Broken by michaella_2413
Brokenby Michaella Maksoud
He's dangerous, he's cold hearted, and not the one people really want to get involved with. Tyler is the alpha of the Silver Heart Pack. He's known for getting what he w...
  • broken
  • shy
  • wolf
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The Billionaires Dark Love by 3Apricity
The Billionaires Dark Loveby S
"Please dont do this, I don't want it. Please." I plead with him but it's no use. He walks over to me and slams his hand on the wall next to my head, making me...
  • protective
  • forced
  • taken
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Saved by the King by macy-ormac
Saved by the Kingby Macy
Carter has long since given up on the idea of escape. Now, simply surviving the day-to-day beatings and rape requires her full attention. As a thirteen-year-long victim...
  • bought
  • save
  • scared
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Keeping Secrets From Brother ✓ by obliviongirl14
Keeping Secrets From Brother ✓by Lights L.
Savannah Brewer had lived a tragic childhood. Her father, being desperate for money, sold her to a man for the night. Threatened to keep the event a secret, she is force...
  • bullying
  • depression
  • possessive
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Scary True Stories by Yixuan__Uniq
Scary True Storiesby ⚜ 엑소 ⚜
HIGHEST RANK: #3 IN HORROR CATEGORY _______________________ Most of us are familiar with the tradition of scary stories. Usually while gathered around a campfire, people...
  • stories
  • horrible
  • repulsiveness
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Clumsy Omega | ongoing/cover needed by iiwinsomeii
Clumsy Omega | ongoing/cover neededby -winsome-
"Knock knock," I ask out of the blue. He frowned at me in confusion, while Liam said 'huh?' I ignored them both. "Who's there," he said back slowly...
  • lovers
  • mate
  • past
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Diamond (Blackhawk MC #5) by rebekahlthompson
Diamond (Blackhawk MC #5)by Rebekah Lynne
THIS IS BOOK FIVE OF BLACKHAWK SERIES. My name is Sarah. My parents sold me into prostitution for money when I was twelve. I'm 22 now. I've been forced into prostitutio...
  • broken
  • forced
  • saved
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The Alpha And Me  by iamnotokay999
The Alpha And Me by dd.
ONGOING _ UPDATES AT LEAST THRICE A WEEK. An orphan with a loving sister. A power hungry Alpha and his lusty wolf. He who kills for pleasure and she who makes flowers bl...
  • fightback
  • visions
  • scared
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Nothing can Ever Save Me by Krcupcake
Nothing can Ever Save Meby Krcupcake
"Hey Emerald" I heard Clayton yell out trying to get my attention. I keep going I know that I am currently two houses away from my own but I still don't want...
  • werewolves
  • halfbreed
  • luna
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Dark Roses #Wattys2018 by Emptyyourmind
Dark Roses #Wattys2018by Emptyyourmind
(COMPLETED STORY) It's Rose Adam's senior year of highschool, and she just moved to a suburban town known as Blakeson Canyons. As every trouble in her life seems to fall...
  • scared
  • horror-thriller
  • highschool
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Conflicted [ON HOLD] by the_rebellionxx
Conflicted [ON HOLD]by S.S
Life throws difficulties one way or another at Ada Johnson. Struggling with problems from barely being able to pay rent to handling her best friend's issues is starting...
  • jealousy
  • possessive
  • scared
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Blind With Fear (A percy Jackson Fanfiction) by KelpieWing
Blind With Fear (A percy Jackson Jace
A five year old Percy loses his eye to his foster parent's wrath. He is found with his left eye torn out of it's socket and is untrusting of men, women and children.( ba...
  • fear
  • sad
  • percyjackson
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Forced |1| by alexisdotcom
Forced |1|by alexisdotcom
"why won't you just let me go?" Blakely is fifteen and when her and her dad get into a fight, she storms out the house. Only to be taken to a place in which s...
  • twisted
  • horrifying
  • abduction
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Blade: Havoc Outlaws MC by AvidReader592
Blade: Havoc Outlaws MCby AvidReader
I own none of the photos in this book!! Warning!!! There will be, violence, rape, swearing, and explicit sexual content in this book!! She's running from a horrible pas...
  • shy
  • enforcer
  • scared
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Yes, I'm a Serpent  by smexybughead
Yes, I'm a Serpent by smexybughead
Betty was abused a lot as a kid, emotionally and physically. She one day had enough and ran away from home. She found herself on the South Side talking to a Serpent, the...
  • fp
  • feared
  • ghoulies
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The Mystery Singer ✔ by prettysmiles1999
The Mystery Singer ✔by M o n a
TEXT COPYRIGHT © M. A.™ 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I swallow hard. I look over at Raymond and Jared, who are sta...
  • scared
  • love
  • self-conscious
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Their Love (MxBxM)  by RoEndra
Their Love (MxBxM) by "Me"
{Complete} --Cliché-- Being a runt is frowned upon. Being a runt and the son of a whore is even worse. Being a runt, the son of a whore and not knowing who that whore...
  • mxm
  • mxb
  • gaylove
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Promise by Nic_s616
Promiseby Nicole S.
She refused to show mercy. She refused to die in this world of monstrosities. Maybe that's why she became what she was, They call her Seventeen. She was lethal, deadly e...
  • forgiveness
  • gangs
  • sad
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Flamboyant 《Jokerxreader》▪Finished▪ by Attack_on_slasha
Flamboyant 《Jokerxreader》▪Finished▪by Natasha Locks
Stalked and kidnapped by the Joker, He just wants to make you smile... *Trigger Warning*
  • jokerxreader
  • suicidesquad
  • torture
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Save Me, Alpha by TheSolarEclipse
Save Me, Alphaby Eclipse R. W.
"Can I reject you? Please?" - Being abused by her Alpha, Autumn is an innocent little she-wolf. But fate isn't on her side because she's chained to a wall and...
  • moongoddess
  • abused
  • tortured
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