Memes by ForbiddenTrees
Memesby ForbiddenTrees
Memes that will make you laugh INTERNET NEEDED If you want more I'll be making a second book because I can't add more than 200 parts which is BS
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Instagram (YBN Nahmir) by YBNDezzy
Instagram (YBN Nahmir)by YBNDezzy
Jasmine. Jasmine Rivera. A 17 year old girl. She's mixed with Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian. She's 5"6 with a sarcastic attitude. She has no friends exc...
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Not Your Average Football Girl by jeadeaday
Not Your Average Football Girlby Judea Perez
Kaeleah looks like the type of person you would consider a cheerleader. Everyone expects her to be on the cheer-leading squad, or the dance team. So imagine the type of...
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BTS IMAGINES by Kopfkino_anoeis
The feeling of imagining is innovating and irreplaceable. Many can dream but fail to imagine. *REQUESTS ARE OPEN* •This story has a lot of angst and fluff• Highest ranki...
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The Business Woman  by xojuicexo
The Business Woman by Sierra Kayy
During the day she's a college student working hard to earn a degree, but at night she's a prostitute working hard to earn cash.
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The babysitter  (xxxtentacion) by thtkidkia
The babysitter (xxxtentacion)by Kool💋
Your mom and her friend was going out of town for 2 months. You we're ask to watch your moms friend son until she gets back. Turns out her little son also haves a older...
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Best Books On Wattpad by Sarcastic__Mimi
Best Books On Wattpadby Mimi
Really good books on Wattpad that you'll enjoy and won't regret. So, if you're looking for a good book...well here you go! Enjoy! I'm removing some books because the...
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Sex and the Treaty by Warrior_In_Pain
Sex and the Treatyby Warrior_In_Pain
He twitched his lips on his perfect. god-like, heart attracting face and I felt his fingers wrap around the top sides of my shorts. With a perfect, non-wincing agitated...
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BLACK (H.S) by jetaimediox
BLACK (H.S)by Nes🖤
I stood there, watching, as she ran her fingers through the knots of my soul.
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Fake Love • Nick Mara Fan Fiction • Completed by uncorntrollable
Fake Love • Nick Mara Fan uncorntrollable
[completed] It started out Fake..but what is it now?
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Finding Beauty  by angelica_and_disney
Finding Beauty by angelica_and_disney
The Beast is a well known murderer that plagues New York City. He is only known to kill criminals but when Belle's mother steals from him, Belle becomes one of his victi...
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MY BOSS  by Tris_Pryer
MY BOSS by Phenylalanine
#1 in The Boss series WARNING! This is not your typical boss-meets-P.A-and-falls-in-love- with-P.A story. ........................................... Not all things in...
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Funny BTS Memes by nochicya
Funny BTS Memesby Arpita
Hello friends. ^~^ . This book includes all funny BTS Memes and which are really very funny and relatable. And I am putting the MEMES which I found funny So all the Army...
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Stalking My Wife(YN) by winter9900
Stalking My Wife(YN)by Lecia15
YN and Jordan Calloway have been married for 2 years. YN is a successful real estate agent and is very nice and some what very quiet. While Jordan is outgoing and is mad...
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100 Things You Need To Know  by ForbiddenTrees
100 Things You Need To Know by ForbiddenTrees
Random things you need to know before you die
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RANTS: Roleplays, the Good, the Bad, and the Weird.  by DeadlyPeachTea
RANTS: Roleplays, the Good, the cars suck
Ah role play.... one of the least productive ways to pass the time... however every role play has its problems... so here they are, well at least here some are... a few...
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Silently Destroyed by princess29_
Silently Destroyedby princess29_
Read & find out 🤫
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My Homeless Lover (Machine Gun Kelly : BWWM romance)  by xxlovetoreadxx
My Homeless Lover (Machine Gun xxlovetoreadxx
Dr. Imani Montez is amazing at her job. She's a sweet woman with a good heart. A heart so good that everyday on her way to work, she helps a homeless man by giving him f...
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Borderline (BWWM) by ReinaDeMelanin
Borderline (BWWM)by Qweshaa
" I don't have time for your games Thurston." I sighed, exasperatedly " Me? I'm just throwing hints. Your the one playing games." He began walking to...
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Secretly Loving You (Lauren/You) by VanessaEnnis
Secretly Loving You (Lauren/You)by Ness
This is a Teacher X Student book just Lauren as a teacher and Y/N as a student! No G!P involved! Y/n is a student at Isaquah high school and is a troubled kid, her home...
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