The boys were coming over for a party that you and luke were hosting. You told the boys you would bake a cake,

You got the ingredients out of the refrigerator and starting mixing the batter. As you feel the pan you feel 2 arms wrap around you torso. "Luke baby, im trying to cook" luke lets go and frowns

"But (y/n)

I wanna cuddle" luke pouts. 

You but the batter in a pan and slid it into the oven.

You walk to the living room to sit on the opposite couch lukes on. 

"Now can we cuddle" luke gives the puppy dog face

You thought you would tease him 

You walk to the bathroom to wash your hands. 

When you come out luke is blocking the door and you run right into his chest. 

"I wanna cuddle" he wines, he picks you up bridle style and carrys you to the couch. You cant breath from laughing. For the next 20 mins you and luke sit on the couch cuddling. When luke turns off the tv "(y/n), can I ask you a question?" Your stomach starts to turn. "Y-yes" you stutter. Luke digs in his pocket and gets down on one knee. "Will you change your last name to hemmings?" You smile "yes" luke kisses your forhead. And hugs you.

The hug lasted a little while till you heard the fire alarm, you totally forgot about the cake. Lucky you, it was just smoke. Luke runs into the kitchen to throw the cake outside and he does so.

You and luke agreed to get married, and to never let you cook a cake.

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