-Januty 24th, 2009
I met a girl in high school, she may be not the prettiest girl in school, but she's really beautiful, inside and outside.
Now I'm friends of her. After a while she turns into my best friend.

I hope I can tell her that I like her a lot.

-September 8th, 2009
I asked her out, she said yes. I'm going to take her to this greatest italian restaurant and ask her to be my girlfriend

I'm pretty nervous,

-February 14th, 2010
Valentines Day! I bought a big teddy for (Y/N) and chocolates. We're going to spend the day at my house, maybe we will order pizza or make something to eat.

But definitely we will watch movies in Netflix, and cuddling on bed.

-May 12th, 2010
I told (Y/N) 'I love you' for the first time. I didn't know if she was feeling the same. I get anxious because she didn't say something in so long, must be minutes, but it felt like. Then, she smile and hold my hand looking me in the eyes and said those 3 words I was expecting to hear her say. 'I love you'.

That was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

-July 15th, 2010
(Y/N) has not come to school in two weeks. She doesn't reply my texts or calls. And no one answer the door at her house when I drive there to see if she's okay.
I'm really worried. This isn't normal on her.

-August 6th, 2010
She texted me in the morning, asking me if I can come over. So, when the school finished I drove to her house.
Her mom answered the door, letting me in.

-August 10th, 2010
It's been four days since I went to her house.

That day, I entered in her room and she was on bed. I sat in the edge of the bed, We talked. And I got scared.
She told me the weeks she didn't went to school, was because she was in the hospital; she tried to kill herself. I was in shock, the tears falling down my cheeks. I couldn't believe it.

She always was smiling, laughing, she always seem to be in a good mood. But I guess I didn't pay attention enough on her, and I felt bad, really bad.

-August 21th, 2010
(Y/N) is back to school, she looks a lot better than the last time I saw her, I didn't came back to her house after that night. She needed to rest.

(Y/N) was wearing a sweatshirt, covering her scars. She gave me a smile and kiss her in the forehead. She looked happy.

-September 3th, 2010
(Y/N) didn't show up at the school and instead of staying there I ditch school to go to see her.

I let myself in in the house from the back door, it was mostly of the time unlocked. I called her but she didn't reply. I went upstairs at her room and saw her.
She was crying in a corner of the room hugging her legs to her chest.

"(Y/N) what heppened? Why are you crying babe?"
"A-Ashton, they're back"
"Who? Who's back (Y/N)?"
"Them Ash. They're back and won't leave me alone"

No one else was in the room, just us. I didn't understand what she was talking about. I hugged her instead of saying something else and let her cry on my chest.

-October 25th, 2010
I spent the night at (Y/N)'s house. Past 3 am she suddenly woke up, sweating, shaking yelling 'leave me alone'.

"Babe, are you okay?"
"They don't let me sleep. I'm having nightmares" she began to cry
"Calm down love, I'm here" I hug her putting her head on my chest
"Tell them to shut up" she said minutes later of silence "please Ashton, tell them to shut up"
"No one is talking, babe"
"ASHTON I'M HEARING VOICES AND THEY'RE ANNOYING ME TELL THEM TO SHUT THE FUCK UP" she began to cry harder this time. I was more worried than before.

-Janury 5th, 2011
"Do you promise you'll come to visit me?" she says in a whisper
"I promise" I kiss her for the last time in who knows how long till she's out of the Psychiatric Hospital.

I watched her walk towards the door of the Hospital. Her mom decided (Y/N) should stay there for awhile, Obviously needing help.
She was getting worse and I couldn't handle anymore.

-June 13th, 2011
I went to visit (Y/N), like every month and she looked so MUCH better than the times I've been coming. We talked about everything, and laughed a lot.

"Guess what?" (Y/N) intertwined our fingers while she spoke. Usually, doctors don't let patients touch the people who comes to visit, but she has an exception since she's getting better
"What?" I lead her hand to my mouth to kiss the top of it
"You have to guess" she giggles, looking around the room
"I'm not good on guessing" I prefer her telling me what she needs to say instead of guessing by my own
"Alright. The doctors say in a couple months I'll be able to leave this place and back to my normal life"
"Oh my god that's fantastic (Y/N)!"
"I know! I can't wait to be in home, on my own bed and be with you"

-August 30th, 2011
(Y/N)'s mom called me, I wished it was a bad joke or a nightmare. (Y/N) died the night before she'll be back home.

-September 2nd, 2011
Today was her funeral. Her family and friends were there, everybody were crying. I feel dying, I can't believe she killed herself. Everything was good, she was getting better.

(Y/N)'s mom gave me a letter with my name on it. It was from her.


I'm sorry for leaving like this. I couldn't make it Ash, I couldn't. They won, the voices.
They wouldn't shut up, they won't let me alone. I was getting more and more insane. I'm crazy Ash, I'm crazy.

I have to thank you Ashton, I'm really thankful with you. All the time we spent together was the best time of my life. You made those voices disappear for a good time. But they made stronger and stronger. And there's only a way to shut them up.

I really do love you Ashton, I really do and I hope you know that. I'm sorry for not saying goodbye, I just didn't want to see you cry, I wanted to see you happy.

Please, promise me you'll be happy again, no matter what. I'll be waiting for you.

Love you forever, (Y/N)'

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