”Miss (Y/L/N)? I need you to stay for a little while.” The bell had just rang and most of the class was filing out of the small classroom door while you tried to stuff your notebook into your backpack.He sat on his desk, his button-up shirt on with his jeans. His blue eyes looked at you through his glasses.“Yes, Mr. Hemmings?” You walked up to his desk.You couldn’t help but feel butterflies. Partially from nervousness, partially from him being super fucking attractive.”I noticed that your mother emailed me about your test,” he said, crossing his arms.You gulped. Thanks a lot, mom.”Um, I believe so,” you said, shifting the strap of your backpack to the other shoulder.“Well, she asked why you had gotten such a lower grade than you usually do.”You stayed silent as he talked.“Are you distracted by something, (Y/N)? Do we need to move you to the other class with Mr. Irwin, we can always do that if you’d like.”“No, it’s fine,” you shook your head in disagreement.He peered through his glasses at your worried expression. Slowly, he put his hand on your cheek.“You’ll be fine, (Y/N). I believe in you, you’ve got the smarts for it, you just need to stay focused, okay?”Nodding, you tried to stay calm, and not burst into tears.“Good, now go enjoy the rest of your day.”You smiled a little, and walked to the door. In midstep, you looked at him.”Thank you, Mr. Hemmings,” you said.”No problem, (Y/N). Have a nice afternoon.”-That night, as you laid in bed, you wondered about Mr. Hemmings. He had just graduated college, and everyone was surprised that he was being able to teach a high-school class at such a young age. Sure, he was attractive, but most of the girls in your class tried to get higher grades and flirt with him whenever they could.Oh wait, there was one problem. He had a girlfriend.It was heartbreaking to you. Even though you never had a chance with your teacher, you still felt a pang of sadness when you saw his tall, pretty partner waving goodbye to him as she drove away in her car while you arrived at school.You couldn’t sleep, so you decided to finish up your History essay to pass the time, maybe if you got it done you’d be able to sleep.While you waited for your page to load, you opened up your email. Seeing that there were a few coupons from stores, and announcements from your favorite musicians and bands, one of them caught your eye.To: (Y/N) (Y/L/N) <youremailaddress@something.net>From: Mr. Luke Hemmings <lukesemailorwhatever@someotherthing.net>Subject: (No Subject)Sure, you get emails from school all the time, announcing news, tests, and all things to parents and students. So you opened it, a little excited. It was only sent to you. ”Dear (Y/N), If you happened to be available, I’d like to speak to you tomorrow after class before you leave for your weekend. There are some important matters to be discussed with you. -Mr. Hemmings”A little shocked, you wondered what it was about. Maybe it was to talk about your studies. You forgot all about working on your paper that you closed your laptop and went straight to bed, unsure of what was coming the next day.-“Hello, Miss (Y/L/N).”The day had dragged on slowly, and you finally made it to the end of his class. Your teacher smiled at you, and you just stared.“Hello, Mr. Hemmings.”He stood up and sat in the desk next to your’s. “So, (Y/N), later today, my friends and I are going to go to a Green Day concert. I know how much you love them, and I was wondering if you’d like to go with us?”What? Go to a Green Day concert with a bunch of newly-graduated college students?”Of course!” You said loudly, giving him a hug. “Thank you so much Mr. Hemmings!”He laughed and patted your back, smiling. “You can meet us here at 5, and we can get some food and arrive early so we can get our seats?”You nodded, and stood up. “I’ll be here at 5.”Luke waved at you as you walked out the door.-The whole night was insane. You had fun with Luke’s friends, and it was hard to remember everything that happened, especially with everything that you did. Drinking contests, singing, and lots of kissing. Oh, kissing, it was completely humiliating that you couldn’t remember a thing. On Monday at school, you were completely mortified to reach the end of the day. You thought about skipping classes with Mr. Hemmings, but then again, you’d have to face him someday, right?In his class, you shyly took your seat and kept quiet the whole time, with your head down while you scribbled notes and doodled on the side of the page. When the bell rand, you tried to stuff and your belongings into your backpack and leave as quickly as possible. The rest of the class was filing out the door with you behind them, until he grabbed your arm.“Hello, (Y/N),” Luke said, smiling as he kissed your forehead. Your cheeks grew hot and you looked down at your shoes.”(Y/N), you haven’t spoken with me since Friday.””Do you know how awkward it is to kiss your teacher, Mr. Hemmings?” you murmured quietly. “Especially when he’s already in a relationship.””It’s not weird if he’s only a few years older than you,” he said, looking at your eyes. “And I’m not in a relationship anymore. This is my last day.”Your eyes grew wide. “What? It can’t be your last day, it’s only February! How can you just leave before the year ends?”“I quit, (Y/N). I’m still young, and going to this job everyday is weighing down my chances of living the life I want to live.”He pulled you into his arms and softly buried his lips into your hair.“We can still be together. It won’t be weird now, now that I’m not a teacher anymore.”You smiled. “Okay, you know what, fine. But I’m still going to school.”Laughing, he ruffled up your hair. “Fine with me.”You helped Luke pack all his stuff into boxes for the rest of the day.“So, what are you going to do now?” You sat on the desk while he sat on the ground, labeling the cardboard boxes.”I think the guys and I might bring back the idea being a band…”

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