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Her Fight  by Loverstorment
Her Fight by Loverstorment
She belonged to him. Her master. He branded her. Her body, her mind, and her soul were his. But now she's mine. And she will be set free.
  • healing
  • save
  • escape
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Broken by michaella_2413
Brokenby Michaella Maksoud
He's dangerous, he's cold hearted, and not the one people really want to get involved with. Tyler is the alpha of the Silver Heart Pack. He's known for getting what he w...
  • wolf
  • mates
  • teen
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Someone behind me by KevinVLpezTardi
Someone behind meby Kevin V. López Tardi
A terrible truth it's about to be discovered by a young man who recently move to the house of the burned woman. Short Story
  • woman
  • darkness
  • scared
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Scary story  by Xx_DanniFantom_xX
Scary story by Xx_DanniFantom_xX
Okay this is just a skit/ made up story sry if this triggered any of you.
  • alone
  • kidnapped
  • scared
no one is perfect by haileeruhle
no one is perfectby haileeruhle
Taylor is Taylor, popular and kind, mostly a really loved girl in her high school. But when she meets a girl who may be suicidel Taylor realises, her whole life could ch...
  • story
  • scared
  • sad
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To Be Together For Christmas by notquitesane
To Be Together For Christmasby notquitesane
There's something about this time of year... The carolers are caroling, the snowflakes are falling, and the chilly winter air has everyone bustling to the nearest coffee...
  • fear
  • teen
  • love
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Days without you. by bandlovinguniverse
Days without bandlovinguniverse
A diary of Carter Hills after her closet friend passed away from Suicide.
  • death
  • highschool
  • backstab
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Homeschooled by OliviaJarrell
Homeschooledby Olivia Jarrell
This is a story about being homeschooled.Right now it is the end of the year (2017) and my parents are deciding to put me into homeschooling for highschool. So hope you...
  • homeschooledlife
  • scared
Memoirs of the Dark by jackalclaw22
Memoirs of the Darkby ᴡᴡᴡ
A collection of peom's describing the dark bitter things in the world that either I or someone else has endured.
  • dad
  • grief
  • loss
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Masked, Lies, and Stealthy- The Lies Series. Part 4 by Dramaxxur
Masked, Lies, and Stealthy- The Alan
The 4th book in The Lies Series. Now that they have UnMasked yet another texter, that is a big one. Red, they have one more Big Texter to dead with. The Leader of the Gr...
  • dust
  • girls
  • cops
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The Monster Inside Of My Head by Saffron789
The Monster Inside Of My Headby Saffron Harvey
This is a poem about the monster living inside of everyone's head. It shows how it really feels when u cant really control that monster anymore.
  • scared
  • poem
  • life
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Suicide  by martasiaj02
Suicide by Martasiaj02
  • mom
  • daughter
  • boyfriend
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Kidnapped「l.s」 by officialdezzy
Kidnapped「l.s」by You're Poopy ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
〔Louis Tomlinson〕 What a cheery, smiley 18 year old he was. Always smiling no matter what. Louis always made people happy with his goofiness and complete randomness. Unt...
  • scared
  • tomlinson
  • stylinson
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My Depression Story by TheSilentWriter3226
My Depression Storyby The Writer who is Silent.
Why I am depressed. What I do. And things I think.
  • triggerwarning
  • alone
  • cutting
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Playing with Fire by lilipusion
Playing with Fireby Lily Clark
Phoebe Bruns finally feels like she might be over her boyfriend Leo's death. All that disappears one night when she bumps into Leo after getting lost at a party. She als...
  • love
  • scared
Heartbeat by TheSharke
Heartbeatby Sirling
Th-Thump. It liked to hear their heartbeats. There have been a series of killings. Murders. Deaths. Whatever you want to call it. The killer calls himself the Number Fre...
  • freak
  • toyota
  • scar
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The Handprint by PreciousVicca29
The Handprintby ImGymnastic
This is a story of Precious Vicca Sibal..
  • stress
  • teen
  • suicide
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