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You and Luke have been together for two years now and today is your anniversary. You wake up disappointed everyday when you see that he's not beside you. He's been on a world tour for a year now, you haven't seen him in person in three months adjacent slept next to him in five. You're beginning to slip into a slump of perpetual loneliness. You try to surround yourself with tour friends and family to make it easier but your finding that you just want to be home alone. Your phone goes off and you check it to see a text from Luke. 

Luke: Hi, baby! I'm going to a venue right now but I wanted to tell you that I love you and happy 2 years!  I'll call you as soon as I can!

You smile but then your heart sinks a bit more because you know he's not with you. You answer the text happily to put up the allusion that you're alright to not worry him. 

You: Happy 2 years my love!♥ I love you too, can't wait:)

Immediately after sending it you dial the one number that always seems to cheer you up.

"Hi honey, how are you today?" Your mom's soft voice sounds through the phone. 

"I'm good." You lie. 

"Now isn't that's just a pretty lie?" 

She always seems to know your lying.

"Yeah, Yeah it is." You sigh. 

"What's got ya down today, (y/n)?"

"I miss him so much, mommy." You say trying to keep your voice from cracking. 

"I know my sweet girl." She sighed. "Two years you two have stayed strong though and I know you can handle a few more months." She assured you. 

"Eight more months, mom! I can't even handle 8 more days!" You cry.

"Ah baby girl that's called love. That empty feeling is because your heart is missing the one thing that can fill it to the top and over flow it. You do however have to still function like a normal person until it comes back though." She reprimanded me softly. 

"I know." You whisper. 

"Well how about you come over tonight and we watch Lilo & Stitch and have tea?" 

You laugh at this and agree to come at 6:00 which is in only a few hours. You decide to get up and shower and get ready. You throw on your high waisted, black, skinny jeans and black flats with a black crop top and a rad and black flannel. Leaving your hair down in waves you apply light makeup and chopstick before grabbing your black shoulder bag and leaving the house. 

As you get in your car you look up at the mirror to see your favorite necklace Luke gave you but you lost. How did it get in here? You think and you pull it down and put it on. As you drive you play with the heart, softly caressing the shape and your heart fluttered as it always does when you touch the pendant. 

Before you know it you're in you mothers drive way. You sit in the car for a moment to finish your thought, well memory. You think of the last time he was here for only the afternoon and you two went to the beach and spent the whole day there I'm the warm Aussie sun. 

You smile at it and check your phone to see if he's called yet. Nope, it even a text. With that thought in mind you get out of the car and trudge up to the side door of the house. You knock once and open the door to the kitchen to see your mom there making tea. 

"Hey hun! Ready for our anniversary date?" She jokes making you laugh as usual. 

"Wouldn't have it any other way." You joke back and she snickers throwing an arm around you and leading you out of the swinging door and down the hall toward the living room where movie night will now ensue. 

"I think we should watch a romcom." Your mom days as she opens the door.

"Mom! Do you really think I want to watch a romantic comedy right now!?" You squeal irritated as you walk through the door. 

"Please?" She says and you shake your head no once again. 

"How about with me?" A velvety smooth voice comes quietly into your ear. 

You freeze. 

Could it be?

You slowly turn to see and look up at that face you've missed so much. 

"Happy anniversary baby." He hums and immediately you wrap your arms around his hurrying your face in his chest. 

You feel yourself tearing up and you try to keep it in as he squeezes you tighter and kisses the top of your head. 

"Do you really think I'd miss our anniversary?" He smiles into your hair breathing in the scent. 

You look up at him with the goofy smile you always wear when you're with him. He leaned down and connected your lips and now you finally feel whole again. You smile into the kiss as he pulls you closer. 

"Awe!" A few voices around you sound and you lift your head to see your three other best friends, none other than Ash, Cal Pal, and Mikey. 

"Guys!" You say happily and bring them all in for a group hug. 

"Yeah we missed you too, (y/n)" Cal laughs. 

"You guys get our of here and go enjoy your anniversary." Your mom laughs lightly. 

Instantly the boys start whistling and cat calling their inappropriate innuendos. 

You guys laughed and hugged everyone once more before leaving and as you leave you hear Ash say he's going to stay and watch a romcom anyways making you laugh again. 

"I see you got my message." He said taking the heart around my neck in his hands. "I take it with me when I go on tour, it's like a piece of you I always have with me." He says looking straight in your eyes. 

"I love you, Hemmings." You smile and he smiles too kissing you with out warning. 

"I love you too." He said softly.

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