You walk inside the dark apartment, worn out and highly irritated. You set your keys down and turn on a light. You look around in befuddlement.
"Ash?" You call, but there's no response....
"Ash should have been home by now." You murmur walking to the bedroom. You just worked a long shift with rude customers. As you slip on a pair of sweats, you hear a faint sound from the bathroom and wonder how long it had been sounding.
You cautiously walk into your bathroom, worried an intruder was there. You slowly open the bathroom door to see Ashton curled up, crying, and covered in his own blood. You gasp and run to Ashton as he looks up and finally realizes you're home.
"Ash, baby, what happened? Was it the fans again?"You ask, hugging him to you and examining the slashes on his arm. About five deep slices each at least two inches long were marking his flesh. His soft cries creating wetness on your shoulder.
"Why do they hate me so much Y/N? What did I do? What did you do? I thought they were fans." He whimpers to you. You pull him tighter to you as tears well up in your eyes at seeing him like this. You fight back the tears for his sake and kiss his head.
"They're just jealous Ash. They want what we have and if hate is the only way they express it, it's their sadness, not ours. I don't know why they insist that hate is the way to go, but they need to know it hurts. What did they say?" You say comforting the fragile boy. He sniffles and hugs you, blood getting on you. Ashton winces slightly and eases his arms back on you.
"They said that I needed to cut and end my life, and that you should too. They called you bad things Y/N. They supported it." He cries. You swallow back the pain of the hate and nod.
"We're there any positive things?" You ask, finding motivation.
"Yes, there was tons, but so many of them were set on hate." He whispered, "It's just too hard to handle and too hard to ignore."
"Ash you need to ignore the hate. They just aim to hurt. No, it's not right, but none of it is true." You tell him. You wipe tears off his face and give a small smile.
"I love you Y/N" Ashton says placing a kiss on your lips.
"I love you too Ash." You tell him. "Why don't we clean you up, and go cuddle, yeah?"
"Okay." He says standing up.
"And Ash," he looks at you and nods. You take his arm and kiss near a cut, but not on it. "I'm sorry. Please stay strong."
"I will promise if you promise," he says pointing to your arm.
"Deal..." You say. But it was hard to make a promise that neither of you could keep.

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