You twirl the dog tags in your hand as you stare at yourself in the mirror, your makeup running down your face, your hair a frizzy mess, that was it you were a mess ever since the accident, 


"Luke!! Let me take a picture!!!!!" You scream while chasing him, luke had decided to put one of your bras on while you were in the shower,

"NEVER!!" he giggles while running past you nocking stuff everywhere," LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS!! YOU ARE TRASHING MY HOUSE!!"

"I'll clean it up after I get this death trap off me !!"

You couldn't help but giggle at you boyfriend struggling with the bra 

"Y/N can you please hel...*flash*... OH HELL NO GIVE ME YOUR PHONE !! DELETE THAT RIGHT NOW!!"you giggle and scream as Luke attacks you , you falling to the ground bringing him along.

Luke to laugh an kick an scream begin luke to stop , finally he stops only to violently lay ontop of you wrapping his arms and leg around you ," LUKE I CANT BREATHE!!"

"Oh shit sorry babe" he says finally getting off of you helping you up, 

"Babe I got a letter in the mail the other day and..." He pauses as he tears up and you heart stops.." I've been drafted I have 3days until I have to go but I will be back it's only for 6 months .. Oh god how I'm gonna miss you so much" he whispers while kissing you roughly yet sweet, the nest few days were filled with cuddles kisses and a lot of fooling around .

Today was the day, the day that Luke had to leave, you drove him to the air port , the whole car ride full of I love you's and tears, you held onto luke as long as you could before he had to go he pulled you into one last hug " Y/N I love you so much !!" He states tears flowing down his face, wiping his tears you simply kiss him with everything " luke I can't imagine my life without you you are my everything " he pulls you close and kisses you " i have to go I love you always will !" .

The nest few weeks are pure torture , calum and Michael came by often but Ashton never left your side , he was your best friend and you really needed him , and that's how it was you went out but you were never happy you missed luke like crazy the only other person you could be yourself around was the boys.

4months later there was a knock at your door, you open it to reveal two men dressed in there uniforms tears brimmed in there eyes and there hate in there hands, you completely lost it, falling to your knees as you bawled , the men stating there apologies and handing you the dog tags and hugging you while you sobbed, Ashton and the boys showing up smilies on there faces only to fade em identity once they saw the men, Ashton rushing towards you to hold onto you as you grasped his shirt sobbing loudly into it, he was gone ,luke was gone he.was shot in the heart , it was terrible for the boys calum and Michael were his best friends.

You decided to write to him whenever you were feeling down ....


It's been 3 years since you left , 3 years of pure hell, the boys are a mess , Michael's turned to drugs and calum hasn't stopped drinking , Ashton's pretty bad himself but he's helped me through this, I love you I always will. You dropped the pen you couldn't continue , you decided to go out and drink your problems away, 13 beers later you head home , drunk and swerving , you failed to notice the transport in front of you, as you woke you saw a bright light and luke at the end , runnig as fast as you could you tackle luke in a embrace crying without tears, " Y/N I've missed you!"

"I missed you too luke!"

And you were reunited with your love forever

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