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Your daughters POV:

"Hi daddy" I say. "It's been a month now and I miss you. I turned 5 yesterday and I got lots of presents, didn't I mummy" I say, looking at my mum. She smiles and nods. "Don't cry mummy, it's okay" I say. "Anyway, we had to bring our parents into school the other day and I could only bring mummy. People were asking where you were and I told them you were in a special place called heaven. Uncle Mike dyed his hair pink! That's my favourite colour daddy! And he let me have a streak of pink in my hair. Mummy said it's okay as long as it's not forever dye" I say, smiling at mummy. "Uncle Ash said its not the same without you being an idiot all the time daddy. I don't think you're an idiot, you're the best daddy ever! Uncle Cal is always here and that makes me happy cause you get to be with your best friend. I think mummy wants to speak now so I'm gonna go home with uncle Niall. I love you daddy, I'll see you soon"

5 years later

"Hello daddy! It's been a while. You've been gone for 5 years now. It still makes me sad. I miss you lots daddy. We were talking about our heroes yesterday in class. Lots of people said that famous people were their heroes but you're my hero daddy. People laughed at me because you're my hero but I don't care, you'll always be the best to me. I like going into your room. It still smells like you. I try not to cry but it hurts a lot daddy. I just wish you were here with me. It's not fair. You're such an amazing person, you don't deserve to be dead. I've got to go home now but I'll be back soon. Love you daddy" I say before running home

6 years later

"Hi daddy" I sob. "It's my 16th birthday today. I wish you were here. Mum and my uncles and aunts and cousins wanted to throw a party, but I wanted to spend it with you. You don't understand how hard this is daddy. I can't cope with the pain. You've been gone for 11 years and people say that I don't really remember you dad but I do. I remember your blonde hair, always in a perfect quiff. I remember your blue eyes, glistening with happiness when I told you I loved you and gave you hugs. I remember how much you loved me and mum. Daddy it hurts. I sometimes wish that I died instead. Is that bad? I always dream that you're alive and well and with us and it feels so real, but I wake up to find out you aren't with us and it makes me cry every time. People bully me and make fun of me because I don't have a dad. I want to end it all but I can't leave mum like that. She had to deal with you leaving, she can't deal with me leaving too. Michael's son Josh, we've been dating for a year. You'd probably disapprove but I love him. But it doesn't matter. I love you so much daddy. I can't wait to see you again" I say, standing up. I cross the road and see headlights coming my way. I feel a blinding pain as I'm hit. Then I see a light. "Daddy?" I say, seeing a figure. "I've missed you baby" he says. "Oh my gosh daddy!" I yell, hugging him. "I heard every word. I love you too baby girl, so much" he says. "I love you too daddy" I grin. Then we walk into the light. Just me and daddy. Us against the world, making up for the 11 years lost.

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