You and your boyfriend Ross were at a house party you and him had been together for 2 months.
Ross:hey babe can u get me a drink. You smile and nod.
You grab him a drink and give it to him.
You:hey I'm gonna go see some of my friends in the kitchen but will meet you back here in an hour ?
He just nods and carries on talking to his friends.
You walk over to the big group of girls.
Deanna:hey didn't know you were here.
You:yeah I got dragged along.
Your friend passes you a drink.
You:thanks so how have you been?
2 hours later
You:I'm gonna go and see Ross he's probably worried about me. You walk back out to the living room a little bit drunk.
He's not there so you look upstairs.
You see him there kissing another girl calling her baby and saying he loves her. You walk up to him.
You:can we talk Ross?
He pulls you into the room across the hall.
Ross:what's up?
You scoff
You:well other than the fact your cheating on me nothing.
He puts his hand on your face.
You grab his hand and chuck it off your face and with that he punches you. You fall to the floor bloody nosed. Before walking out he kicks you in the ribs.
You lay there and gently sob.
You hear your phone ringing.
It's answer the phone.
Ashton:hey what's up?
You begin crying.
You:ash please come pick me up.
Ashton:I'm on my way.
You: I'm upstairs in the bedroom at the end of the corridor.
He puts the phone down and within 10 minutes of calling him he knocks on the door.
You:come in.
Ash:oh my god who did this?
You:doesn't matter I just want to go.
Ash:I will drop you home.
You stand up and wince.
You:no my dad would freak.
Ashton picks you up and carries you down to his car.
Ash:you can stay at mine tonight if you want ?
You just nod.
Ash:who did this to you? He cups your face with his hand.
You just start crying again.
Ashton's face turns red with rage.
Ash:that bastard!
He shouts at the top of his voice.
You:please ash calm down it was my own fault.
Ashton just carried on driving. You reached his house.
You:thanks for letting me stay here ash. You kiss his cheek and get out the car.
Ash gets out the car,opens the front door and turns in a light.
You: just gonna wash my face its a bit of a mess.
You try and joke about it to stop him feeling angry but it doesn't work.
10 minutes later.

You walk back into the living room to se ash sat on the sofa with his head in his hands.
You:ash what's wrong?you sit beside him on the couch.
Ash:I want to kill Ross for what he done to you.
You stroke Ashton's wild curly hair.
You:it's my fault I should have kept my mouth shut.
Ash:it must have been so bad for him to try break your nose,give you a black eye and kick you in tone ribs.
You :*sigh* I chucked his wrist off my face and broke up with him. You began to cry and Ashton pulled you in for a hug.
You: I really didn't think he'd break my heart. But he did.
Ashton :lifts up your chin and wipes the tears away with his thumb. You look into his eyes and kiss him on the lips and he's kissing you back.
When you pull away Ashton just stares at you.
You:I'm so sorry ash I ..
He interrupted you with a kiss. He pulled away and wiped the last tear from your eye as he touched it you winced.
You:ah! You whispered.
Ash:let me get you some ice.
You smile. Your phone begins to ring. It's Ross.
Ross:where are you?he shouts down the phone,you start shaking.
You:Ross were over I don't want to see you.
Ross:if your not here in the next half an hour the next time I see ya I'm gonna kill you! You put the phone down.
And whimper.
Ash:I got that ice you wanted.
You:thanks ash. You say in a shaky voice
You:but I have to go Ross wants to see me.
Ashton:no way come with you. You grab Ashton's hand and drive back to the party.
The car stops outside , you sit there shaking and trembling. Ashton squeezes your hand.
Ash:he can't hurt you y/n , I won't let him.
You both step out the car and walk in the house.
You look around the room but you can't see him anywhere.
Ash:where is he?
You:I don't know. Let's look around. You and ash look around the living room but you can't see him. You walk in the kitchen and he's not there.
You:he's upstairs ash. You snap out of it no more fear you decide it's time to get even.

You and ash walk upstairs slowly.
You hear his voice echoing through the hall way. You turn the corner and there he is.
Ross:why did you fucking leave? He spat. You took a deep breath.
You:fuck off Ross were over and I never want to see you again.
Ashton stayed hidden round the corner like you told him to.
Ross walked closer to you at an alarming rate.
He got close enough and with that you threw a punch hitting him in the face. He lifted his head back up.
Ross laughed and wiped the small bit of blood dribbling from his mouth.
Ross:oh you stupid bitch! Ashton was about to step round the corner but you have him a quick look.
You: I may be a stupid bitch but at least I'm not a woman beater. You spat. Ross grabbed your wrist tightly but you broke free. He slapped you and you fell to the ground and with that ash came round the corner.
Ash:back off!
Ross:or what?
And with that ash threw a punch that knocked him flying.
He reached down and picked you up.
Ash: you okay? You nodded as he carries you down the stairs.
Ash:nice pinch by the way! You both laugh.
You:yh my hand hurts a little.
Ashton places you in the car.
And drives off.
You put your head on Ashton's shoulder and drift off.
Ash: y/n wake up were here. He whispers. You rub your eyes and get out the car. Ashton opens the door. You go inside and sit on the sofa.
Ashton sits beside you.
Ash: so what ..
You interrupt him kissing his soft lips as you slowly lower until your laying on him.
Ashton:let's go upstairs.
You run up the stairs with Ashton behind you.
He opens his bedroom door and chucks you on the bed.
You continue kissing and he un-dos your dress and you unbutton his jeans. He stops kissing you to take off his shirt. You pull down your dress and Ashton climbs on top of you.
You:I love you ash.
The next morning you woke up. You looked around the room and realised this was Ashton's room you remembered last night and you blushed.
Aston:morning y/n.
You:morning ash.
Ash:your eye looks really sore. You feel your eye and wince.
You: I am so sorry that we had sex ash. You probably hate me for forcing myself on you.
Ash laughs.
Ash: don't be sorry. I love you and I have for some time now.
You looked into his beautiful eyes and kissed him.
And that was the start to a beautiful relationship.

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