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You and Luke were just sitting in his car, he was driving and you were in the passenger seat. As he leans over and says 
"Hey let's go do something." 
As you turn to him and say
"Like what?" 
"I have an idea!" as Luke starts to drive again.

"Where are we going??" You kept asking. 
Luke had been driving around everywhere to get to someplace he wouldn't tell you.
"Its a surprise!" He said for the hundredth time. 
"Now close your eyes babe. We are almost here." 
As you close your eyes the car stops.
Your eyes still shut, he opens your door and pulls you out and kisses you ever so sweetly.
"Eyes closed" he whispers in your ear.
He starts walking you up a hill and you have no idea where you are. Luke had grabbed something out of the back of the car but you had no idea what it was..
"Okay now stay right there. It'll only be a second more love." Luke said as he started to ruffle things around.
You heard a clink of a bottle but you kept your eyes shut. 
You feel Luke take your hands and he kisses you. And he says
"You can open your eyes now my dear."
And when you open your eyes your on a grassy hill with huge green mountains around you, the stars are shining brighter than ever tonight. As you look down there's a blanket spread out with wine and two glasses, and Luke just sitting there waiting for you to sit down. "Luke... How did you do all this?" 
"Its just one of my many perks" he says with a huge grin on his face. 
You sit next to Luke and he pulls you down so that you're laying on his chest feeling his warm body against yours. His heart beating twice the amount as usual. As he says
"Babe I love you so much. I don't want this to end.. Ever." 
"Don't want what to end Luke? This night?" 
"No. Our relationship.." 
"Luke I will always love you no matter what!" You say with a little bit of fear in your voice. 
"Are you sure babe?" 
"Yes of course" You say without a doubt in your mind. As Luke had a huge smile on his face he pulls a little ring out of his pocket as says.
"Then (y/n) will you marry me and make me the happiest guy in the world?" 
"Yes! Oh my god Luke!" And you jump and hug him. Luke kissed you, but never like this before. This was full of hope and love like no other kiss. It was magical.
"I love you to the moon and back a million tines over (y/n)"
"I love you more Luke"

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