You sigh, walking into the all too familiar room, about to run your hand through your hair, but then you remember. "Hi babe" Luke croaks from the bed opposite yours. "Hi" you whisper, slowly climbing into your bed, already out of breath from the small walk from the hospital bed to the toilets and back. "Why does it have to be this way?" Luke asks, a tear making its way down his cheek. You just shake your head. You and Luke both met when he started having to stay at the hospital, as his cancer was getting worse. You being a cancer patient yourself, and knowing exactly how he felt, since you felt the same 2 years ago, decided to get to know him. You had already embraced the fact that your time was limited so it wasn't as bad for you. "I don't know Luke" you say. He starts to get out of the bed to his wheelchair to come over to you. "No Luke, stay there, you only had your leg amputated a week ago" you say. Luke's cancer had gotten so bad that he ended up needing an amputation, yours on the other hand was lung cancer so you have to have a cannula to help you breathe. Luke sighs but shakes his head. "I need to get used to this prosthetic leg" he says, struggling out of his bed. "Hi Luke, hi (Y/N)" Ashton says, walking in to your room, Calum and Michael trailing behind, giving sympathetic smiles. The boys help him out of his bed and over to you. "Still not used to it?" Michael asks. Luke shakes his head. "Why did I have to get cancer? What did I ever do wrong?" He suddenly says bursting into tears. "I don't know mate" Calum says soothingly, hugging him and rubbing his back. Luke sits up for a minute to adjust his wig, unlike his real hair, that used to be perfectly quiffed, his wig was a shaggy blonde, constantly falling into his eyes. You by then had your wig on and you hated visitors being here when you didn't have it on. Your wig was a light brown, falling past your shoulders, with a side fringe. Anyway, you sit up and have a bit of a struggle, when Luke starts to have a fit, knocking you in the face, your cannula fell out and on to the floor. The boys jump up and start desperately looking for it. By then Luke was out of his fit and trying to keep you alive. "No, baby please, keep breathing, come on you can do it" he says, even though he knows that the fluid is building up in your lungs, like your drowning slowly. "FOUND IT" Calum yells. Luke takes it quickly and puts it back on, fiddling to get it rightly positioned. "Thanks Calum" you sigh. "I'm so sorry (Y/N)" Luke says, hugging you tight. "When is your operation?" You ask. He was having a bone marrow transplant soon and if everything went right, he would be cancer free. "Tomorrow, okay?" he mumbles, falling asleep on your shoulder. "Okay". You decide to let him, he has a big day tomorrow. "Can we stay the night?" Michael asks. You nod before laying back and shutting your eyes.

*the next day*

You wake up to find Luke missing, along with his bed. You figure he's gone to have his operation. You go on his twitter to check. His last tweet was 'going in for the op, if it all goes well, I'll be cancer free!'. After about two hours, a sleeping Luke is wheeled in. The doctors accidentally bang his bed against the wall. Luke jolts awake. He gives you a small wave. The doctors then help you over to him. You smile at the beep, showing you that he was still living. You two have some breakfast and on Luke's demand, watch mean girls. Halfway through, Luke starts to hypoventelate. "Babe" he says in a panicked tone. His heart monitor rising quickly. "I love you" he breathes out before the beep stops. "No no no no no no no no!!! LUKE WAKE UP" you yell, tears streaming down your face. The boys walk in with concerned looks. They look at Luke laying lifeless before running over, all trying to wake him up. "He's gone" Ashton sobs. "Boys, just know that this is my decision an I want you to respect it" you say, earning confused looks. You sigh. "I love you Luke" you whisper, tears streaming still. Then you rip out your cannula and toss it to the ground, laying back, letting the fluid take over your lungs, before the darkness takes over.

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