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Michael: Stay still, i cant get the ends

Y/N: What colour are you doing it anyways?

Michael; ehh, Rainbow xD

You turned as he smirked at you. 

"Whattt? mines bright red!"

He squeaked.

Y/N: Alright but just because I Luuuv you. 

Michael leaned over your shoulder as you tilted your head back and gave him a quick kiss. He let go of your hair and picked up your lipstick off of the table, putting it all over your lips as you pouted

Y/N: what are you doing

You laughed pushing the lipstick away. "Look you got it on my teeth."

Michael: Now you look haaat, he said laughing, kissing you once again and pulling back, revealing his red lips,

You giggled.

Y/N: okay get on with my new unicorn hair.

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