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So it's been 6 months since you told your newly married husband, Luke that you were pregnant.. You guys all had the nursery all ready, it was green and yellow. You guys already picked out the names, if he was a boy then Luke after his father, and Lisa if she was a girl. You did a lot of planning. Every Sunday, you and (Y/B/F), Calum's girlfriend would go shopping for the baby. But Luke was going to be away for a couple months so (Y/B/F) was helping you out.
On a rainy night, your water broke. You panicked. "(Y/B/F) I think I'm in labor." 
"I'll be right over"
You guys went to the hospital, and an hour later you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
5 minutes later she died.
"Her lungs weren't fully developed." the nurse said.

The next day you called up Luke.
"Luke I'm sorry.. The baby didn't make it"
"What do you mean.."
You explain what had happened. He didn't talk to anyone for awhile. 
It was a month until he came home. He sat up in the baby's room all day and just looked out the window and dreamed what could've been..

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