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Androphobia by Fudgecakexox
Androphobiaby Fudge
an·​dro·​pho·​bia | \ ˌan-drə-ˈfō-bē-ə noun : an abnormal dread of men : repugnance to the male sex Thea is the definition of sweetness. Whether it be stopping to talk...
Blind Royalty by Lutresaint
Blind Royaltyby M I L L Y
Prince Elijah Malavita He was the beast in wars with his ruthless abilities and a heartless attitude. He was void of emotions except his permanent cold exterior He is...
The caregiver's secret by Lincia_mabo
The caregiver's secretby Lincia_mabo
Bianca's never had it easy. Ever since her father died, she's always felt the need to help out as much as possible. Her priority in life is to graduate law school and ge...
You're All I'll Ever Need  by Wolfie_R
You're All I'll Ever Need by wolfie_r
When you fall in love with the unexpected one, it's hard to ignore the feelings. Scared whether they would return back the same feelings or if it's going to be one sided...
Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED] by Jenna__Rose
Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED]by JennaRose
"Stop the car." "What Naia, if I offended you in any way with our conversation I am really sorry, but we are in the middle of nowhere and I won't let you...
Reincarnated as the villainess by chocosweets
Reincarnated as the villainessby chocosweets
Dying from a heart failure, Margot reincarnated in the world of 'only you' a book that made quite a craze on earth. It is a love story where the prince, for the sake of...
White Rose of Purity by hope_love_peace_
White Rose of Purityby Hope
Charity is the sweetest, selfless, and most compassionate werewolf out there. When she was younger it was cute, but now as she gets older, the other wolves take advantag...
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Mafias girl by Tiffanysroses
Mafias girlby Tiffany💓
What happens when, sweet, innocent, kind, abused, Elle Rose stumbles into the mansion of Rafael Knight, number one most feared Mafia leader in the world? Kind Sweet In...
His Family  by kaylafuckedyodaddy
His Family by kaylafuckedyodaddy
His Family Started ~ may 23 2020
Uwah...I am a Rarity?! (Reincarnation) Editing by Ahuzaki
Uwah...I am a Rarity?! ( Ahuzaki
*sigh* How exactly did I end up like this again? All I ever wanted was a successful life as a surgeon and indulging myself with my beloved anime...So please tell me...WH...
Why Not Soar, Your Majesty? (ENG) by zemistral
Why Not Soar, Your Majesty? (ENG)by zemistral
If you are good enough, why don't you fly to the heavens, and rise side by side with the sun? This is about a girl who played using a male character, carefully building...
Tarzan and James by Rainbows4lifemhm
Tarzan and Jamesby Kati Price
Unadulterated​ love happens because of natural passion, and maybe a little history.
Memories 💕 A MewGulf Story by tillyisbae
Memories 💕 A MewGulf Storyby tillyisbae
Gulf Kanawut is a snobby, cold and powerful CEO. He is uncaring, unapologetic, and unproblematic. He used to be easy-going, energetic and a happy-go-lucky kid. They said...
The Jock's Heart | ✔️ by jordan390
The Jock's Heart | ✔️by jordannn
Ali Taylor has been brutally beaten by her drunken parents since she was seven years old, and she has been going through that for ten years now. As if that isn't enoug...
The naive beauty  by imansa123
The naive beauty by Sabrina
The naive little beauty only sees the good in people - The heartless billionaire who only sees that there is no place for weakness - What happens when two opposite peo...
Forcefully Mated by amethyst_666
Forcefully Matedby L. Amethyst.
Annabelle June Willows was from the Red Dawn pack. She was sweet, kind, beautiful and everything you would want in the perfect mate. But what did she do to deserve such...
Magical (BWWM) by Queen_AngelAce
Magical (BWWM)by Angel Ace
"They don't call it Mako Island for nothing. It's surrounded by sharks. It's a shark breeding ground." Alex said. "Exactly." Eliza said. "Well r...
My Mate is A Rogue (Completed) by Luna_Resie
My Mate is A Rogue (Completed)by ❀KelsieKelshane❀
2nd Book of Unwanted Series Jacob Vansrod is the Alpha of Black Wolf Pack. He was ruthless and never did show any mercy to his enemy. Being the most powerful Alpha in th...
Rockabye || [21+] by LilChim__
Rockabye || [21+]by NoonaLi
Y/n... A single mother.. Well more like a teen mom. Her highschool boyfriend left her with his child, he left because of fame and money his parents offered. Y/n has stru...