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'When I first met her, I knew it. She was the one. I loved the way she blushed when I talked to her. The way she pulled her skirt down, afraid that she was showing to much skin. She didn't care that she wasn't skinny. She didn't care the people calling her ugly and fat. She knew she wasn't pretty, but she didn't mind. She couldn't sing, but she loved doing it. So she did.

When I met her, her hair was messy. She wore an old pair of sweats, and a shirt with a flower on it. She looked adorable. I was on my way to the target, to buy some milk, when I bumped into her. She felt on the ground, and dropped all the groceries. But instead of feeling awkward, she began laughing. I couldn't help it, but I started laughing too. I helped her picking up the groceries and then pulled her onto her feet. 'Thank you, I'm so clumsy.' She giggled, giving me a smile. I smiled back, 'I'm sorry, my name is Ashton'. She told me her name was (y/n). I liked her, she seemed like a lovely girl.

But this Nice conversation was interrupted by a fan, who started taking pictures of us talking. I had a girlfriend, she was a gorgeous 18 year old girl, but she wasn't pleased when she saw the pictures. When she started giving this nice girl names, I broke up with her. I was done with people telling ME that I shouldn't talk to girls who weren't 'perfect'. I hated it. To me, this funny amazing girl was beautiful. But everybody started hating on her. Lucky for her she didn't have twitter or anything. I didn't know if she knew I played in a band, and that people know who we were. But I knew one thing. I had to find her. And I did. One week later, I found her. She was walking on the pavement, with groceries in her arms. I parked my car and walked over to her. She remembered me. 'Hi, Ashton!'. 'Hello, (y/n). How are you doing'.

We had a small talk, and I decided to invite her over. She smiled at me, and she told me she'd love to.

We watched a lot of movies, and ate nachos. We laughed, and had fun. At 11, I drove her back home. When I pulled over at her house, she told me that she hadn't had such a nice day in like, forever. She thanked me, and waved me goodbye.

And from that moment, we saw each other daily. She was the first girl I had ever met, who was completely herself. She was so lovely and caring. It took a while before people started excepting she was a lovely girl. But It didn't took long before I realised I loved her. She was everything I needed.

I hope that she's reading this, and that she realises that she's beautiful, and that I want her to be mine.

Ashton '

Reading this letter made me smile, cry and laugh. I had the biggest crush on Ashton since I first met him. He was so nice to me. Nobody had every been so nice to me. I loved him. 
Of course did I care about what other people said to me, but Ashton always made me feel better.

I called him after I finished reading the letter. After 5 minutes, the doorbell rang. I couldn't even say 'hi'

because Ashton immediately crashed his lips onto mine.

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