You and Ashton have been going out for 4 years and you are going to one of his concerts you get dress in a strapless dress that goes down to your knees you have front row ticket, you finish your make up and hair and you out To your mini cooper.

You had the time of your life they just finished singing Don't Stop Ashton got up from the drum set and made his way to the middle of the stage and took the mic from Luke "hello I to bring my gorgeous girlfriend (y/n) on stage please" security told you to follow them on stage you go to Ashton and he told you to close your eyes you looked at him funny but you obeyed "okay you can open you eyes now holly" you did and you was shocked at him on one knee holding a box with a beautiful ring inside tears were in your eyes "(y/n) you have made me the happiest man live you helped me when I have been in threw tough times and when we had are ups and downs and I want you to make me thee luckiest man on earth holly will you marry me" you were crying tears of joy all you could do was nod he stood up and put the ring on your finger and kissed you the boys cheered along with the crowd you pulled away and hugged him tightly.

Then you lived a very happy live with to children

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