Your son was sitting on your shoulders, as you logged into your laptop, the laptop that didn't belong to you, but the person who you loved the most.

You had gotten up that morning and decided not to go to band practice, you had lost a lot of will to do anything ever since the accident.

Your son Corey was named after your wife's brother, he had died when he was 4 and he meant everything to Courteney. 

You dressed your son in his favourite onesie, it wasn't just Corey's favourite it i yours too, because she had choose it for him as a birthday present, a birthday present that Michael had to give him because Courteney couldn't. 

You enter the password 'cymc30711) your initials and the day you got together and her home screen pops up, it's a photo of her,

You and the rest of 5sos, she's sitting happily on your shoulders, not a care in the world.

You get up her photos and click into the 'corky & mikey ' folder and click on the last photo you ever took together, you had it as your lock screen too it was a photo of you, Corey and Courteney on holiday in New York.

''Thats mommy.'' Corey's pointer finger lands on his mothers face.

''Yeah it is.'' Michael chokes out, this is so hard for him, Corey needed to remember his mothers face but Michael still found it difficult.

''I miss mommy, where is mommy?'' Corey cries as Michael feels a piece of him breaking off.

'' she's with your uncle in heaven.'' Michael explains not wanting to go into more details.

''But why?'' Corey cries and you cradle your three year old son in your arms. 

''Because heaven needs her.'' Michael brushes Corey's hair out of his face and kisses his baby soft forehead.

''But I need her too.'' Corey cries even more as he clings to his fathers chest, the only reason hadn't given up yet was because Corey was half Courteney and he could never hurt anything that she loved, and Michael thanked god for his son, the second best thing he ever had.

''I know you do Corey,

I know.'' Michael grips Corey tighter in his arms.

''And you need her too.'' Michael

Knew that was true, he did need her, he wasn't Michael with out her he was a shell of the person he used to be.

''Why do you think that?'' Michael asks his son.

''Because you need her to make you happy. You loved her so much that when she died a part of you did too. I just want you to be happy daddy, I love you.'' Corey sits up and Michael starts crying at his sons words, he was only three yet he knew better than Michael did why he always felt so empty.

''I love you too.''

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