"(Y/N)!" Your mom shouted. "Ashton is on tv!"she don't had finished the whole sentence and you was already on your way. You sit down and the News started.

"Yesterday, Ashton Irwin from the famous Band 5seconds of Summer was seen with another girl. She kissed him in front of the whole fan crowd. But we also know that he has a Girlfriend..." You stop listen, and switch the Tv off. Without turn around again you're going back to your room, during you start crying quietly. Back in your room, you call Ashton. After a little while you hear his voice. "Hey whatsup beautiful " now you're getting angry. He sounds so calm. "Ouu nothing BEAUTIFUL. Just the little thing that you've cheated on me, with a FAN. Nothing Important!" You're answering provocative. "No, Babe, it wasn't like that...! "You just hang out the phone, and start crying.later on the evening the doorbell ring. 5 min. Later someone knocked on your door. You don't answer, so the door get opened. First you think it's your mom, but then someone is right in front of your bed,and the person is starring at you. Time passes, but nothing happen. Annoyed and ready to shout angry at your mom, you get up from your bed. But there isn't your mom, there's ashton.

"(Y/N), I'm so sorry! She said i should kiss her cheek, and then she turned her face. I tried to get away, but i was to slow. Look. I show you how much i love you... "

before you can say anything, he go on his knees and look straight in your eyes. "I love you, forever, and more than anything. The next girl i love,Will be my daughter.So I'll ask you. 

(Y/N) will you marry me? "

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