Calum opened his aching eyes and sighed. In front of him, he saw his helpless body lying in a particular hospital bed. He felt alone, even though there was another patient in the room right next to him. His stomach throbbed as he remembered about the incident that occurred last night. Calum nodded. He would certainly apologise to Michael once he got out of here.

Calum moved his sore head to his right and saw her lying there. With her eyes wide open, a girl lay there, staring right at Calum. She took her plump, pink lip between her pearly white teeth and eventually, Calum saw her smile. With her blonde locks cascading down her back, she leaned on her left arm and looked away from him. Calum remembered her eyes, even though he only saw them for a minute or so.

It was like looking at the ocean from the rocks surrounding it. Shimmering, Glimmering and Sparkling, making Calum feel happier as he stared at her more. Her eyes made him happier. Her eyes were shimmering and glimmering and sparkling at every second. Calum thought they were beautiful.

“Are you okay?” She asked. Her voice made Calum feel happy. It was like the large slash wound in his stomach didn’t exist anymore. Calum stuttered to find his words, but he had an issue doing so. He never felt this nervous before. She had him completely speechless. Eventually, trying not to act ignorant towards the beautiful girl, he answered her.

“I’m okay. What about you?” Calum said.

The blonde girl giggled. Calum laughed along as well. Calum thought about this girl. He wondered what her name was, what her favourite colour was and if she had any pets. He wanted to get to know her. He wanted her.

“I’m not too sure.” She said, her happy look dissolving. This made Calum regret his question and made him upset as well. The girl looked down at her lap and watched her fingers intertwine with each other. This fascinated Calum. The girl leaned back, relaxing, and placed her head comfortably on her pillow. “Maybe I will be sooner of later.”

Calum watched the little machine next to the girl work. It showed her heart beat. He watched the thin, red line beam up and down. The girl caught him looking. She didn’t confront him though.

“I’m sleepy.” The girl said.

Calum became confused. It was one in the afternoon, and she had just woke up.

“But you ju-”

“I think it's time for a nap.”

“Please don't go.”

“Night night, Calum, don't let the bedbugs bite.”

Calum was still confused. How did she know his name? As he sat up and watched her smile, she closed her eyes and stayed completely still. And over the next few minutes, as the abounding amount of doctors and nurses scattered into the room and crowded around the girl, Calum didn’t know which sound was louder:

His screams of terror, or the loud beeping of her heart beat stopping.

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