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Ping !!! I grab my phone its Y/N I begin to shake because of the text I've just received from her

I am sorry luke I can't do this anymore you can do so much better I love you luke always xxx


I grabbed my keys and ran down the stairs and got into my car she was only 5 minutes away but every second of her life counts I managed to get to her house in 3 minutes I got out of the car and didn't lock it just left the car door swinging open I got to her front door and banged the door " y/N " I contuined to smack the door " babe" I heard crying from the other side of the door "luke go away" I was getting frustrated " open the door or I will bang the door down" this was not making it any eaiser " please babe, ok listen I need you more then you need me y/n I will be here for always I will never leave your side I will wipe your tears and hold you untill you are ok again I will stitch your wounds and kiss them better I will be you armer your protection please don't leave me now I was crying on her front door I sat on her door step I felt a warmth on my back "luke" I turned and saw her she crotched down and wrapped her arms around me I looked into her eyes tears filled her eyes " I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" I cupped her face "don't leave me please " I will never leave you she placed her lips on mine I sat with her in bed and assited her cuts and kissed them and stayed with her all night♥

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