This was it. You were going to do it. The drop would most likely kill you... But that's what you wanted. As you stood at the edge of the building, you watching the cars and people pass by. You wished you could be like that couple holding hands, passing the building in front of you. You knew you couldn't. Not after what happened.

You were sitting in your favorite lounge chair reading a book when you heard the door open. You were happy that Luke was finally home. He had been going out a lot lately, coming home in the early morning.

He walked into the living room with such a furious look, that the smile on your face was wiped clean off.

"Luke? What's wrong?" You asked, placing your book on the coffee table as you stood up.

You walked towards him but stopped abruptly when he said "don't fucking touch me!"

He had so much hate in his eyes and you didn't know why. You were scares and worried.

"Luke, what is going o-"

"You little bitch! Think it's funny to kiss my friends?! You think I don't see what you're doing?! Well guess what, I kissed someone too! In fact, you know where I was all night? Fucking some chick I met at the bar!"

You were so shocked and angry that he had just said that. You had never kissed at of the boys, you would never do that to Luke!

Realization suddenly hit you when you thought back to about a week ago, you were talking to Calum backstage when a security guard came running by and roughly shoved passed you, making you stumble into Calum, your lips touching. You both had been so embarrassed and sorry, that you both decided to pretend it never happened. Luke must've seen it at that point.

"No, Luke, it's not what you think! There was a security guard and he was ru-"

"SHUT UP!" Luke yelled, slurring each word, fury in his eyes, "I know what I fucking saw and I hate you for cheating on me! How does it feel huh? To know that the one you are ridiculously in love with is cheating?!"

Tears began flowing down your cheeks as you stare up at the love of your life, telling you that he had just cheated on you.

You knew he was drunk but the words that came out of his mouth pierced right through your heart.

"Get out of my life... And don't ever come back," He whispered.

After that night you drove to a motel, staying there for a couple days. You had gotten endless calls and messages from Luke, asking where you were. Of course he wouldn't of remembered what he'd done, he was piss drunk.

You couldn't go back after what had happened so you ended up here, standing on the edge of a building in the middle of Sydney.

You turned around, closed your eyes...

And fell.

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