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You and your mom were going with 5SOS on tour because she was they're hair dresser. Which made you really happy because you've always had an little crush on Luke.

While your mom is making Calum's hair, you're talking to him so he doesn't get bored just sitting there. 
'' So how is it to be so busy? '' you asked. Calum smiled.
'' It's exhausting, but I'm enjoying it. '' He answered. you nodded.
'' You know what's most annoying about being on tour Y/N? '' He suddenly asked with the most serious look on his face. 
'' No, what's that? '' You asked him curious
'' That Luke always talks about you. He won't shut up. '' Calum says and you go speechless, you can't believe that he actually talks about you. You notice your mom smile to herself, knowing she knew about your crush.

After the concert, you meet Luke backstage by an accident and bump into him. 
'' Y/N! '' Luke says happy and hugs you tightly, oh how you love his hugs. 
'' Luuuuke! '' You sing. Luke laughs and let's you go. 
'' Y/N, I have to tell you something.. '' Luke says, and you look at him and notice that he's nervous. What is he going to say?

'' I've been in love with you, since the day I met you. I remember you were so shy, and you were so adorable and cute, still is. You stole my heart Y/N... I know I didn't tell you and it's been a long time, I just didn't know how to tell you. But now- '' You quickly interupts him and crushes you lips to his and after a good minute you stop and look at him. 
'' I'm in love with you too, Luke. ''

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