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King of Hearts by hayelizabeth
King of Heartsby haley elizabeth
Amara Woods liked to have fun. She was an occasional party goer. She was a part of the leadership class and ran for class office every year. Noah Ross was the same. He...
  • baby
  • teenpregnancy
  • fiction
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Help Me Remember by LadyPeaceAndWar
Help Me Rememberby Eirene
What do you do when you wake up pregnant and without memories? I woke up after the car accident unable t recall who I was, where I was and why I was in the hospital in t...
  • romance
  • slowburn
  • scarlett
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The billionaire want me ♡ {Completed} by LovelyShifah
The billionaire want me ♡ {Complet...by Shifah
"Give me your hand." He ordered and i looked at him confused. He sighed before taking my left hand. I gasped when he suddenly put an engagement ring around my...
  • romance
  • pregnant
  • billionaire
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His Best Mistake (Devils #1) by yashira_shakira
His Best Mistake (Devils #1)by Shakira and Yashira Martinez
When a one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy Sofia Smith doesn't know who to go to. she tried to find the man who got her pregnant but he is nowhere to be fou...
  • adult
  • love
  • child
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Love Notes by miaaamiamia
Love Notesby H.Mia
Eros Taptiklis - The heir of billion dollars Taptiklis Enterprises Holdings Inc. As well as a famous singer in Greece. He had everything that every man wished. Fans, mo...
  • romance
  • cocky
  • billionaire
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The Bet for Love by miaaamiamia
The Bet for Loveby H.Mia
Blaze Anderson was a spoiled, handsome, intelligent and carefree person. The life for him was just a game. And he was always a winner in this game. His whole world was...
  • passion
  • badboy
  • arrogant
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Billionnaire's Ex-wife (editing) by sarahs29
Billionnaire's Ex-wife (editing)by sarahs29
"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE." He yelled glaring at me. I couldn't help my tears. Why is he doing this? "Honey, Hunter please listen-" I started b...
  • love
  • baby
  • romance
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Love is Poison [COMPLETED] by slxmbae
Love is Poison [COMPLETED]by 38BABY💚🤞🏽
" I'on listen to my niggas, they advice I'm never takin' If you jump up in that water I dive in for to save you "
  • neverbrokeagain
  • enemy
  • teen
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Abandoned with His Child {COMPLETED} by Whenthedarkfalls
Abandoned with His Child {COMPLETE...by Whenthedarkfalls
Imagine this. You are treated for once, generously by your client. You are hypnotised by him, though you know that you don't stand a chance with him. Yet somehow, you a...
  • bad
  • choices
  • hot
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Bound By A Bump (COMPLETED) by Juette_Curtina
Bound By A Bump (COMPLETED)by 🌺JUJU🌺
"A little stress release couldn't hurt anyone." With that thought in mind, Kaylyn Fisher decided to be a rebel for a night, break the rules a little and indul...
  • disapproval
  • baby
  • accommodation
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Billionaire Baby Daddy by krazygirlz032000
Billionaire Baby Daddyby krazygirlz032000
Not Edited. Completed as of July 23rd, 2018 12:48a.m "Marry me." "Excuse me? I'm sorry, I must have heard you wrong, say that again." "I said, m...
  • deal
  • luke
  • romance
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Falling for Mr Billionaire by SpeedySmall
Falling for Mr Billionaireby SpeedySmall
"LEAVE MY FUCKING HOUSE ?" Benjamin came in shouting at me. "Babe what's wrong." I asked but he just started laughing. "I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING L...
  • temper
  • love
  • pearlaward2018
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HER ITALIAN BABY...by Evagladwell
Arranged marriage to a rich guy she has no idea about because she never watched all the gossip channels and just TV in general. Cara Winters comes home after a hard day...
  • arranged
  • pregnancy
  • cheating
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Baby Daddy | p.jimin [COMPLETED] by taeyangtears
Baby Daddy | p.jimin [COMPLETED]by panda 🏳️‍🌈
"It all began when he asked me to breastfeed his baby" -Jimin wakes up with a hangover and a random baby lying besides him. With no recollection of the night b...
  • jimin
  • comedy
  • seokjin
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After All by avril_lata1207
After Allby AvriLaMicay
Jackson and Allysa. A perfect combination. They were a perfect couple from a perfect families. But as the saying goes "There is no such thing as a perfect relations...
  • ceo
  • beautiful
  • completed
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Isabella by AmbyLuvsz
Isabellaby Amber
When Ashley found out that she was pregnant with twins, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her husband. But when he got home later that night, he told her tha...
  • wife
  • billionaire
  • betrayal
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The Betrayal by amanda1930
The Betrayalby K.A. SAMPSON 👣
Annie and her son have spent the past two years making ends meet with the little they have. Then out of nowhere, Annie's former lover and the last man she wants to see...
  • romance
  • action
  • baby
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The Mafia Princes Ex-Wife (Book I) by rosehearted_
The Mafia Princes Ex-Wife (Book I)by rosehearted_
Stephanie Anderson was once known as Stephanie Wilde. The wife of one and only Mafia Prince. He divorced her because his friends thought she was embarrassing him.Poor St...
  • second-marriage
  • kidnapped
  • hidden
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New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
  • master
  • collared
  • lgbt
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Pregnant By The School's Player. by SapphireFox
Pregnant By The School's Player.by SapphireFox
Sophia Daniels was just an ordinary girl who, like every girl in school, wanted Jake Campbell to be their boyfriend. She's pretty, tall, smart and the good girl who was...
  • love
  • girl
  • teen
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