"What do you mean?" Calum asks, his voice breaking on the word as he stares at you with wide brown eyes.

"I mean we're done Calum. Over. I don't know any other languages so I can't say it in any other way to make this clear," you say, your tone growing frustrated as you stare at the boy you once loved. It wasn't his fault you didn't love him anymore, you'd just gotten tired of him. Gotten tired of the way he'd always been on tour, the hate from the fans and the ridiculous amount of times Calum had been distant towards you. You wanted more. You wanted a boy who'd be there for you every day. A boy who didn't have your self esteem lowering as his fans commented ridiculous death threats on your photos and tweets. You wanted normal and Calum couldn't give you that.

"Please, (Y/N), I love you," Calum says weakly, his eyes pooling with tears from the bluntness of your words. He hadn't expected this. Hen ever would have. You were the girl he'd planned his future around. The girl who he had dreams of marrying and starting a family one day. But in a few short sentences you had torn away every dream he had. "Please, I can change. Give me another chance," Calum says, desperately trying to grip onto any remains the relationship may have. He'll do anything to make you stay, even if it means grovelling on his knees. He reaches out to hold you and you take an immediate step back which is followed by a flinch.

"No, Calum. We're through. I don't love you anymore," you say those three short sentences with such a force that it causes Calum to step back. There they were the words he had never wanted to hear pass through your lips. That you weren't in love with him anymore. Calum could feel his heart breaking, feel the bile rising up in his throat at the thought. It was in that moment you broke Calum Hood. The boy who always seemed the strongest in the band became a shell, feeling nothing and saying nothing. All because a silly girl broke his heart because she couldn't handle the fame that came with the relationship of her life.

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