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'Stay.' You say as you grab Ashton's hand intwining your guys fingers together. 'Y/N.' He starts but you cut him off. 'Please stay.' You beg him. 'You know.' You say with a sigh. 'Even after you left. I still slept on my side of the bed, in hopes that one morning I'd open my eyes and find you back in yours.' You tell him looking into his eyes. 'I didn't want to believe that you had left me there. I didn't want to think that everyone was right about you. I still believed that you would come back to me.' You tell him while releasing his hand. 'But I guess they were right. I guess I should let you go.' You tell him before turning around walking away from him. 'You know I never stopped loving you.' You hear him say to you. 'I find that hard to believe.' You say, still facing away from him so that he can't see your tears. 'Well I never did, I still do love you. It hurts that we can't be together. I can't bring you into my life without you getting hurt. I'm not risking the one person that loves me for me their life bc I'm being selfish and keeping you with me.' He says while walking up behind you. You could feel his breath on your neck. He grabs you by your waist and spins you around so you're facing him. He brings you closer so there's no space between you two as he buries his face into the crook of your neck. 'I will always love you Y/N, and because of my love for you I won't let you get hurt.' He says whispering the last bit.

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