Its 2012, you sit messaging the boys on twitter dms and they are replying like any other day, you talk about all the weird and wacky things going on in your life and they tell you about there’s. They tell you they are going on tour with Hot Chelle Rae and you are so incredibly excited for them. You go to one of the concerts on the tour and you get to see them backstage. You hug them all and just have a great night talking and you go out to Mc Donalds with them and get to know them more. Easily the best night off your life and you wouldn’t change a thing about it, not even getting lost in town.

Its 2013, you don’t talk to the boys as often but they tell you that they are going on tour with One Direction. You couldn't’t be any more proud of the 4 boys you have watched grow. They tour and gain more and more fans so you send them a message. 

“Hey Boys, You guys are growing up so much! Not our little secret any more” you send and after an hour you have a reply 

“Hey, we have all our fans to thank for that. We love you all so much thank you for getting us here” it reads and you can’t help but smile and reply 

“Thank you for everything you do for us, we are so proud supporting you no matter how far away we are from each other” you send and as quick as its sent they reply

“Of course, but why are you saying this? Are you leaving?” they send and adding sad faces to the end.

“No never, I would never do that... but you are getting so big” you send a tears of happiness, you have never been more proud of 4 boys.

“So? What does that matter?” they reply and you can sense the worry from the boys

“It will be hard to be noticed” you send simply

“Yeah but...” they start by sending but you stop them 

“It’s Okay, Its fine really” 

“We’re sorry” You can’t help but smile at how sweet these boys are even with how hard they are working

“Don’t be. You have done so much for us, your fans. You deserve all this and more” you send with many smiley faces and love hearts

“Thank you so much” they send back just the same with faces blowing kisses and hearts

“Just don’t forget me... or us your fans from the start” 

“Never, we love you and you will always be our girls!” you grin at your screen as you read the message

“You will always be our boys” you send it excited for the next message.... but it never comes. 

The boys started to get really busy with recording and tour. You sat and watched as the 4 boys you once happily messaged get bigger and bigger every day. They come home every so often but you are to stuck with school work that it’s hard to be able to go see them. You still support them and their crazy shenanigans. New music, brings new fans and new fans means it gets harder and harder to talk to them...

2014 comes around. The boys finally release that damn album the entire family have been waiting for. You stay up for hours listening to every song and smiling like an idiot. One day you are having a down day, school work is just getting to much for you and you decided to message them again after so long hoping they all reply and make your crappy month better. 


“Boys?” your heart falls as you type

“Alright... We understand, all of us... all your fans... family...”

“We love you and thank you for being there...” a tear runs down your cheek 

“Being our heroes....” you smile your eyes getting blurry with tears

“Thank you for being well you” you send and then it all comes back to you.

The conversations that night at Mc Donalds after the concert, the fun you had with the boys... It was so much fun for you to be able to have that special connection with the 4 boys from Sydney... And the memories you never can escape... its not fine at all.

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