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For @SaarLove1D

The bright lightning outside, reflecting on the surface of the already cold coffee, was the only thing which looked alive at this very moment. No sound, except for the rain falling on the roof, and silent sobs from upstairs.

The sobs, coming from a girl. She felt tired, and sad, and she felt dead. She felt like her lungs had stopped breathing, but her heart kept beating, desperate to keep her alive.

Her cold, naked body, curled up against the wall. Her cheeks, red and stained tears dripping down to her chest. She didn't bothered wiping them away, they would continue to fall down anyway. Her nose was stuffy and eyes red and thick. She hugged her knees with her arms, ignoring how cold she was. She just wanted to cry. Her eyes fluttered open when she heard a car door being closed.

'He's here again. He's going to take revenge.' She thought to herself, while she almost 'pushed' her body 'in' the wall, just wanting to disappear.

Someone fiddled with keys, and unlocked the door. She was terrified. He was back, he came back for her. He was going to murder her. She could feel it in her bones, this was the end.

The thunder sounded closer than before, and she secretly hoped the lighting would strike in, and that she would be dead before 'he' could take revenge.

Footsteps were heard downstairs, and she closed her eyes again, counting the steps 'he' was taking. The footsteps made their way upstairs, and she prepared herself to be mentally and physically abused until she had given her last breath.

It was quiet for a moment.

The rain had stopped, just like the footsteps, and she thought maybe, for a split second, her heart had stopped, too.

The door from the bathroom was opened with a loud noise, and she started sobbing out loud again. This was it, all those warnings her mother had once given her about not trusting guys, not touching drugs and alcohol and stay in school, were useless by now. She wished she could turn back time, and listen to her mom.

'P..please d..o i..t qui..ck.' she whispered those words and thought about her mom, and how sorry she was and how disappointed her mother would be. 'See you soon, mom' she thought to herself.

A scream came from her mouth when two warm hands cupped her cheeks and her eyes flew open. But when her eyes met a pair of brown eyes, an instant feeling of relieve washed over her body.

'Cal.. Calum..' She cried, while her body started to shake.

'Baby, you are safe, I'm here, it's me. I'm going to protect you, I promise.' His whispered, trying to sooth her with his soft voice.

'Pl..please.. He is.. He wants.. He will kill me..'

'He won't hurt you again. I'm here now, he won't touch you any time again. I promise you. He won't touch you again. Now let's get you warmed up.' Calum picked her cold and almost frozen body off of the cold floor, taking her shivering body in his arms and walking her to the bathtub.

He put her down, giving a kiss on the top of her head and taking a towel out of the towel cabinet and putting it around her naked body.

Calum turned on the water, and made sure it wasn't too hot for her. When the water was he right temperature, and the bath full, he picked her fragile body up again and slowly, let the water cover her body. He rolled up his sleeves and started to massage her body, and wash it with a lavender soap, her favorite. He washed her body, her hair, and removed the smeared make up under her eyes and her cheeks. She couldn't even walk anymore, her mind shut down, and her body was still shaking, not because of the cold but because of the frightening feeling in her body.

Calum took complete care of her, he brushed her hair, and made a braid, exactly the way she would always wear it. He dried her body with a warm towel, and got some nice warm clothes out of her closer, making sure she wouldn't feel cold anymore. Calum thought she was absolutely gorgeous, and the only thing that kept him from not killing the guy who raped this girl, was that girl. He had to stay with her, and take care of her. He couldn't leave her.

When she was dressed, he picked her up again and carried her into her bedroom, and quickly made some tea for her, and a hot water bottle. When he came back, she was staring at the wall, an unreadable expression on her face. He put the tea down and laid the hot water bottle under he blankets, before he tucked her in, being as gentle as possible. They didn't speak one word to each other, but they both didn't care. Calum took his shoes off and his sweater, so he was only wearing his pants and a shirt, and crawled under the blankets, taking her body in his strong arms. She could finally relax a tiny bit, and curled up against his body, trying not to think back at the horrible things 'he' had done to her. She was with Calum now, and she was safe.

At least, that's what she hoped for.

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