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-What he tweets

@Calum5SOS: I remember you telling me that you were going to another world, at the bottom of the ocean. And I guess you must be enjoying yourself there, I haven’t seen you since. ‪#‎oneyear‬ , please come back.

f/t/n: we miss her so much boo, stay strong Cal 

f/t/n: stay strong but you’re better of without her anyway

f/t/n: the poem tho stay strong Calum, we’re all here for you! 

@Ashton5SOS: we’re here for you Calum, you know that, but please don’t do something stupid.. we love you and so does she

@Michael5SOS: I hope she’s at peace.. we miss her so much, she was the best sister to me and the best girlfriend to you. 

@Luke5SOS: this breaks my heart all over again, try to be strong Cal, she’s just on a very long vacation..

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