you're at school and there's a new guy called Calum. He's only been at your school since one week, but he already made a lot of trouble, so you know he's a bad guy. He is incredibly hot though and you often catch yourself thinking about him. You're also quite sure, that he didn't even recognize you yet, because you're not the most popular girl in school. Today your "enemy" George came up to you. You already know how this will end: he'll insult you and everyone around you will laugh at you. "Hey Y/N, nice outfit. It was the best you could find in the garbage I guess." A few people gathered around you and started giggling. "You are such an ugly piece of shit seriously, your poor parents must be ashamed of you." "Shut the fuck up you bastard.", a deep voice said from behind you. You turned around and for your surprise it was Calum. "I swear to god if you insult her again, you'll regret it." - "Oh look at this, the new student wants to protect our little bit-", George couldn't end his sentence, because Calum's fist was already punching his face. "Dont. You. Dare. Calling. Her. A. Bitch. You fucking asshole! I told you not to insult her again, got it?!" George eyes were filled with fear, he nodded and walked away. The others also decided to leave, so you and Calum were all on your own. "Wow thank you...No one ever stood up for me. This means a lot. But why? Why did you help me?" "I've been watching you since my first day, you've something that makes you interesting, something special." He took your hand and you felt the butterflies in your stomach. "Let me get to know you better Y/N.", Calum begged. "Only if you let me get to know you in return.", you replied.

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