You and Ashton have been friends for a long time and the boys always tease you two about being so close and doing everything together. On the day of their show on Today show Ashton walks up to you.

Ash: Hey (Y/N) We have been friends for a long time now and I don't know if what I am about to say will be good for our friendship but well...

Y/N: Ash you're scaring me, You're too serious.

Ash: I've had like a massive crush on you for a long time and everytime we hug I just can't stand the fact that we're just friends..

I really really like you.

Y/N: I think this will change our friendship.. 

Ash: Oh.. I'm so sor-

Y/N: Cause I have had an even bigget crush on you and I really really like you too.

Ash: Would you wanna be my girlfriend, Y/N?

Y/N : Ofcourse I want to!

Than 5 seconds of summer jas to perform and Ashton sees you in the crowd and smile like this. (photo)

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