back Her Korean Boyfriend - Dong Uk: 1.Uminom ng soju para may lakas ng loob. 2.Mag-practice ng speech sa mga paligid - bartender, ibang cust...
  • drunk
  • korean
  • southkorea
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Barbie Doll Gang  by shay--m
Barbie Doll Gang by Unexpected_Error
"This Bitch Crazy Yo Shit" Katrina Is Crazy Bipolar And Is A Queen Pin In The Gang She Follows No Man And Doesn't Need One Anyway. She's Bossy, Rude ,And Is A...
  • druglord
  • blackpower
  • queenpin
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Slayin' With Shadow by DemonSlayerShadow666
Slayin' With Shadowby Silver Shadow
Whats up bitches
  • poetryinmotion
  • wattys2018
  • qrow
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Its Something About The Apron by 4stacksofbooks
Its Something About The Apronby 4stacksofbooks
When 18 year old Sky drops out of school, moves out of her parents house, lands her first job in the towns 'Cherry Tree' hotel restaurant, and starts dating bar boy Dom...
  • drunk
  • dishwasher
  • waitress
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Kiss me by zac_06
Kiss meby Zac Forsyth
21 year old Maddox has his routine in life. Work at Ricky's, go to ballet, get drunk. When his boy obsessed bestfriend introduces him to, oh so steamy, Axel, his quiet l...
  • dog
  • bordercollie
  • gay
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Chemical Attraction (Student/Teacher Relationship) by hopelessromantic1993
Chemical Attraction (Student/Teach...by Anna
What would you do if you lost everything that ever mattered to you? When Phoebe Miller loses her family in a car crash, her answer is to simply close in on herself. She...
  • mothers
  • morals
  • slap
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