You wanted to surprise him. Apparently he had been upset for the past few days. 

The boys had called and told you that your boyfriend Michael had seemed down for a few days.

You missed him so you decided to get on a plane as soon as you could and go see him.

You were so excited. You were finally going to see your boyfriend again. After 5 months.

When you had arrived at his hotel, only Ashton was there. He didn't seem happy. 

When you smiled he couldn't return it.

You had asked what was wrong but he said nothing. 

You both made your way up the stairs. Ashton trailing slowly behind. 

When you got to the room Calum and Luke greeted you with hugs and smiles, they didn't seem to notice Ashton's foul mood.

You walked further into the room and Michael noticed you.

He looked so happy, he abandoned the game he was playing to get up and hug you, kiss you, and talk to you.

You were both so happy to see each other. 

The boys stood watching- Luke and Calum finding it adorable. Whilst Ashton shot daggers at Michael.

Ashton didn't understand. He didn't understand why you didn't love him back, and why instead you were in-love with someone who had cheated on you that week before.

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