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"Babe look!" You say as you point to the stars handprints In the cement 

"I know babe, the boys and I are gonna be here someday.." Of course he's talking about the band 

"I can't wait for that moment! It's gonna be so exciting!" You say as you kiss him 

"I love you beautiful" 

" I love you too ugly" I jokingly say to him 

"Wow okay babe whatever" he says pushing you away playfully but you go and jump on his back. You guys have been together for about 1 year and half now, so you guys are playfully mean to eachother and have your fights now and then but lately you've been really good about just talking to eachother about things 

"Have you gained weight?" He says as I'm on his back 

"Wow Hemmings your an asshole" before luke can say anything someone pulls you off of luke, but you can't see who because someone else has there hands on your face, you hear luke yell " GET OFF MY WOMAN. YOU ASSHOLE!! BEATE ARE YOU OKAY? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! DONT WORRY ILL SAVE YOU" at this point your terrified.. These thoughts running through your mind 'am I ever gonna be able to luke again? He's the love of my life.. What's going on?' Then the hands come off my face and I hear "hey there hot stuff" it's Mikey, and the rest of the band "I hate all of you." You say. "Awww we love you too!" They say "luke. Why did you let them do that?" "Because I love you that's why." You didn't know the boys would be there but it's okay because they are your best friends.

------------------------------2 hours later-------------------------------

-You and luke are going somewhere fancy for dinner-

"So where are we going?" You ask 

"It's a secret! Luke said

"C'mon you ass tell me!" He never told you though, he stayed silent. 

You finally got there and you couldn't even pronounce the name, but you heard it was suppose to be a really good restaurant, and real expensive... 

"Luke we didn't have to go here!" 

"Yes we did." He answered. " and plus you look gorgeous, so it's okay." 

He opens my door for me, which he never does, and he holds my hand all the way in, he even opens the door for me. 

"Reservations for Hemmings" he says. They sit you down and you two just talk and eat, he demanded desert which was odd because he doesn't usually care, he got the triple chocolate cake! He sliced it for me, took a bite and I felt something hard, I took it out of my mouth.. It was a ring... All of a sudden Luke gets down on one knee and says "Beate.. Will you marry me?" Of course I say ," YES!" He got up and spun me around saying "I love you so much Beate!" And in return I said "I love you too Hemmings I love you too"

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